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Today, physical security systems are essential to businesses. FBI crime stats say that the number of burglaries reported by businesses in 2018 was nearly 20 percent lower than in 2017. Small businesses are driving this growth largely. Now businesses of all sizes are able to experience the benefits of a great security system that allows them to maintain their system, protect their employees, assets, and customers. The following are 4 key ways to maintain your commercial security system: 

78 Four Key Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

1. Practice General Maintenance

  • Check locks on doors and ensure they’re clean and can operate smoothly 
  • Check to clean the lenses on cameras and their connections
  • For devices that need batteries, check on a regular basis that they are replaced when needed.
  • Be sure your cameras are clear of obstructions
80 Four Key Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

2. Fix Typical Commercial Security System Issues 

Every system requires maintenance. There are easy ways to maintain your system, it’s integral to work with a highly qualified service provider such as Umbrella Security Systems in order to ensure that all necessary steps are taken in a professional manner with industry-standard inspections and any repairs that might be needed down the line. The most frequently occurring issues include: 

  • Incorrect Programming
  • System Sensor Calibration Issues
  • Issues with security doors or locks

Some of these issues require a service technician. Regular maintenance can go a very long way to assist you in avoiding these issues. 

81 Four Key Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

3. Maintain Routine Inspections: They Are Essential in Keeping a Functional System

Evolving technologies in the security industry offer more inexpensive and effective security solutions to companies every year. However, not a single system is made to last forever. Access Control panels become less efficient every single year 

You should have your system inspected annually at the very least. If you are able to have it more often, then take advantage of that. Professional inspections should include:

  • Visual inspection of all your system devices and cleaning of devices if needed

  • A “walk-test” of the system in which a technician walks around the protected area randomly testing different components and activating different devices to test the signal and whether it is received at the supervisory panel

  • Verification of communication links and ensuring that test signals are received by the monitoring station

  • Programming back-ups and applying any software updates

Other problems that should alert you to call your provider are any other damage to a device, any loose sensors, blurry camera footage, and software compatibility problems. 

chris liverani 9cd8qOgeNIY unsplash Four Key Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

Partner with a Loyal Company Like Umbrella Security Systems 

Umbrella Security Systems stays in the loop when it comes to all things new and rapidly evolving in the security industry. As part of our service contract, customers have the option to opt-in for inspections/repairs on their system. If, as a customer, you so choose not to, then you will be billed hourly for troubleshooting and materials.

At Umbrella Security Systems, we are leaders in expert Commercial Security Systems… Allow us to transform the way you see commercial security today. If you already have invested in a system with us, we are here for your every unique security need.

Partner with Umbrella Security Systems Today!

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