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Testimonials – Umbrella Security Systems

Hear what our Chicago area customers are saying.

Please Note: We have several references that because of the nature of our business we cannot post online but we do have a volume of ‘High-Security’ organizations who will on a 1-to-1 basis share there experience with us.  Feel free to contact us for our confidential references.

Rana Meal Solutions min Testimonials

Rana Meal Solutions

“Umbrella was recommended to Rana by the Manufacturer of the access control product we use to our secure our pasta manufacturing facility. We we’re having several challenges from configuration, process to hardware/software. There was definitely an element of diagnosis and our previous installation was riddled with issues. Umbrella took the time to show me first-hand the best practices of ‘How it should be installed and perform’ as it relates to electrifying doors for access control and provided valuable recommendations on improving our security process.

Rana is growing company and we look forward to leveraging Umbrella’s expertise as we grow.”

Robert D. Roach
Supply Chain Service Manager
Rana Meal Solutions, LLC
Bartlett, Il 60103

YOU Opportunity Security Umbrella min Testimonials

Youth & Opportunity United

“Having quality security was a major priority when we established our new Headquarters in Evanston Illinois- as our team serves more the 1,600 youth and reaches more than 4,000 family members each year through afterschool and summer learning programs, clinical counseling, street outreach and parent engagement programs. We required a system that was easy-to-use but delivered quality surveillance footage. The system was designed with panoramic or 360-degree cameras which reduced the total amount of cameras needed to cover key areas and allowed for the beauty of our facility to shine in which we we’re awarded Excellence in Design for New Construction at the 2017 Design Evanston Awards.

Having Umbrella Security Systems on the construction and planning team was of great value to our organization and after the system was turned over to our administrative team they we’re responsive and continued to answer all of our questions. We have on-going training planned with them & are very thankful for the video surveillance system they designed which serves to keep our staff, children and families focused on what matters.”

Kelli-Ann Alcott
Operations Manager
Youth & Opportunity United (Y.O.U.)
Evanston, IL

Special Security Consulting Umbrella Technologies min Testimonials

Security Consulting

“Umbrella Security Systems has been one of my secret weapons in the security design part of my business. Their level of experience and expertise saved me an overwhelming amount of time and there execution to getting to the core of the security vulnerabilities not only saved time but delivered an Enterprise solution to my commercial and government clients at a lower overall cost. There are a lot of “Consultants” in this industry that say they are “Thought Leaders” Umbrella isn’t a thought leader they in my mind are experts in video surveillance design.”

Khris Houllier
LDK Security

Courthouse Judicial Center Security min Testimonials

Kane County Judicial Center

“We invited Umbrella to our court house 2 years ago for a review of our existing video surveillance system. The system was built and evolved over 15 years and was completely analog from the cameras, recorders to control room. Several months before meeting Umbrella we performed an upgrade of the system with at the time current vendor. Essentially, this was an upgraded digital video recorder which was intend to enhance our storage capacity and functionality. This was very far from happened. The previous security integrator’s system did not function as intended.

After our initial review from Umbrella a lot of my concerns about our new upgraded equipment was validated and unfortunately the major investment we made did not bring our system into the future but ended-up setting us back.

After we began working with Umbrella they created a long-term strategy to work within our budget while establishing a video surveillance platform which not-only gave us a much more robust evidence search review but installed High Definition cameras on our exterior which was a night and day quality from what we had previously.

Although our system is still a work-in-progress we are confident that we have the right partner to guide us and we’re very thankful for our partnership with Umbrella Security Systems and continue to work closely with them to expand our system.”

Eddie Jackson
Director of Court Security
Kane County Sheriff’s Office

City of McHenry Security min Testimonials

City of McHenry

“Investigating surveillance footage has been a trouble spot for our organization due to slow processing power, proprietary video management software and no advanced search functionality. Our overall system also had cameras that we’re not effective to deliver forensic quality and had been poorly installed by a previous company.

We are now actively working with Umbrella Security Systems who I was referred to by other local IT managers and we have transformed our system to integrate high-resolution panoramic and fixed cameras, along with a new open-platform management systems that allows us to conduct quality forensic searches. In addition, we now with Umbrella’s recommendations have a storage array that plans for future growth. I appreciate the technical insights and service of Umbrella and I would recommend them to state local federal government agencies.”

Ed Larson
IT Manager
City of McHenry

Plainfield Police Department Security Systems min Testimonials

Village Of Plainfield

“In 2016 I started a project to completely revamp the local police department’s video surveillance system which was the original ‘CCTV’ Analog system established when the building was constructed. This quickly evolved into an overhaul of our electronic access-control and new Interview-Room system. Another special focus was to establish an Internet Trading location in our police department’s parking lot which required a dedicated camera.

We hired Umbrella Security Systems after a RFP process for the following reasons:
1.) They seemed to be genuinely invested in making sure we had a quality solution.
2.) They demonstrated a high-level of technical know-how and experience in the technologies they recommenced and overall system design.
3.) They made sure the system was backwards compatible and fully integrated while delivering it in economic fashion.

Despite some challenges from one of the component suppliers who ‘promised a feature was available’ Umbrella fought on our behalf and took the extra initiative to complete the project successfully. We’ve continued to work with Umbrella and have expanded the system to other municipal buildings across our Village. I have already recommended Umbrella to other municipalities in Illinois.”

Rick Kaczanko, CISSP
Information Technology Director
Village of Plainfield IL

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