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Intruder Detection Systems


Intruder detection systems monitor suspicious activities and issue alerts when such activities are identified.

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What is an Intruder or Intrusion Detection System?

An intruder detection system is a system that protects against suspicious and criminal activities by issuing an alarm when such activities take place on your property. The system’s main purpose is to provide a warning when a security breach is identified on your property.

How does an Intrusion Detection System work?

An intruder detection system makes use of detectors and monitoring stations. The detectors located inside the property notifies the monitoring station if an intruder attempts to enter your property. Detectors are further categorized into entry-exit detectors and perimeter detectors. When an intruder tries to break into the perimeter of your building as well as the entry points in your facility, the perimeter detector or entry detector, whichever is triggered, issues an alarm to your connected monitoring station. The alarm will persist until the situation receives the necessary emergency response or is manually turned off. This system helps in the early detection and prevention of criminal acts. An intrusion detection system can be further enhanced by installing video surveillance systems in the perimeter for field view and live video recording as soon as the detectors are triggered by any suspicious activity. The alarm would trigger the surveillance cameras for recording the event which can serve as proof of identification for later use or instant action.

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Intrusion Detection System Features

There are various features of an intruder detection system


Break-in and vandalism detection

If an intruder or vandal breaks into your property, the intruder detection system gets activated and immediately issues an alarm. This helps in early action and secure your facility even before much damage to your property. These systems detect objects based on size and location.  


Glass break sensors

These systems also support glass break sensors. When a pane of glass breaks or an intruder tries to break in the glass to enter your facility, it emits sound waves in a specific frequency. Glass break sensors can pick up this frequency level and generate an alarm in response.  These sensors are mostly installed near windows and glass doors.


Access control system

Access control systems can be integrated with an intruder detection system for enhanced security and protection of the facility. Access control and intrusion detection are a unified security solution that allows users to monitor and control access to certain areas in the facility while issuing alarm when an intruder tries to break in and locks down all the property entries.


Alarm systems

Intruder detection systems and alarm systems help spread the news of vandalism in few seconds within the facility by notifying everyone so that the right action can be planned and executed for the employee’s and staff’s safety. This will also help to take internal actions by informing the police to handle the situation as soon as possible.


Security cameras & video surveillance

Installing an outdoor security camera around the building’s perimeter to keep an eye on what happens outside the building is important. Surveillance cameras must be placed at a certain height and at the proper angle for a good field of view. Hidden security cameras can safely record intrusions without being noticed. High-definition outdoor security cameras are recommended for clear images and high video qualities.

As soon as a break-in or intrusion occurs, the intruder detection system notifies the surveillance cameras for live video recording. This enables remote video surveillance and monitoring along with alarm to see the activity live and plan on a proactive approach to protect your property.


Mass emergency notification integration

Intruder detection systems can be integrated with mass emergency notifications to alert individuals on the incidents and handle the situation by following correct procedures and methods to secure employees, staff, and property. This can help to alert the police and early resolve the issue.


Physical Security

Perimeter intrusion detection is the first line of defense and plays an essential role in providing physical security. Intrusion detection installed in physical gates, fence, turnstile, and other perimeter security measures prevents intruders to penetrate in your facility by notifying security personnel that an individual attempted to pass a given point, door, or fence line. If a security breach is attempted, surveillance cameras capture the intruders’ actions by live on-screen monitoring systems that enable early detection of an attack and protection of the facility by taking the right approach to prevent the intruder from doing further damage the property.


Motion Detection Lighting

Intruder detection systems support motion detection lighting. The microwave sensors send waves of electromagnetic energy to and fro within the monitoring area. When an intruder enters the restricted monitoring area, the energy is interrupted, light falls on the intruder, and the sensor generates an alarm. The motion lighting helps to capture the person’s face or body clearly.

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Why Intrusion Detection Systems are Important for businesses

An intrusion Detection system protects your property from various threats and helps in the early detection of an attack. Therefore, helping to protect the valuable assets of the business. Businesses must install them to prevent vandalism, crime, burglaries. Integrated system installation, such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, access control, along with intruder detection, provides greater security measures for your business.

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Here are 5 benefits of installing an intruder detection system for your business:

  1. Protect your business from theft and other criminal activities with the visible presence of commercial alarm systems that deter trespassers. Motion sensors will detect intruders, and an alarm will sound that will alert those in the vicinity. The more sophisticated alarm systems can send a signal to a nominated person or initiate a police response.
  2. Deter vandals from entering your office premises. If a break-in takes place, the intruder detection system will detect them and sound an alarm.
  3. Provide peace of mind when you’re not on site.
  4. Reduce insurance premiums by reducing the risk of an incident.
  5. Increase the chance of police apprehending criminals by arriving at the spot on time.

If you are interested in finding out more about intruder detection systems for your business, contact our experts today. Our team will be happy to provide free consultation for your requirements.

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