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The Best Door Intercom Systems for Businesses


Security is a top priority for a business. Door buzzer entry systems and door intercoms play a significant role in business communication and can prevent unwanted incidents and criminal activities. A Commercial door buzzer system with camera and intercom systems adds an extra layer of security to the business. Door intercom systems are two-way communication systems that contain circuitry for transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions.

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These systems offer huge advantages for office security while also supporting other operational functionality, like video calls. Your employees can communicate more effectively without a phone call or having to wait for an email response. The intercom systems can be installed along with a video doorbell and can allow visitors to speak while at the door. Administrators can verify visitors through video communications or audio messaging and then decide whether to let the person in. Integration with an access control system can restrict access to unauthorized intruders.


The Top Door Intercoms for Business Security

An overview of 2N, Aiphone, Axis, and Avigilon door intercom manufacturers:



2n logo Door Intercoms for Businesses

2N is a respected video intercom brand and is well known for its wide range of models for commercial buildings.

It offers various benefits such as:

  • The system does not need a master call station to receive calls
  • Can be integrated with access control systems
  • The intercom station can be fully configured by the device’s IP address
  • SIP support is available
  • Built-in Ethernet port
  • Accepts various reader types
  • Standard built-in night vision camera
  • Easy on-site configuration

Despite all the advantages, there are certain drawbacks such as:

  • More expensive
  • Maximum output volume is limited by a 2-watt speaker
  • No Facial Recognition features
  • No mobile Proximity unlock feature
  • Touch access can stoke current pandemic fears



Aiphone logo e1608312299830 Door Intercoms for Businesses

Aiphone is one of the top brands in secure communications. They have a huge product line of intercom systems, door buzzer entry systems for business, and related products. Their product line includes peer-to-peer IP video intercoms, versatile multi-tenant security video intercom (GT series), flexible hardwired intercoms with IP capability, JP series Touchscreen video intercom, app capable video intercoms, emergency intercoms, wireless video intercom, intercom doorbells, and so much more.

Aiphone can offer these benefits:

  • Reliable hardware systems and connectivity
  • Easy accessibility with the help of hardwired in-unit stations
  • Each series model has specific features that serve different industry needs

Despite the advantages, there are certain drawbacks such as:

  • The need for onsite monitoring and maintenance services
  • No two-way video calling feature available
  • Visitor management features such as pre-registration and one-time access are not available
  • Dependency on network systems


Axis Communications

Axis logo e1608312182637 Door Intercoms for Businesses

Axis Communications is a well-known brand for door intercom systems. With their catalog of video door station intercoms, Axis has built success based on the reliability of entry and their security levels. Axis products offer the following benefits:

  • Devices based on security level; small and powerful door security, a multifunctional device for enhanced security, and reliable audio-visual entry control
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote entry
  • High-quality audio and video
  • SIP support
  • Enhanced cybersecurity with signed firmware
  • Integration capabilities


Avigilon H4 Intercom

avigilon logo e1608312164881 Door Intercoms for Businesses

Avigilon is known for its video surveillance and access control systems. They strive to seamlessly integrate their video security solutions to your existing security system or can help you build from the ground up.

Avigilon intercoms offer these benefits:

  • Good Video Quality
  • The H4 intercom is both IP66 and IK10 in rating
  • The aluminum intercom enclosure is secured with four tamper-resistant screws
  • The unit’s integrated IR LEDs provide good illumination, even in darkness

Despite all the advantages, the drawbacks include:

  • Does not support SIP
  • Remote calling to smartphone not supported
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Best Office Intercoms

Here is a checklist of key features that need to be taken into consideration for office intercom systems:

☑ Basic Doorbell
☑ Audio Intercom
☑ One-way or two-way video
☑ Ability to manage multiple doors
☑ Calls to the tablet vs. phone
☑ Remote door unlock
☑ Setup Multiple admins
☑ Easily enroll and remove users
☑ Front Desk Receptionist call
☑ Multi-tenant support
☑ Simple wiring and installation
☑ Pricing and support
☑ Audio, Video, and Doorbell components
☑ Integration with access control and visitor management
☑ Weatherproof
☑ Scalable
☑ Automatic Door Unlock
☑ Remote Visitor Management
☑ Biometric capabilities like facial recognition
☑ Wired vs. Wireless

Important Considerations for Business Intercoms

Let’s take an in-depth look at the key features for business Intercom systems.

