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The Best Security Systems This Side of Illinois

Umbrella Security Systems is not the first to introduce security systems in Aurora’s commercial sector, but it will always have its finger on the pulse, where cutting-edge technology vis-à-vis commercial safety standards is concerned.

Explore our array of services designed to provide a robust shield against potential threats.

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Card Access Control Systems

Equip your business infrastructure with our Card Access Control Systems, the cornerstone of sophisticated security. Utilize advanced authentication methods, restrict access to sensitive areas, and track physical points of entry and exit in real time.

Our customizable solutions ensure that you have complete control over who enters your premises and informs you of attempted breaches, enhancing the overall security posture of your business.

Security Camera Systems

Heighten your surveillance capabilities in Aurora with our advanced Security Camera Systems. Our high-resolution cameras capture crystal-clear images even in night-vision mode, providing detailed footage for real-time monitoring and post-incident analysis.

Intelligent analytics enhance the efficiency of surveillance, allowing for proactive threat detection and rapid response. From deterrent to documentation, our systems redefine what’s possible in commercial security.

Mass Emergency Notification Systems

Our Mass Emergency Notification Systems are designed to deliver critical information swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a security breach, our systems enable you to broadcast emergency alerts across your space, no matter how extensive it might be, ensuring occupants are informed and can respond appropriately.

Fiber Network Technology Solutions

Experience a new dimension of connectivity with our Fiber Network Technology Solutions. Our high-speed, reliable, and scalable fiber network infrastructure forms the backbone of your commercial security system.


Ensure seamless communication between security devices, enhance data transfer speeds, and provide a solid foundation for the integration of advanced technologies. Future-proof your security infrastructure with our fiber network solutions.

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Air, Light & Sound Detection Sensors

Make your structure 100% secure with our innovative Air, Light, and Sound Detection Sensors. These sensors go beyond traditional surveillance, detecting anomalies in environmental conditions.

From changes in air quality to variations in light and unusual sounds, our sensors provide early warnings, allowing for a proactive response. Elevate your security to a new level with our comprehensive sensor technology.

Our Commitment to Your Security

  • Tailored Security Solutions:Collaborate with our security experts to develop solutions that align precisely with the unique requirements of your business in Aurora. Our customized approach ensures a security system that grows with your needs.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology:Stay ahead of potential threats with our advanced security technology. Our systems provide not just protection but a technological edge, ensuring a proactive approach to your commercial security.
  • Local Expertise:Rooted in the Aurora community, we bring an inside-out perspective to your security challenges, ensuring that our solutions resonate with the dynamics of the area.
  • Holistic Security Integration:Beyond surveillance, our systems offer comprehensive measures through advanced analytics and detection sensors, providing a holistic approach to your commercial security.

Secure your business in Aurora with confidence. Reach out to Umbrella Security Systems today for a personalized consultation regarding our umbrella security solutions. Experience the future of commercial security with solutions that are miles ahead of their time.

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