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Commercial Video Intercom Systems


As the world is evolving, so are the problems. One of the biggest concerns has to be the security of our commercial premises. The more exposed your building is, the more vulnerable we get to its threats and perils. In this situation, the only way to protect your assets is to reinforce a robust security system that allows you to see and monitor who can enter and exit your property.

Nowadays, with the help of video intercom systems, you can ensure the security of the entire building with a single click from your device. Sounds too good to be true? Give us 5 minutes to prove that.

In this article, we will look at what video intercoms are and how they work. Moreover, we will discuss some benefits of these systems, how to install them, and in what sectors they are being highly successful.

So, let’s get started.


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What is a Video Intercom System?

A video intercom is a stand-alone intercom system, also known as a video door-phone, that is used to monitor, and control access calls made at (usually) the entrance of any property. Video and audio can be transferred to let the person inside the building know what’s going on out his/her building.

Other than this, video intercom allows users to keep tabs on their building entrance regardless of their location. If you have an Amazon delivery to take, simply send a signal to your video intercom system to let the delivery boy get in while you are running your errands in a completely different location.


How Do Video Intercom Systems Work?

Integrated cameras in your video intercom capture footage of the visitor standing near the entrance. This footage can then be seen by the person in charge of security. In case they have any questions, the admin can ask for the name and reference of the visitor. Once everything is clear, the admin lets the visitor in by remotely pressing a button in its in-door intercom system.

Some cloud-based video intercom systems also allow you to monitor and control the entry gate as long as you have Wi-Fi on your device. It is a powerful feature and allows you to have peace of mind regardless of where you currently are.


Video Intercom System Components

Some of the basic components that make up a video intercom system include:

  • Built-in security camera
  • Master stations
  • Software for mobile apps
  • Tenant stations

These components have to be installed separately and require professional expertise for proper installation and working. Video intercoms are different from traditional intercoms where only audio was transmitted. To transmit real-time video, specialized equipment is needed.

Let us now look at some of the top brands that offer state-of-the-art video intercom systems for commercial purposes. 



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Office Intercom buying checklist

There are numerous things that you must consider before you buy a system that has a vast variety of features, styles, and sizes. Therefore, instead of picking the first intercom, you find on the market, here is a checklist of some of the things you must keep in mind. (side note: you may have to take a screenshot for future references)

  • Price
  • Remote door unlock
  • Is it able to set up multiple admins?
  • One -way or two-way video
  • Doorbell
  • Installation costs
  • Ability to manage multiple doors

Important Considerations for Video Intercoms

Doorbell Video Intercom

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A battery-powered doorbell is the simplest way that your visitor can ask for access permission. However, it can be quite tiring to walk down to your door every time a guest rings the bell. Hence, they are not suitable for commercial purposes.

Wired vs. Wireless

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Although wired intercom systems have comparatively fewer connection issues than Ethernet-based ones, wireless intercom doesn’t require invasive installation – keeping your workspace neat and tidy. This is an important consideration when installing video intercom systems

Indoor vs Outdoor

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If you are someone who needs frequent intercom protection against rough weather and lives in areas with high crime rates, outdoor video intercom systems are just the right choice for you. Hence, depending on your preference, make sure your intercom system is able to withstand heavy-duty conditions and is completely weather-proof.

Two-Way Audio Intercoms

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To be able to verbally communicate with your visitors, make sure your intercom offers two-way audio services to allow you to make calls with your guests. There are other options available as well and they are cost-effective so this consideration largely depends on your budget.

Wi-Fi Video Intercom

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To avoid the cumbersome work of physically going to the gate to attend the door, the Wi-Fi intercom allows you to simply enter a code on your keypad to control the door without leaving the comfort of your office. This smart feature can be controlled from anywhere in the world especially when you opt for a cell phone network video intercom, which gives it quite an edge over other technologies.


Cell Phone Network Video Intercom

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Cell phone network offers the advantages of wireless intercom by transmitting video through connection for a monthly fee. Hence, regardless of where you are, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection you can keep tabs on your gate.


Hybrid Video Intercom

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The hybrid video intercom is the epitome of both worlds. With the reliability of the wired system, the hybrid intercom connects the outdoor station with the indoor video monitor – all by giving you the capability to connect tables, mobile, and PCs to your video system.