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Wired vs. Wireless

When it comes to security, some may prefer wired connections, as each hub is hardwired to the next. This will make the system less susceptible to breaches into the system. Wireless connections on the other hand, rely on a network to communicate. Networks can be hacked if proper authentication is not provided. In terms of reliability, a wireless connection’s dependency on the battery or network can be a risk of shutdown, but the same can’t be said for wired connections. When it comes to ease of installation, however, wireless intercom systems are the easiest to install.

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Video Intercom

Video intercom helps to see the person standing in front of the door without the need to actually open the door. It provides an extra layer of security and can help to decide whether to let the person in. It can also be integrated with access control systems for enhanced security and control visitors’ access in the facility.


Doorbell & Buzzer Alerts

Instant alerts are sent to the admin or the responsible person(s) in the facility when the doorbell is pressed by a visitor.

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Weather Proofing & Durability

Depending on the location, weatherproof and durability should be a top priority to stay protected. Make sure your intercom can continue monitoring even in adverse weather conditions.


Automatic Unlocking for Electronic Door Locks

Automatic unlocking is a system that allows for a remote user to unlock a door from anywhere. It can help manage visitors, vendors, and clients without the need for face-to-face communication.


Two-Way Audio Intercoms

Intercom systems provide easy two-way communication at the door and can be used from one office facility to another with employees and visitors.

Door Entry Intercom & Telephone System Integrations

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Access Control Integrations

Access Control System integration with the door intercom system helps with two methods: 

  • Voice intercom with access control can protect the facility from unauthorized access.
  • Touchless access control systems integration provides much more safety and security because of the hands-free access solutions (key card, mobile app, etc.).
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Security Camera Integrations

Security Camera integration with door intercom systems can aid in monitoring and viewing the door premises, especially when someone stands in front of it. It enhances security by recording a video for later use. This integration is not only for viewing but also for directly talking to visitors to decide whether to allow them access to the facility.

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Visitor Management System Integrations

Visitor Management System integration with door intercom systems helps to manage visitors’ access. This system allows for visually authenticating visitors, tracking them, and unlocking doors. It can also be remotely controlled from anywhere. 

Benefits of Door Intercom Systems


Communications & Announcements

Communication is the key in intercom systems. Seamless two-way communication between office employees and visitors makes the process easy and convenient. The speakers being placed at the strategic points in the building can make it easy for everyone in the building to receive a message at the same time. Announcements help to find the specific individual quickly.


Controlled Access Points

This feature restricts access to certain rooms within the facility. This ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed in high-priority areas.

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Securely Grant Access for Visitors or Deliveries

Intercom systems require that anyone who wants to enter a building must identify themselves. This deters criminal activities and restricts unauthorized personnel from entering your facility. This makes your facility more secure and safe.

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Industry-specific intercom solutions

Intercom system needs vary based on industry. Some of the key industries are listed below:


Office buildings

Office Intercom Systems help in easy two-way communication between the office employees to perform immediate business operations. With the integration of access control, video surveillance systems help to provide unified security solutions for businesses. Utilizing biometric technologies like facial recognition provides easy access to the facility.


Commercial warehouse

A commercial warehouse intercom system is generally used for trying to get the attention of warehouse workers to deliver messages or to have one of them call back. Wireless intercom systems work better in this case because the wired connection may get damaged by the warehouse movement.

It’s always better to have a consultation with a logistics security consultant to get information on all the features and options.



These days, most schools have intercom systems. Schools should have high-security measures, and intercom systems play an essential role in granting visitors or other personnel access to enter the school building. Visitors can only be allowed when there is reasonable justification (ex. parents, guest speakers, etc.).



The manufacturing industry needs door intercom systems, not only for the screening of visitors in the building but also for carrying out smooth workflows. The intercom system can be integrated with access control, video surveillance, and other systems for enhanced security and productivity.



Secure healthcare facilities require constant communication for swift movement and to perform operations quickly. Intercom systems help to facilitate easy communication among staff in different wards and provide patient protection for security purposes. Personal safety and public assistance requirements are satisfied by intercom stations for lifts, car parking, and intercom equipped parking spaces solutions, which provide quick access to assistance in case of problems at pay-on-foot machines and vehicle barriers.

Umbrella Security Systems can assist you with expert advice on selecting the best door Intercom system for your business. Schedule a Free Consultation with us today!

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