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Innovative Security Solutions in Bloomington, IL

Umbrella Security Systems is expanding its umbrella of security services in Illinois to Bloomington’s business sector. We now provide commercial security systems that are tailor-made and one-of-a-kind for your business infrastructure.

Despite bending and integrating with your infrastructure, these security systems cut no corners when it comes to protecting your building against emerging threats.

Let’s explore our advanced technology and bespoke security solutions crafted for the distinctive needs of Bloomington’s business landscape.

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Navigating Bloomington’s Security Terrain

Situated smack in the leftish middle of McLean County, Bloomington boasts a diverse collection of businesses, each with its own set of security challenges.

We know our way around this idyllic city’s every nook and cranny, from the historic charm of downtown to the bustling commercial hubs along Veterans Parkway, and we know what it takes to address the threats your business faces on a daily basis.


Take a look at our systems.

A Top-to-Bottom Security Approach

Our commercial security systems encompass a spectrum of services meticulously designed to create a robust security ecosystem.

  • Card Access Control Systems:Empower your business with state-of-the-art Card Access Control Systems. Regulate entry points, monitor access, and enhance overall security with a solution that puts you in control of your premises. Our systems are customizable to fit the specific needs of your business, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.
  • Security Camera Systems: Elevate your surveillance capabilities with our advanced Security Camera Systems. Equipped as they are with high-resolution cameras, seamless night-vision technology, and intelligent analytics, our systems offer real-time monitoring and detailed footage for post-incident analysis. Deter potential threats and enhance situational awareness with our cutting-edge camera technology.
  • Mass Emergency Notification Systems:Our Mass Emergency Notification Systems enable swift dissemination of critical information, ensuring your occupants can respond effectively to emergencies, follow the right SOPs in time-sensitive situations, and stay informed.
  • Fiber Network Technology Solutions:Our high-speed, reliable, and scalable fiber network infrastructure forms the backbone of your commercial security system. Ensure seamless communication between security devices, enhance data transfer speeds, and provide a solid foundation for the integration of advanced technologies.
  • Air, Light, & Sound Detection Sensors:Detect the slightest changes in environmental conditions, such as a slight alteration in air quality, light, or unusual sounds. Our sensors provide early warnings, allowing for proactive responses to potential threats and enhancing the overall security posture of your business.
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Industry-Focused Security Expertise

Does your business thrive in retail around Eastland Mall or operate along Empire Street? Does it not have to do with any of those commercial hotspots? Not a problem because we understand the specific demands of every industry.

Our security experts tailor solutions out of the five mentioned previously that address the nuanced needs of Bloomington’s diverse business sectors.

Empower Your Commercial Security with Umbrella Security Systems

Are you ready to elevate your business’s security standards in Bloomington? Connect with our security experts and gain an edge vicariously through their combined ten years in the field.

Discover how our state-of-the-art solutions are carefully crafted with local insight and can strengthen your business resilience in the ever-evolving security structure of this fine city.

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