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Our Process – Umbrella Security Systems

Paper with details of our history process


We both need and want to get to know you, your internal procedures, and the individuals in your facility.

We also need to know what has and has not worked in the past, what did or did not meet your set of expectations, and what you would like to see done better or differently.

In order for the team at Umbrella Security Systems to fully understand your needs and goals, every concern and expectation should be clearly laid out. This understanding allows us to efficiently and correctly align procedures and technologies for the right path to success.

Board with sketch of our diagnostics process


If you currently have a security system in place, Umbrella Security Systems will take careful audit of your existing technology infrastructure.

We document the limitations and strengths of your system as well as cable routing. This greatly reduces labor costs as well as any potential issues with your security system.

Far too often existing security systems are simply disposed of, which is a costly and time-consuming mistake. Together, we can assess and leverage new technologies to maximize the existing investment in your security system.

Man holding tablet with our details of discovery process


We will conduct a thorough analysis and conduct an onsite security assessment which will include your team to provide additional input.

A walk-through of the Chicago area facility allows us to survey and identify new security camera locations, doors or entrances that are to be secured, and potential network infrastructure threats or concerns, and to analyze current burglar and fire alarm systems.

Blueprints showing our design process


In this phase, we make both product and software service recommendations, always with the goal of matching the best technologies suitable for your specific needs. We then compile a complete scope-of-work.

Before any products are installed, we produce a documented schedule of installation, specifications for all products, customized engineering drawings, and a demonstration of the effectiveness of all products.

After a design review, we submit a proposal that will itemize each product, software license, and service to be performed.

Man installing a surveillance camera


Depending on the scope of the project, Umbrella Security Systems will deliver either daily or bi-weekly written progress reports throughout the installation. This will continue until the completion date.

We provide this transparent communication so you can monitor the pulse of progress without distraction from your day-to-day duties.

Three employees training


It is our responsibility to ensure that you and your team are fully capable of operating any and all technology we install.

We create solutions that are easy for you and your team to learn to use and implement providing you with complete independence once the project is completed.

Man writing down our review and finalization process on paper

Review and Finalization

Upon completion of the identified scope-of-work, Umbrella Security Systems will work with you in the field to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.

We never bill for anything until you provide approval of the project.

Our Technology – Umbrella Security Systems

High-level technologies include:

Video Surveillance, Access Control, High-Definition Cameras, Cyber Security, Mass Emergency Notification Systems and much more.

The safety and security of your business are a top priority. Having a commercial access control system is essential to protecting your staff, property, and company information. In this complete guide, you will learn how to make informed decisions about your access control system and how to secure your business.

Video surveillance systems are more important than ever in today’s business environment. All businesses – large or small – need an effective system to protect their assets and remain profitable. According to the United States’ National Crime Victimization Survey, billions of dollars are lost every year to robbery, theft, and burglary.

Security camera systems may be the most powerful tool in protecting your business. Through proper implementation, business security cameras can deter crime, improve situational awareness, and even identify areas for improvement in business operations.

Umbrella Security Systems can help you plan for emergencies. There is a wide variety of software and hardware solutions available on the market, and Umbrella Security Systems can help you choose the right mass notification system to protect your business.

Every business participating in today’s globally digital landscape understands that threats to their network infrastructure is part of the price of doing business.  Public and private businesses in various sectors stay vigilant in blocking cybercriminals from gaining access to network infrastructure.

The IoT smart sensor is a security monitoring device that detects threats in sound, light or air. The complex sensor solution is solving major health and safety problems within a compact mechanical design with no recurring software expenses.

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