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Commercial Access Control Systems – Keep Your Business Secure


Securing a business and its employees is always a top priority. Commercial Access Control Systems use technologies that control who enters your facility and restricts access to unauthorized persons.

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Access Control Systems for your business

Access Control Systems are the frontline defense for your business that restrict your property’s access and secure your offices, employees, information, equipment, and other valuable assets.

What is a commercial access control system?

A Commercial Access control system is a form of physical security system that controls and grants access only to authorized employees and visitors to your facility. It is one of the most convenient and efficient commercial security methods for protecting your business.

In its simplest form, once the access is granted to an area – the door electronically unlocks and automatically relocks after the authorized person enters the facility. The more complicated commercial systems are capable of collecting data and storing it in the form of logs containing access information like time of entry, time of exit, area, and more. These advanced commercial security access systems provide business information data that can be used to improve business operations. Commercial Security Systems can also help you make better business decisions.

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Benefits for Your Business

Commercial Access Control Systems with smart cutting-edge technologies provide ample security to your business. Why should you install access control systems? Below are eight reasons to install an access control system for your business right away.


Employee Protection

Employees are a company’s greatest assets. It is essential to protect them to reduce the risks to your organization. To prevent unauthorized access in a facility, or criminal activities such as burglary, assaults, and shootings, organizations must install access control systems. With these safeguards in place, employees feel safe and stress-free at work. This will help them to remain engaged and deliver results productively.


Increased Security

Commercial Access Control Systems provide an extra layer of security that allows access only to authorized persons. Business door access control systems have much more control than traditional keys. It offers the following information:

  • Who has access to the facility
  • Which doors do they have access to
  • What time access is allowed
  • What conditions can influence their access

Detailed Reports

Analytics and reporting tools can be used to track information regarding access and security. Data is key to every business. During an incident or to decide on operational procedures, businesses can pull a detailed report of access and time logs.


Convenient User Management

Access Control Systems is a human resources friendly tool. In early years when traditional keys were used, after an employee lost their keys  everyone in the facility had to change their keys. But with the convenience of business security access control solutions, it is extremely easy to add, remove and update an user’s individual access settings. The system allows users to customize access for one individual without impacting the rest of the organization.


Ease of Use

Access control systems allow users with easy accessibility in the facility and flexibility in the workplace. This leads to improved worker productivity with no stress.


Multiple facility access

With traditional keys, it was really hard to handle multiple keys for different facilities and working stations. Now, commercial access control systems allow access to different facilities within an organization by using a single authentication system.


Easy Integration with multiple systems

Access control allows seamless integration with multiple systems like video surveillance systems, mass notification systems, and visitor management systems. Having everything in one place allows for easy use and reduces the time spent managing processes and reporting.

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Configurations & Models

Configuring an access control system for your business involves the following steps:


Choosing the access control equipment and processing devices such as access controller, card reader, door locks, etc. Selecting the right device that is cost-effective and fits your business requirement is the goal. 

Access controllers are also known as access control boards or access control panels. They are installed in the IT room, electric room, or closets. All the wires from different access control devices routes to the controller. The main functionality is to recognize the user credential by checking into the database and compare both the entries. If a match is detected, the user is signaled to grant access, otherwise the access is denied, and the facility is protected from unauthorized persons.


Identifying the entry device for your access control system such as RFID card readers, biometric readers, key fob, mobile smart unlocks etc.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card readers are also known as proximity cards or smart cards. There are different frequencies of RFID cards and each of these frequencies are used for different security levels. 

Biometric readers are also available to recognize characteristics of their physiological traits (fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, DNA, palm print etc.) against a sample database.

PIN code reader works with PIN code authentication. The employee enters the PIN code if there is a match access is granted and else denied.

Smart locks allow for credentials on smartphones to unlock building entrances. The user is given a unique credential to access the facility. These systems work by requiring the phone to be in the proximity of the reader or by clicking a button for unlocking the facility.


Choosing access control electric door locks such as electric bolt locks, electromagnetic door locks etc. 

Electric bolt locks use electric current to open or close a door. These provide cutting edge security for businesses. A bolt in any door lock is made to cross the opening between the door side and the doorframe that in turns prevents unauthorized access.

Electromagnetic door locks consist of a door-mounted armature and a frame mounted magnet, which become magnetized when an electric current passes through them, generating a magnetic field that secures the door.


Selecting access control exit devices such as exit button, remote control.


Choosing the correct power supply for all time coverage without interruptions.


Choosing access control accessories such as doorbells, door magnets etc.


Configuring access control management software.

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What Features Do You Need?

There are various features to consider when selecting a commercial access control system for your business.

Some of these features are:


Custom Reports

Access control systems have reporting capabilities that stores logs in the database. These logs are extremely helpful when you need to check access history for a specific door. There are various reporting capabilities such as door activity history, invalid access attempts, on-site tracking, and more.



Flexible software allows for easy modification of authentication information like adding, removing or updating user access.


Scheduled Backups

Scheduled backups help to avoid unnecessary data loss and protect the entire system if a server crashes.


Integration Capabilities

Access Control Systems have integration capabilities with video surveillance and mass emergency notification system so as to provide a unified solution under one user interface.


Visitor management

Seamless Integration with visitor management systems helps to provide an extra layer of security by controlling access to visitors and having greater flexibility by scanning a QR received by email for smooth check-in to your facility.


Elevator Access Control

Some access control systems have elevator control capabilities that allow access to users in selected floors of larger buildings.

Manufacturer Reviews & Recommendations

Umbrella Security Systems has reviewed the top commercial access control products available on the market. We make it our mission to provide an unbiased review of the best access control systems that will meet your business requirements.

These reviews will provide you with our expert opinion of the product manufacturer, its hardware, and software. If you are searching for the best access control system for your business, make sure you read our reviews to narrow down your search. Check out all of our manufacturer reviews.

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Keep your employees and your business safe

The most important aspect of installing a commercial access control system is convenience and peace of mind. 

If you have already installed a commercial access control system, your business may benefit from upgrading the system to touchless access control for advanced features and a better user experience.

At Umbrella Security Systems, we have more than 15 years of experience in the security industry and leading expert in access control systems. We have continued to be a valued resource for fortune 500 companies and government agencies seeking security design, implementation and managed services. Umbrella Security Systems has the knowledge and expertise to guide your business in the right direction for commercial access control systems.

Commercial & Business Installations

We want to make commercial access control easy for your business by offering a free consultation with us. Umbrella Security Systems has you covered from planning to installation of the best access control systems on the market.

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