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Exterior Security Systems for Businesses

Your business needs to be protected from the outside to continue business operations safely and provide employee security. Business owners must secure their businesses with external security systems to prevent unwanted incidents or criminal activities.

Essentials Of Exterior Security Systems

Exterior security systems have many components and features that every system should have:

  1. Access Control Systems
  2. Security Camera Systems
  3. Video Surveillance Systems
  4. Alarms & Sensors
  5. Mass Emergency Notification Systems
  6. Redundant Power System Backup
  7. Fail-Safe and Fail Secure Locks
  8. Professional Installation
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Outdoor Security Cameras For Businesses

Your business should be protected from the outside to prevent crime. Outdoor security cameras help to protect your commercial property from such criminal activities. These cameras help prevent unwanted incidents with cutting-edge techniques, such as motion detection, motion-activated floodlights, spotlights, and sirens that scare trespassers away and secure your facility. Apart from these, night vision, color vision, and waterproof capabilities make outdoor security cameras an outstanding investment. The price for outdoor cameras ranges anywhere from $50 to $400, with an average of $200.

The Best Outdoor Security Camera Brands

When selecting the best outdoor security cameras, there are a lot of variations among the different products. Considering all these variations, we have done an independent analysis on each of the cameras in the market and picked the best commercial outdoor security cameras that would meet your business’s needs.


Axis logo e1608312182637 Exterior Security SystemsOutdoor security cameras from Axis are well known in the market and a great way to secure your property from criminal activities. Here are some of the cameras that they provide:

Fixed box cameras – These cameras are set at an angle, provide better clarity, and help to secure your facility against potential intruders. Including the following products: AXIS M10 Network Camera, AXIS M11 Network Camera, AXIS P13 Network Camera, and AXIS Q16 Network Camera. These cameras feature an intelligent, robust design capable of withstanding the adverse climatic changes, changing light sensitivity, alarm integration capabilities, easy installation, and more.

Panoramic cameras – Panoramic cameras provide a 360-degree view, capable of capturing the entire field of vision. This feature helps businesses to monitor activities and detect unwanted incidents in a larger view. These cameras are worth the money because with just one camera, you can get results similar to a multi-camera setup. These products include single-sensor cameras, multisensor cameras, and 360-degree cameras with a 2*2 MP dual-sensor camera that supports real-time monitoring capabilities.

Explosion protected cameras – Explosion protected cameras have the capability of securing your facility operations and employees, even against extreme conditions like explosions. They provide safety information using sensor systems like temperature signals, thermal alarms, man-down alarms, hardhat detection, and more.

Below are certain features of Axis outdoor security cameras:

  • 360-degree protection: These cameras can capture the complete 360-degree view, regardless of the size of monitored areas under surveillance.
  • Excellent HDTV image quality: Each of Axis’s cameras has an excellent High definition (HD) image quality. For example, the AXIS Q8742-LE Bispectral PTZ Network Camera is an excellent, light-sensitive visual camera with Wide Dynamic Range Forensic Capture for clear vision in both dark and light areas. Also, this camera possesses HDTV 1080p clarity with integrated 30x optical zoom, used for identification purposes.
  • Integration: Fixed Dome Cameras like the AXIS M3037-PVE have IP phone system integration features. Fixed box cameras like the AXIS M10 have alarm integration features, as well as other capabilities.
  • Diverse product Range: Axis’s wide variety of products cover all of the features required to safeguard your business. There are other options like modular cameras, positioning cameras, fixed bullet cameras, fixed dome cameras, onboard cameras, and much more.


Honeywell security logoHoneywell

Honeywell is another reputed brand and is well known in the security system market due to its quality and wide range of products. Their outdoor, rugged dome cameras are highly reliable and feature an array of benefits. These benefits include excellent user capability, easy installation, integration support, day and night color images, low-light performance, and more. Some other Honeywell products are listed below:

  • H4L2GR1V with 2MP UWDR IR IP Rugged Dome Camera
  • H4D8GR1 12MP DWDR IR IP Rugged Dome Camera
  • IPCAM-WOC1 HD Wi-Fi® Outdoor Video Camera


Hanwha Indoor Security Cameras LogoHanwha

Hanwha outdoor security cameras are highly rated in the security industry. Their products support many features, such as:

  • Advanced video analytics 
  • Sound classification 
  • Advanced, built-in cybersecurity capabilities 
  • Vandal-proof housing 
  • Fog detection 
  • Shock detection 
  • Audio playback 

Cutting-edge technologies, such as WiseStream II, help decrease bandwidth usage and aids in utilizing storage requirements. Some of these products are the XNV-9082R camera, the XNV-8040R camera, the XNV-6120R/LPR camera, and more.

Contact us Today to get a Free Consultation on securing your facility with the best exterior security systems that meet your business requirement and budget.

