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Security Solutions For Food Process Manufacturing

Food Process Manufacturing

A food process manufacturing facility in Illinois can have hundreds if not thousands of employees working around the clock in different shifts under one roof. Managing risk, ranging from workplace accidents to ingredient contamination, is a vital part of business for which facility managers, health and safety supervisors and supply chain managers can leverage security technologies. What most food manufactures in the Chicago area don’t know is the same technology used to secure employees and inventory can also be used to maximize operations. Umbrella Security Systems can design a security solution for your Chicago area food processing business that is capable of not only deterring crime, contamination or fraud but can also be utilized to maximize employee productivity, manufacturing process layout and supply-chain-management. Below are some of the technologies we leverage to deliver a converged open-architecture security solutions.

Forensic cameras to verify clock-in / clock-out time sheets
4 Megapixel cameras to identify faces of vendors or employees upon exit and entrance of the facility.
Multi-Sensor cameras to survey food processing
360-degree cameras to cover parking lots and shipping and receiving locations
Infra-red day/night cameras to capture license plates on perimeter

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance for financial institutions

Access Control

Access control with Umbrella Security Systems
Terminated employees badge credentials can be blocked from mobile device
Add multiple new employees to established groups (not one-by-one)
Deliver expiring entry to visitors or door limitation
Customize access based on security clearance
Store access control credential data-base on premise or in the cloud
Visual signage that is ADA compliant
Wired or wireless panic alarm buttons
Deliver specific messages by sectors
Alert employees of evacuation
Broadcast company alerts or reminders

Mass Emergency Notification Systems

Mass Emergency Notification Systems with Umbrella Security Systems

Our Technology – Umbrella Security Systems

High-level technologies include:

Video Surveillance, Access Control, High-Definition Cameras, Cyber Security, Mass Emergency Notification Systems and much more.

The safety and security of your business are a top priority. Having a commercial access control system is essential to protecting your staff, property, and company information. In this complete guide, you will learn how to make informed decisions about your access control system and how to secure your business.

Video surveillance systems are more important than ever in today’s business environment. All businesses – large or small – need an effective system to protect their assets and remain profitable. According to the United States’ National Crime Victimization Survey, billions of dollars are lost every year to robbery, theft, and burglary.

Security camera systems may be the most powerful tool in protecting your business. Through proper implementation, business security cameras can deter crime, improve situational awareness, and even identify areas for improvement in business operations.

Umbrella Security Systems can help you plan for emergencies. There is a wide variety of software and hardware solutions available on the market, and Umbrella Security Systems can help you choose the right mass notification system to protect your business.

Every business participating in today’s globally digital landscape understands that threats to their network infrastructure is part of the price of doing business.  Public and private businesses in various sectors stay vigilant in blocking cybercriminals from gaining access to network infrastructure.

The IoT smart sensor is a security monitoring device that detects threats in sound, light or air. The complex sensor solution is solving major health and safety problems within a compact mechanical design with no recurring software expenses.

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