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4k security cameras for Businesses


4K security cameras are known for producing the best quality image with unmatched clarity. These cameras support 8 million pixels per unique image and capture every important detail in high-definition. They are also known as 8mp security cameras because they offer UHD video surveillance at 3840×2160 pixel resolution.


What is a 4K HD Security Camera?

4K security cameras provide a sharp display of recorded images. You can see the details better even when zooming in, which proves helpful in uncertain conditions such as crime or vandalism. The frame rate of a 4K security camera is high, which means that fast-moving objects also get a good view. 

4K HD or 4K High-Definition cameras, as the name signifies, can provide up to four times higher resolution than a standard HD 1080p resolution camera. They are known in the industry for producing the best quality and clarity of any image. 4K HD is based on square pixels, so that 4K HD videos can be shown on computer monitors and HDTV screens.

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4K Camera Definition & Picture Quality

4K surveillance cameras offer high-definition image quality at 3840×2160 resolution with over 8 million pixels. For the most part, there are two resolution standards – 3840×2160 and 4096×2160. However, when people talk about high definition surveillance cameras in the security industry, they often refer to the ones with 3840×2160 resolution. 4K Cameras offer more detailed picture quality that allows better visibility.

4K HD vs. 1080p

Over the past few years, the 1080p resolution has gained popularity, driven mainly by the consumer electrical market. 1080p resolution is still a consumer standard but has taken a hit due to the rise of 4K HD cameras. 1080p provides up to five times higher resolution than standard analog video and has better color fidelity with a 16:9 format. However, the 1080p camera market has declined, as 4K cameras offer four times higher resolution than standard 1080p. Both can be shown on either a computer monitor or an HDTV screen. 1080p is cheaper than the 4K cameras in terms of costs, but 4K cameras capture a larger space.

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The Best 4K Security Cameras For Businesses?

There are many varieties of 4K security cameras. Some of the most common ones are:


Axis Communications

Axis Communications is a renowned security camera brand. They have a vast number of 4K cameras available. Their highlights include:

  • AXIS Q1798-LE Network Camera
  • AXIS P1378 Network Camera
  • AXIS P1448-LE Network Camera

All of these cameras have a high definition quality and clarity due to 4K resolution. Some of these cameras can support ultra-light sensitive sensors for large-scale surveillance, including the Lightfinder 2.0, which captures exclusive forensic images in low-light scenes. Plus, Axis Zipstream is enhanced with H.264 and H.265 that dramatically lowers bandwidth and storage requirements. They can also include a Canon lens with a focal length of 12 – 48 mm, providing great wide-angle views with a horizontal field of view of 90°. These cameras also offer 4x zoom capabilities and electronic image stabilization (EIS) for stable video despite vibration/movements. The AXIS Q1798-LE is ideal for surveillance in open areas, such as airports, harbors, and sports stadiums. The AXIS P1448-LE works best for indoor surveillance. Plus, it features shock detection, impact resistance with IK10, and the capability to withstand temperatures from -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F). Therefore, AXIS P1448-LE delivers impressive results in harsh environments.



Hanwha is also a reputable brand in the security camera industry. They also provide a wide range of P-version, 4K security cameras. Some cameras are vandal-resistant, outdoor, domed, or bullet cameras. To name a few options:

  • PNV-A9081R is a 4K IR Outdoor Vandal Dome AI Camera
  • PNV-9080R is a 4K Vandal-Resistant Network IR Dome Camera
  • PNP-9200RH is a 4K 20x Network IR PTZ Dome Camera
  • PNO-A9081R is a 4K IR Bullet AI Camera



Hikvision is another solid brand; they provide video analytics capabilities with 4K monitoring and DVR facilities. This provides a better experience for security customers and better use of video data to make informed decisions. The H.265+ video compression feature can decrease bandwidth and storage costs. Hikvision’s 4K system enables users to manage ultra-high definition video footage more efficiently.

Hikvision’s 4K NVR is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 interface that transmits video with 4K resolution, providing a more comprehensive and well-organized solution than some other 4K systems. Hikvision’s 4K system widely improves applications in various scenarios, such as city surveillance, stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots – wherever clear, high-resolution images and intelligent surveillance are a requirement. Some of Hikvision’s 4K products include:

  • DS-2CD5585G0-IZ(H)S: a 4K Outdoor Moto Varifocal Dome Network Camera
  • DS-2CD5085G0-(AP): a 4K Box Network Camera
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4k Security Camera Features

4K Security cameras support many features, including:


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The audio capability of 4K cameras is unique from other security cameras. These cameras support a built-in microphone with noise filters, making the sound quality clear.

Night Vision & Lighting

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Infrared LEDs support night vision capabilities with distances up to 200 feet. Allowing the security cameras to capture videos clearly, both during the day and at night. Lighting is also integrated with the security camera system, making it possible to throw light on individuals entering secured areas of the facility during the night. This helps capture the video of the incident, which could provide evidence or deter future crime. Some of the cameras support color night vision, which offers colored images that are more accurate and visible than black and white photos. As we know, most crimes and intrusions happen at night, so this feature is critical to protect your property after hours.

Wide view angle

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4K security cameras support an ultra-field of view, up to 110 degrees, that can help you see the whole secured area clearly. Due to its wide coverage, monitoring the activities becomes a lot easier under one screen than multiple screens. The lens also has an auto-image correction, which decreases the fish-eye effect you often get with security cameras. The camera placement at the right angle to accurately cover the wide field of view is critical.

Two-way communication

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4K security cameras support two-way communication that eases the interaction with your visitors. You can hear and speak to visitors without interruption with the help of noise cancellation technologies.

Motion Detection

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Motion detection is an essential feature of security cameras that can notify or alert you when it identifies something suspicious going on around the property. The technology works when there is an unexpected movement within the frame. This movement triggers your camera to record the incident immediately.


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Since most 4K security cameras are installed outdoors, weatherproofing is very important. This makes the camera more durable to fight against adverse weather conditions, intrusions, and other harmful external forces.


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4K security cameras are vandal resistant to protect the camera from vandalism damage.

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Limitations of 4k security cameras

4K security cameras can have some cons as it relates to cost. While detailed image viewing is not a requirement for every business, Full HD security cameras can get the job done and are relatively cheaper opposed to 4K cameras. However, when it comes to identifying individuals in a particular situation, 4K security cameras work the best.


HD Security Camera Placements

The placement of security cameras is critical to businesses. HD Security cameras are typically placed in the corners of a given building. They are primarily used to secure parking lots, lobbies, docks, emergency exits, first-floor glass windows, break areas, halls, laboratories, warehouses, shops, etc. 

These cameras can also cover areas like cash counters, entry gates, and electrical/data rooms. Cameras are placed strategically, such that people cannot move from one place to another without being captured and recorded. This is a term called trap surveillance. It is mainly used in large commercial buildings. Techniques like wide-angle lenses and panoramic views help reduce the number of camera installations in one area. This way, the premises can remain protected under one umbrella.

The best height for installing a security camera is typically 10 feet above the ground. This height prevents intruders from damaging the camera before committing a crime. If you place a camera at one of the exterior doors or windows, the bright sunlight may limit the camera’s view. Cameras use techniques such as auto iris to prevent such obstacles. Contact a professional security consultant like Umbrella Security Systems if you want to install security cameras in your facility. We have 20 years of experience and knowledge to guide you on the right track, from planning and designing all the way to the camera installation at your facility.

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