Weather Proofing & Durability

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Make sure you go for a durable and weather-proof video intercom if are planning to install the station outdoors. It is tempting to install just about any other video intercom system wherever you want but it is highly recommended to choose a durable one for your outdoor needs.


Automatic Unlocking for Electronic Door Locks

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With the help of automatic door unlocking services, you can remotely control your gate when you are not around your commercial residence. Indeed, this feature can give an upper hand especially if you have numerous visitors or deliveries to receive.


Video Intercom System Integrations


Access Control Integrations

The most solid intercom integration has got to be the access control system. With its unique features to control the gate with face recognition and app unlock, you can enable access to authorized visitors and employees all by simply sitting at your desk.

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Security Camera Integrations

To level up your security game, opt for security cameras that are high in definition, and uses infrared night vision technology to keep your nights as secure as your days. During camera installation, make sure you consult an expert and get the camera installed in the right positions that cover the maximum area on the entrances.

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Visitor Management System Integrations

To make sure you don’t miss to attend any visitor, make sure you select the intercom that sends you notifications on your connected devices to alert you of any visitor arrival.

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Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

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wave to unlock Commercial Video Intercom Systems
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Complete Remote Access Control

By switching to video intercom systems, you eliminate any extra time wasted in traveling through your large commercial residents only to open gates for your visitors – giving you and your employees more time to focus on actual work.


Better Guest Management

Gone are days when you have to rely on visitor’s voices to buzz them into your building. Thanks to video intercom services you can not only speak to your guests but can see them on your indoor monitors as well.


Improved Security

Video intercom gives superiority over all the rest of security entrance systems since your pins can be forgotten, fingerprints can be faked, and cards can be lost or stolen. However, with video intercom systems, all you have to do to keep your premises safe is actually see the person and signal your system to open or close gates.


More Intuitive

Since video intercom systems send a notification to the admin whenever there is a visitor at the door, it gives an overall peace of mind that you can be sure no guest leaves your office unattended.


More Secure Package Delivery

You never know the delivery boy at your gate can be your biggest threat. With this, you can rest assure you are getting all of your deliveries by authorized delivery personnel.


Reduced Lockouts

Some intercoms allow employees to have virtual keys and PINs which can be used during a lockout or when an office delivery needs to be made in the absence of the boss or security guard.


Contactless Entry & Contract Tracing

This intercom system uses contactless entry via waving hand, scanning your mobile phone, facial recognition, or entering a code in your smartphone, which is especially useful during the outbreak of coronavirus. What’s more? The video intercom system tracks all its guests you have entered in your building – heightening the level of security in your building.


Commercial Security and Communication

Not only video intercom systems useful for commercial office purposes, but the functions can be altered to suit any industry or personal residence, for that matter. Here are some of the examples of how intercom is making our lives better.

Industry-Specific Intercom Solutions


Video intercom systems are being designed for various industries like schools, offices, the manufacturing sector, and the public sector. They come with specialized features suitable for these industries and offer tailored services. Let’s look at some of the sectors where video intercoms are quite successful.

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Among the many ways intercom can be used in school, it is most helpful to send messages to teachers during emergency instances and restrict unauthorized individuals from entering the school building.

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Office buildings

Visitors can contact the employees at the entrance and ask for specific department directions before entering the building. Some offices have compact lift intercom stations that let visitors communicate with the technical support team outside life.

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Commercial warehouse

All commercial warehouses need intercom systems for the following:

  • alert the headquarters during any mishaps
  • communicate with the warehouse personnel regarding inventory queries.
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Video intercoms make it completely effortless to communicate in manufacturing areas with high noise levels and/or send deadlines reminders to make the production process smooth and profitable.

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Installing video intercom has proven to improve customer satisfaction levels and increases not only workers’ protection but your guest safety as well. Furthermore, when you add your IP intercom and speakers to your services, it adds an extra layer of freedom to talk and listen to your potential customers.

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Professional Security Designer & Installer


Any equipment not installed right is futile. It is not surprising that you will waste away your expensive intercom system by installing it the wrong way. Therefore, either seek professional advice or let an expert take over to properly link each component in its right place and install it in a way to make the most out of its network coverage.

In this article, we looked at some of the top brands that provide the latest video intercoms available out there. You can check out their specifications and then choose one according to your requirements and budget.

Need Help?

Umbrella Security Systems is an independent security consultant with more than 20 years of experience and an expert in commercial video intercom systems. Contact you today and we will choose the right commercial video intercom system for your business.

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