Securing The Perimeter Of Your Property

Physical access control barriers such as turnstiles, fences, and gates provide an extra security layer before accessing the building. Protection with fences is a clear boundary that varies in strength and type. Turnstiles can only grant access when the authorized person displays the correct credential to access the facility.

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Outdoor Sensors With Motion, Sound, & Lights

The easiest way to defend your commercial property is with outdoor motion sensors, particularly ones with light and sound capabilities. When a person walks onto your property, a motion sensor will be activated and throw light onto the property’s vulnerable area. This feature, combined with sound, helps with deterring the individual from committing any crimes.

Outdoor Security & Flood Lights

Outdoor security can be ensured with floodlights that provide bright, artificial light to areas at risk. They are commonly used in schoolyards, parking lots, and outdoor playing fields. Before deciding on the type of floodlight, the following considerations should be addressed:

  • Coverage: Lumens translate to brightness; some of the market’s floodlights require a minimum of 700 lumens.
  • Climate: An IP rating from 44-64 will work in mild temperatures and is typically required of these products. During extreme weather conditions, floodlights with a rating of 65 or above are recommended.
  • Power source: Your options for a power source are as follows:
    • Electrical (requires a hard-wired outlet)
    • Solar (best for locations with lots of sunshine)
    • Battery-powered (needs to be changed periodically) 
  • Cost: Choose LED-powered floodlights for their energy efficiency. This decision will save you money.
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Traffic Control

External security systems consist of a video surveillance system that can record footage and monitor traffic. Live video surveillance cameras allow the user to monitor traffic remotely at all times. Tickets can be issued if any moving violations are noticed. License plate recognition is a helpful software feature that allows you to track traffic, control entry into the facility, find stolen vehicles, and much more.

Roads & Parking Lots

Tracking road activity helps control and monitor the significant traffic times, congestion areas, and actions accordingly. Surveillance of parking lots helps in many ways:

  • Monitor the traffic in parking areas 
  • Control the flow of vehicles
  • Correctly place the vehicles during congestion time
  • Prevent vehicle theft 
  • Increase public safety 
  • Reduce liability
  • Identify unpaid or prohibited vehicles

Restricted Vehicle Access Gates

Vehicle access gates are used to control access in and out of secured areas. Only after displaying the authenticated identity, the vehicle is permitted to go into the secured area.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Mass emergency notification systems for businesses can alert individuals during unwanted incidents or adverse weather conditions. The systems communicate these messages through various channels such as texts, push notifications, and emails.

Visit our page on mass emergency notification systems to read about the business applications for emergency notifications, how to use emergency notifications, and much more.

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Intrusion Detection 

An intrusion detection system will monitor a building for break-in and intrusion attempts. These systems are specifically designed to identify attempted door overrides or ajar doors, window-breaks, vandalism, movement in restricted areas, and other malicious activities. These activities are typically reported automatically through a security alert system and collected in a centralized database. 

8 Tips for The Best Outdoor Security System

  1. Choose quality security cameras and equipment. It’s essential to choose the best security camera and equipment that meets your business’s goals and budget. Different cameras have different specifications, and they differ based on industry types. 
  2. Avoid residential and home security products. Professional commercial security products are a better choice than using residential products. These benefits can include customization abilities, more advanced features, high-definition video quality, a higher frame rate, and more.
  3. Planning your exterior layout. Planning exterior security with physical barriers, like fences and turnstiles, can add an extra layer of protection to the business.
  4. Maintain Proper Landscaping. Proper landscaping needs to be maintained to prevent burglary and crime. Keep up with the basic maintenance of the lawn and yard to prevent criminal activities in the facility.
  5. Camera Visibility. The clear camera image is vital in determining and identifying the person(s) for criminal offenses or incidents. 
  6. Security glass and proper building materials. Security materials, especially outdoor systems, must be robust and strong to withstand adverse weather conditions and be positioned at a height that is out of reach from a potential vandal.
  7. Account for weather and lighting. Weather and lighting are other factors determining if the security camera or intercom can withstand adverse weather conditions. Weather-resistant systems should be chosen for protection and clear view. Lighting with motion detection techniques can enable light to be thrown in the right direction when a presence is noticed. Bright light should be present to capture a video with clarity to identify an individual.
  8. Work with a local security professional company. It’s crucial to hire a professional installer for external security systems. The process is not simple, but a professional can make the process easy for you by providing end-to-end service that meets your business’s objectives and provides client satisfaction.

The Value of Independent Security Consultants

It’s important to hire a professional installer for exterior security systems. The process is not simple, but a professional can make the process easy for you by providing end-to-end service that meets the business objectives and ensures client satisfaction. Umbrella Security Systems is an independent security installer with more than 20 years of experience. Contact us today!

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Security System Installation

Security system installation typically involves access control installation and security camera installation. We have created detailed guides on each installation process:

Security Camera Installation

Access Control System Installation

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