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Making a Case for Security Cameras in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s bright present stands in stark comparison to its murky past. Today, it stands tall as a beacon of resilience, diversity, and progress. As the city embraces innovation in every facet, from its iconic skyline to its colorful culture, the need for cutting-edge security solutions to overcome unsavory elements and invasions becomes paramount.

Enter Umbrella Security Systems’ Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems designed to render Windy City’s safety fabric impermeable by being your eyes and ears even when you are not around.

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Understanding Security Camera Systems

End-to-end security camera systems typically comprise a physical camera, a monitor, a remote video storage system, and a communication link interconnecting these components. The diversity in camera functionalities makes certain models more suitable for specific situations.

Therefore, making informed decisions about the right security camera system and selecting appropriate cameras could save you significant time, money, and frustration. Contrary to what many organizations have been led to believe, security cameras serve a purpose beyond crime deterrence, although that remains a substantial aspect.

While top-tier security camera systems can effectively discourage potential thieves, their value extends further. In the unfortunate event of a break-in at your business, the investment in a high-quality security system proves invaluable. Such a system not only furnishes essential evidence for insurance claims but also assists in the recovery of stolen items, emphasizing the multifaceted benefits that extend beyond mere crime prevention.

Navigating the Urban Mosaic: Tailoring Security for Every Business and Neighborhood

Here are all the reasons you need our camera security systems with their 24/7 video surveillance capabilities. Here is everything that makes our system better than the dime-a-dozen solutions out there.

  • District-Specific Security:Chicago’s neighborhoods are microcosms of distinct lifestyles and challenges. From the commercial fervor of the Magnificent Mile to the residential charm of Bucktown, our experts craft security solutions that align with the unique demands of each neighborhood.
  • Smart Surveillance Intelligence:Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our intelligent surveillance systems. Beyond traditional recording, our cameras harness the power of advanced analytics, providing real-time insights and predictive capabilities. Security is sight, but security solutions are foresight.
  • Architectural Harmony:We understand that security should seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of Chicago’s architecture. Our systems go beyond acting as mere guardians; they are design elements, ensuring your property remains visually appealing while being fortified against potential threats.

Revolutionizing Chicago’s Security Landscape: Progressive Solutions

If we had to describe our video surveillance systems in one word, it would be “flexible.” Our solutions can be adjusted to any need, structure, and whatnot.

  • One-of-a-Kind Security Solutions:Every property has its own story, and our security solutions are tailored to respect and enhance that narrative. You could be a tech startup in the West Loop, a historic establishment in Old Town, or a Fortune 500 company looking to enhance and fortify its security infrastructure, and our experts will collaborate with you to create a security framework that aligns with your unique needs.
  • Unblinking Vigilance:The heartbeat of our security systems is a 24/7 monitoring ethos. In a city that never sleeps, neither does our commitment to your safety. Our vigilant team ensures your property is under constant observation, ready to respond to any anomaly at any hour.
  • Cloud Empowerment:Embrace the power of accessibility with our cloud-based storage solutions. Our systems provide seamless, remote access to historical and live footage, placing control at your fingertips.

The Biggest Perks of Our Security Camera Systems

For Chicago businesses, the installation of security camera systems is a strategic move with a plethora of benefits. While it might seem like a straightforward decision, our experience with diverse businesses reveals that not all entities maximize the potential advantages of their security camera systems.

1) Video Surveillance Storage

Informed commercial security installers in Chicago recognize the necessity of reliable storage. Leveraging technologies like NVR (Network Video Recorder), hard drives, or network servers enables the digital storage of all recorded footage.

Unlike the common practice of storing video for a couple of weeks, advanced surveillance compression technologies offer extended retention periods. This becomes invaluable for scenarios like inaccurate inventory counts, customer complaints, or potential lawsuits, providing a buffer against future risks.

2) Real-Time Security Monitoring

When businesses are away from their Chicago premises, the need for continuous surveillance is critical. Video verification comes to the forefront, allowing business owners to verify alarms remotely.

Intelligent video analytics further enhance security by visually distinguishing between human and non-human activity. Even enterprise businesses across Illinois can monitor multiple locations independently through a shared interface on mobile apps.

3) Reduce Insurance Costs

Security cameras are a cost-effective investment because they can reduce insurance expenses. Some Illinois insurance providers offer discounted rates to facilities with security cameras.

Beyond cost reductions, constant surveillance eliminates false injury claims, safeguarding businesses from unwarranted insurance spikes.

4) Resolve Problems Efficiently

Security cameras act as impartial witnesses, offering a clear video record of incidents. In situations where disputes arise, the footage provides:

  • An unbiased account
  • Facilitates swift issue resolution
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces workplace conflicts

5) Improve Productivity

Monitored employees exhibit increased productivity. Installing security cameras in Chicagoland facilities promotes better behavior, minimizes wasted time, and encourages employees to operate at their optimal efficiency. This dual benefit enhances both workplace safety and operational effectiveness.

6) Give Customers a Sense of Security

In an era marred by various threats in public spaces, proper security measures contribute to the peace of mind of an organization, its employees, and/or patrons. Establishing a secure environment fosters a better customer experience, encouraging repeat business and promoting a positive image for your Illinois facility.

7) Provide Evidence for Investigation

Security cameras play a pivotal role in providing accurate evidence for investigations and aiding authorities in ensuring justice. This not only keeps Chicago businesses and their surroundings safer but also reinforces trust in the security infrastructure.

