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The traditional reliance on security guards to patrol expansive logistics facilities has proven inefficient and costly, paving the way for a more sophisticated solution—remote video surveillance.


You go for logistics security when the human equation proves too expensive, either in terms of payroll and benefits or, in worst-case scenarios, a major security breach.


Below are the many ways of adopting remote video surveillance in the logistics industry, each serving as both a reason and incentive to install it sooner rather than later.


Remote Video Surveillance vs. Traditional Security Measures

Traditional security measures fall short and prove expensive when faced with the sheer size of your facilities.


Security cameras, strategically positioned to oversee the entire perimeter, emerge as a more comprehensive solution. Unlike security guards who might overlook certain areas during patrols, cameras provide a continuous, unblinking watch over the entire property.


Crime Deterrence and Effective Monitoring

One of the primary advantages of remote video surveillance lies in its ability to deter criminal activities effectively. Security guards may not be present everywhere simultaneously, allowing criminals to exploit blind spots.


In contrast, security cameras, a product of advanced analytics and human intelligence, offer real-time monitoring of the entire logistics property. Trained operators can swiftly identify suspicious activities before they escalate, providing a proactive defense mechanism.


Cost-Effective Solutions for Crime Prevention

Beyond the immediate security benefits, remote video surveillance is a more cost-effective solution than hiring multiple security guards. Covering an extensive logistics property could necessitate many guards, each incurring additional costs.


Video monitoring, stationed remotely in a secure location, eliminates the need for an on-site presence. The integrated use of license plate recognition technology enhances security further by verifying the identity of drivers and vehicles, offering an additional layer of protection.


Protecting Employees, Assets, and Cargo

A Truck Ready Parked at an Industrial Warehouse Door with an Access Control System


The comprehensive coverage provided by security cameras extends beyond crime prevention. Employees’ work areas, truck entry points, loading docks, and parking lots – all fall under the vigilant gaze of surveillance.


Furthermore, integration with access control systems allows for efficient property access management, limiting entry to authorized personnel.


Video surveillance also plays a key role in preventing accidental product misclassification, ensuring consistency between billed amounts and package sizes.


Combatting Internal Theft with Continuous Monitoring

Internal theft poses a significant threat to logistics security, with certain actors exploiting their familiarity with security systems.


Video surveillance offers an unyielding defense by continuously monitoring access points. The cameras leave no gaps, making it harder for employees to navigate vulnerabilities. The monitoring operators can issue real-time warnings from a secure off-site location, creating an additional layer of defense against internal threats.


For those seeking a trusted partner in logistics security, explore our video surveillance and access control services. Consult us for an integrated solution that keeps your daily operations safe during and outside work hours.


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