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Commercial Security Systems Redefined in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a place where business sophistication needs advanced security solutions like humans need air. Umbrella Security Systems understands the importance of safeguarding your commercial space, which is why its exclusive suite of cutting-edge security systems is designed to meet your unique needs.

Below, we discuss some of the commercial security systems for our clients in Arlington Heights.

A Woman Holding Up a Lanyard with Card Access Control

Card Access Control Systems

Our Card Access Control Systems provide you with the power to regulate entry and monitor access points, ensuring that only those with permission to do so can enter designated areas. Elevate your security by taking control of who enters your premises during opening and closing hours.

Security Camera Systems & Video Surveillance

Enhance your surveillance capabilities with our state-of-the-art Security Camera Systems. From high-resolution cameras to intelligent analytics, our systems provide real-time monitoring and playback capabilities, deterring potential threats and offering peace of mind. From one business to another: Is that not what it’s all about?

Mass Emergency Notification Systems

In times of crisis, timely communication is crucial. Our Mass Emergency Notification Systems empower you to disseminate critical information swiftly, helping occupants respond effectively to emergencies, and that too in the nick of time. Stay connected and in control when it matters most.

Fiber Network Technology Solutions

Experience the next level of connectivity with our Fiber Network Technology Solutions. Designed for speed, reliability, and scalability, our solutions ensure that your security systems operate seamlessly, providing a robust foundation for your commercial security infrastructure.

Ceiling-mounted motion detection sensor device.

Air, Light & Sound Detection Sensors

It could be a bird or an insect, but it could also be a person who’s not supposed to be there after hours, wouldn’t you agree?

Our innovative Air, Light, and sound Detection Sensors are sensitive to the slightest change in your environment. With these sensors, you can detect anomalies in your high-priority environs, including air quality, light changes, and unusual sounds, and arrange a proactive response to potential threats.

Why Choose Umbrella Security Systems?

Here is all you stand to gain by partnering with our security analysts and experts to install or replace your commercial security infrastructure.

  • Tailored Solutions:Our security experts collaborate with you to understand your specific needs, tailoring solutions that align with the specific and general requirements of your business in Arlington Heights.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology:Stay ahead of potential threats with our advanced security technology. Our systems are designed to provide protection and a technological edge in how you approach the security of your commercial or industrial space.
  • Local Expertise:As part of the Arlington Heights and greater Illinois community, we bring a local perspective to your security challenges, ensuring that any solution we come up with resonates with the dynamics of your location.
  • Proactive Security Measures:Our systems go beyond surveillance, offering proactive measures through advanced analytics and detection sensors, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your commercial security.

Secure your Arlington Heights location with confidence. Get in touch with our security experts today for a personalized consultation and experience the future of commercial security.

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