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Commercial facility security systems

Commercial facility security systems play a major role in securing your business assets and safeguarding your employees.

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Integrated Business Security Solutions

Fully integrated commercial facility security systems provide better safety and security for an overall smooth and manageable user-experience. Below are the common features of integrated business security solutions:

Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial Access Control Systems provide access to your facility in the easiest and most convenient way. They are a much more reliable option than the traditional keys. With traditional keys, there is a constant fear of losing keys and therefore being vulnerable to crimes. Plus, with traditional keys, when employees leave the company, the entire company has to change the locks, but commercial access control systems can quickly remove access privileges from the card or fob the user was using to gain access to the building. But with access control systems, users can block the access of a single credential in case of loss and grant a new credential to access the facility. The whole system sets access levels based on rules or roles of the individuals in the facility, thereby allowing access only to an authorized person in a particular time frame.

Professional Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are used to capture videos of different locations in your facility using security cameras. You can capture the entire view or a restricted view only based on business needs. Advanced technologies feature small, high-definition security cameras like 180-degree or 360-degree cameras that capture multiple angles at affordable prices. Video surveillance systems can be integrated with access control systems to capture the video of people entering and leaving your facility. Video Surveillance cameras provide 24/7 monitoring and recording of events in your facility.

Business Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management systems help to manage the flow of visitors in your facility. Once a visitor arrives, they are provided with a temporary badge or tag to allow access to visitor assigned areas in the facility. Access control systems can be integrated with a visitor management system to provide an extra layer of security. When a visitor displays the credential against the access control reader to gain access, the photo ID or business card is scanned and checked against a stored list of members or visitors signed into the facility for an event or in general.

Commercial Alarm Systems

A commercial alarm system monitors the facility with 24/7 alarm capabilities. Based on different situations, mass notification sounds can be configured in the security system. Commercial alarm systems place sensors in certain areas of the facility. If an individual attempts to gain access, sensors dispatch an alarm to security officers and/or local police about the potential threat. Integration with commercial security cameras can trigger a video surveillance recording of the entire event. Fire alarms can also be integrated with security systems to detect fire and smoke using temperature sensors or smoke detectors.

Physical barriers for commercial facilities

Physical barriers help to restrict access to unknown individuals trying to enter the facility. Examples of physical barriers are a locked door, turnstile, or gates. These barriers are a part of commercial facility security systems that controls access to specific areas in the facility.

Umbrella Security Systems has the expert knowledge and experience to provide the best commercial security solutions to businesses.

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New Technology for Business Security

Securing your facility is much easier with the help of advanced cutting-edge technologies. Some of these technologies are listed below:

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Facial Recognition for businesses

Facial Recognition is one of the latest technologies that enhances the authentication process for granting access to the facility. When an individual stands in front of the door, their face is captured live and compared against the stored digital image to grant access.

Biometric Scanning for commercial entrances

Biometric scanning is a method of identifying a person based on that person’s chemical, behavioral, or physical attributes. The main purpose of biometrics is to verify the person’s identity in order to restrict access to an unauthorized person entering the facility. The biometric reader captures the distinct pattern when the user stands in front of the access door. These patterns can be fingerprints, irises, hand geometries, voice patterns, DNA information, or other biometrics. Different sensor technology works for each of them to carry forward with the verification steps internally to grant access.

Intrusion Detection for burglary prevention

Intrusion Detection is the most effective way of monitoring, servicing, and responding to alarm signals. Any suspicious events are reported to an administrator or collected centrally using a security information and event management system. Integrating alarm and intrusion detection systems helps to maximize security. Below are a few technologies and detection systems that can add value to your commercial facility security systems:

  • Motion detection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Glass-break detection
  • Multi-area arming
  • Wireless intrusion-detection systems

Smart devices for advanced security systems

IoT sensors offer a lot of capability to secure your facility with advanced technologies. Smart devices are easy to install, manage, and integrate with various systems to build a unified security system.

Designing a business security system

Commercial facility security system design is important to consider before installing the system. Proper advance planning helps to mitigate risks by controlling people’s access to the facility and asset protection.

Umbrella Security Systems can design the complete security system for your business with the best and cost-effective solutions that meet your business needs.

Security layout for businesses

A business security plan requires careful planning, designing, solid implementation, and ongoing maintenance. The layout should involve all areas to outline risks, document business security goals, develop strategies, rules, and procedures. The security layout is generally developed by security consultants like Umbrella Security Systems< link> or in-house security personnel with in-depth knowledge of securing facilities. They should have a business background and experience with facility blueprints, records of security incidents, account data, and security system information.

 Here are a few questions you need to consider while figuring out the best security plan for your business:

  1. How big is your business?
  2. How fast is your business growing?
  3. What are your hours of operation?
  4. How many employees do you have?
  5. How many credentials do you use?
  6. What are the different access levels in your facility?
  7. Where is your business located?
  8. Do you have any specific security concerns?

We can guide you through the complete process of securing your facility.

Industry-Specific solutions

Here are a few industries that we serve:



Retailers are always in a constant threat of fraud and theft. Video surveillance cameras in retail stores help to safeguard the property and minimize damages or loss. Integration with Access Control Systems can protect retailers by preventing an unauthorized person from entering the property.



Healthcare facilities can also be protected with Access Control and Video Surveillance systems. Integrating with mass emergency notification systems helps secure your property from active shooters or weather change. These alerts can be sent via desktop computers, PA systems, VoIP desk phones, mobile devices, fire alarm systems, and digital signage.

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A manufacturing facility requires various safety measures. Video surveillance systems with advanced security cameras can capture the entire view of the facility. Access Control Systems can protect against unauthorized access to the facility. Mass Emergency Notification Systems alerts based on the incidents and delivers specific messages by sectors.

The Role of IoT Smart Sensors in Manufacturing



With the increased legal requirements in the cannabis industry, the importance of security can’t be understated. Plus, when dealing with cannabis, there is a significant need to protect the products and assets within your facility. Here is the complete guide that identifies the most important aspects of cannabis security for you to consider.



Schools & Education

Educational environments need to be protected with advanced security solutions to keep children and staff safe. These solutions can also prevent theft, vandalism, and crime on school property. Unified solutions of integration with access control systems, video surveillance systems, mass notification systems, and visitor management systems to help the schools manage the entire security system under one unit.

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Umbrella Security Systems can provide you with the best security system for your business.

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