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Cannabis Remote Video Surveillance and Monitoring


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to move from the office workplace to the home office. The cannabis business is no exception to this change. It’s essential to be safe and keep your business safe, even when employees are not present. Cannabis businesses need to monitor remotely to see what is happening on the ground in their facilities.

With the power of IP video surveillance cameras, dispensaries and other cannabis facilities can visually monitor different property areas remotely using smartphones or tablets. This technology gives you the freedom to be off-site while providing ample benefits. With the advance in technology and monitoring apps, you can track multiple cameras at once and review previously recorded footage from anywhere, at any time.

One of the crucial rules and regulations of cannabis businesses is the placement of cameras. Remote monitoring ensures the cameras are correctly placed to capture the facility’s entry and exit, all point-of-sale systems, and other critical areas like cash storage rooms, vaults, etc.

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What Features And Technologies Are Needed For Cannabis Remote Video Surveillance?

There are various technologies involved in the Cannabis Remote Video Surveillance system.

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IP Security Cameras

IP security cameras are a small computer that receives control data and sends back image data using an Internet connection. In other words, it captures and transmits information over an IP network. These cameras offer higher frame rates than analog cameras. It works well in low-light areas, assisting in situations where great detail is needed, and a lot of motion is involved.

IP security cameras can produce sharp images and allow users to view, focus, zoom in, and record footage remotely from a smartphone or tablet. Smart IP cameras support advanced video analytics with cutting-edge technology to help operators detect, verify, and act on events.


Full HD Resolution

Cannabis businesses should look for IP security cameras that support full HD/1080p resolution to achieve the best outcome. It will help provide a high-quality image and capture every detail, ensuring that identifying traits are visible. It’s considered the best protection against grainy or unidentifiable video footage.


Wide Dynamic Range

This is a must-have feature for cannabis dispensary security systems. Wide Dynamic Range, also referred to as high dynamic range imaging, is a feature that security cameras use to handle bright light and dark conditions. WDR can also improve the freeze-frame quality of your device. Cameras with a wide dynamic range utilize superior technology and advanced sensors that balance the lighting to produce better and clearer images. This works well for cannabis business entrance areas where the contrast between the sunshine outside and the dim lighting inside can be challenging to record. These cameras also work well in many tricky lighting situations like lobbies and with nighttime recording. Cameras without a wide dynamic range run the risk of overexposing certain facility areas while leaving other sites dark. To ensure optimal image detail is achieved, a wide dynamic range should be paired with full HD resolution.

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Protective Housing

In high-security areas, video surveillance cameras should be outfitted with a vandal-proof enclosure, which helps reduce physical damage to the camera. If the camera is placed at an easily reachable height, the camera may be tampered with or vandalized. Thus, the vandal-proof enclosure is a must for those situations if one or more cameras are placed within a person’s close reach. Additionally, weather-resistant enclosures can safeguard the camera against water damage and other weather disturbances entering the lens. Outdoor security cameras should be installed at the front and backdoor entrance of the cannabis facility to deter intruders from breaking into the property.


Video Management Software

This feature allows dispensary managers and other cannabis facility managers to record and view live video from multiple surveillance cameras and manage all the security cameras from a monitoring station or with remote devices such as smartphones or tablets. An integrator can install video management software on a security camera, which lets the user control key features such as motion detection capabilities, wide dynamic range, zoom level, etc. The VMS (Video Management Software) can be appliance-based or Windows-based, depending on the manufacturer, and used with either IP-based or analog cameras with an encoder.

Suppose a user wants to view the facility in real-time. In that case, a server-based system works better than appliance-based systems because appliance-based systems with VMS records video for later viewing. A server-based VMS lets operators toggle between multiple locations through a single user interface to view and record video in real-time. However, both VMS types can help cannabis businesses meet the state requirements for remote access to their video surveillance systems.

Installing smart IP cameras with video management software, analytics capabilities, and adding 24/7 live monitoring helps businesses keep a constant eye on their cannabis operations.

Although both the VMS types help cannabis businesses to meet the state requirements for remote access to their video surveillance systems.

Installing smart IP cameras with Video Management software analytics capabilities and adding 24/7 live monitoring helps businesses keep a constant eye on their cannabis operations.

The dispensary or any other cannabis business manager should always consult with an experienced, well-established security camera integrator like Umbrella Security Systems before designing and installing a video surveillance system. We have more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. We can help you with the end-to-end process of design, planning, integration, and installation of the best security system that meets your cannabis facility’s needs and budget. Contact us Today!

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What are some of the additional features of a good cannabis remote monitoring system?

A good cannabis remote surveillance system should meet all the state’s legal requirements. The system should also be easy to set up and use. Purchasing an intuitive system is worth it for long-term usage. It is also recommended to have a system that regularly sends out alerts, so you know what’s happening in your cannabis facility. Finally, it would help if you looked for a system that will continue to operate even when the power goes off. Ideally, the system should come with battery backup for uncertain conditions.

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Key Questions to Ask About Cannabis Remote Video Surveillance


1.  I own on-site cameras already. Do I need all new cameras for cannabis real-time video monitoring?

If the surveillance cameras are smart IP cameras, it is elementary to integrate Video management software technology that allows real-time monitoring of security events. If it’s an older analog surveillance camera, integration becomes more difficult, but not impossible! Your professional cannabis security system installer will assess your existing security system and recommend the best technology mix that works for your cannabis business.

2. Cannabis live security camera surveillance sounds expensive. Where is the ROI?

Real-time video monitoring technology costs less than employing security guards. A well-monitored cannabis operation experiences less loss of crops, cash, and products, as well as deters against crimes. It’s essential to keep in mind that cannabis triples in value when diverted to states where it is illegal.

3. My cannabis operation is very remote. Will on-site cameras allow live video monitoring?

Yes. Using wireless technology and cellular networks, users can view all the security systems installed in remote locations in real-time. It’s critical to work with your professional cannabis security system installer, who can assess your cannabis site and recommend the right mix of technology for cannabis live video monitoring in remote areas.

4. Can cannabis real-time video monitoring eliminate the need for security guards?

A cannabis real-time video monitoring service utilizes trained video monitoring professionals to watch your facility 24/7. Further, Video Management Software systems allow cannabis operators to log in from anywhere, at any time to observe operations in real-time.

5. Can I watch multiple locations at the same time?

A remotely monitored application allows operators to view multiple locations through the single user interface. Users can log in to the same interface to simultaneously watch marijuana video surveillance systems in several facility areas. 

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Professional Design & Camera Installation

Umbrella Security Systems and its team of experts has more than 20 years of experience (including the cannabis industry) and the skill set to design comprehensive security camera solutions for different industries. We offer a complete selection of security services, including system integration, configuration services, installation support, end-user training, system design and layout, and camera placement proposals.

From design to installation, Umbrella Security Systems will guide you throughout the process and will be there to ensure the system is up and running at peak performance. We carefully evaluate cannabis dispensary regulations to make sure all state requirements are met. As certified experts in their field, the Umbrella Security Systems team is highly skilled in developing concrete dispensary surveillance security plans for small and large business operations.

To get started, call or email us today or request a free on-site consultation and learn more about cannabis video surveillance, remote monitoring, access control, and other security methods to address your needs and challenges.

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