8) Safer Workspace

Prioritizing safety is paramount, and commercial security cameras contribute to creating a safer workspace.

From reducing vehicle break-ins and vandalism to preventing harassment, these cameras help identify individuals responsible for compromising the safety of Chicago businesses.

9) Saving Money

Beyond the discussed benefits, security camera systems prove to be cost-effective. They reduce insurance costs, enhance employee efficiency, prevent theft, and mitigate the risk of frivolous lawsuits.

The installation of security camera systems is a more economical solution than hiring full-time security officers to patrol property entrances and exits.

Chapter 2

Top Security Cameras & Reputable Manufacturers

Numerous vendors and manufacturers, and the businesses endorsing them, assert the impeccable image quality of their security cameras and systems. However, ascertaining the truth behind these claims is a challenging feat.

The market in Illinois hosts several outstanding security cameras that deliver exceptional picture and video quality to meet diverse surveillance needs.

Assessing Security System Value

Evaluating security camera quality poses a challenge when implementing a security camera system. While resolution is a crucial factor, it doesn’t singularly determine a security camera’s overall quality.

Understanding various factors is essential in gauging security camera quality, aiding in the selection of optimal cameras for both indoor and outdoor surveillance needs in your Chicago area business.

A PSA Vis-à-vis Chinese Security Camera Manufacturers

Umbrella Security Systems advises Chicago businesses seeking professional security camera systems to steer clear of cameras manufactured in China.

Since last fall, federal government entities have initiated plans to phase out technology from four manufacturers closely tied to the Chinese government—telecom giants “Huawei” and “ZTE,” along with surveillance camera makers Dahua and Hikvision.

Although there may be an assumption that the US government swiftly eliminated all Chinese surveillance technology, the Trump administration struggled to clear networks of banned Chinese cameras overseeing US government facilities.

Despite a legally mandated ban signed a year ago, over 2,000 devices from Hikvision and Dahua persist on US government systems. Over 1,300 Huawei and 200 ZTE systems have also been discovered. Government agencies emerge as the primary users of such technology, raising concerns across various industries.

Preferred Security Camera Manufacturers

Banned surveillance tools have continued to thrive on US soil partly due to confusion regarding whether the law mandates the elimination or the cessation of buying such equipment for government agencies.

As per the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), agencies must either have a removal plan for relevant technologies or demonstrate their removal. Recognizing this ambiguity, we recommend opting for reputable commercial manufacturers like Hanwha or Axis instead of Chinese security camera manufacturers.

Chapter 3

The Types of Security Camera Systems at Your Disposal

The landscape of security camera systems is in constant evolution, mirroring the rapid pace of technological advancements. Illinois businesses face a dilemma: Whether to upgrade existing systems or to embark on establishing new ones.

The decision-making process involves careful considerations of worthiness and equipment selection.

Diverse Security Cameras

A multitude of security camera styles awaits businesses in Illinois, offering choices in camera resolution, weather protection, video signal type, and lens type tailored to specific business needs.

As Chicago’s commercial security experts, Umbrella Security Systems is adept at guiding businesses in the right direction. To assist in the decision-making process, we’ve compiled a slideshow gallery showcasing the most prevalent security camera models.

High-Definition Security Cameras

High-definition (HD) image quality has become a part of our daily lives. Its presence in our handheld devices prompts the question: Why settle for security surveillance footage that falls short of this standard?

Recognizing the need for face-recognizable footage, Umbrella Security Systems emphasizes the importance of quality in security cameras. While some products boast about being “high-quality” or “high-definition,” the reality often falls short. In response, we emphasize the significance of delivering true high-end results.

While the standard for HD streaming is 1920x1080p resolution, the prevailing reality in analog is a mere 320×240. The contemporary market offers IP and HD security cameras at a cost that is more accessible than before. Factors like H265 compression, open standards, and varying cost justifications present businesses with a spectrum of choices.

In recent years, the focus on commercial security camera systems has shifted beyond HD quality to considerations such as the chip manufacturer behind the lens on the camera board. This nuanced perspective ensures that businesses make informed choices beyond mere resolution metrics.

Chapter 4

Cloud Storage Innovations

Cloud storage stands as a relatively recent development in both the security industry and the expansive Internet of Things (IoT) market. Historically, internet connection speeds, especially in the United States, have struggled to meet the demands of high-resolution security camera footage. This limitation made uploading large volumes of data a challenging feat, rendering existing systems impractical for many business owners in Illinois. However, we have witnessed a significant shift in recent years that has placed cloud storage for high-resolution video at the forefront.

Let’s take a closer look at this shift, shall we?

Firstly, there has been a consistent increase in bandwidth capabilities, addressing the historical lag in internet connection speeds. Simultaneously, the costs associated with higher bandwidth connections have seen a decline, making them more accessible to a broader range of users.

Secondly, and perhaps most crucially, the advent of smart IP cameras has ushered in a more intelligent approach to managing video footage. These cameras enable discerning decisions about what footage to discard and what to retain, optimizing the efficiency and practicality of cloud storage solutions for businesses.

Partnering for a Secure Chicago: Beyond Protection to Empowerment

As the trusted custodians of Chicago’s security landscape, we invite you to partner with us in redefining safety standards. Contact us today for a comprehensive consultation, and let us demonstrate how our Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems contribute not just to the protection of spaces but to the empowerment of Chicago as a whole. By doing what we do, we are not just securing buildings; we are fortifying the future of Chicago’s safety, one innovative solution at a time.

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