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Night Video Surveillance for Businesses


Security cameras are an essential component of a commercial security system. Night vision surveillance cameras can capture low-light and completely dark environments without compromising the image quality. It’s critical to choose the proper night vision security cameras for your business to get a high-definition image, even in dark conditions. Hiring a professional security expert can help you choose the best night vision surveillance cameras for your business and install the cameras at the optimal location and proper angle for your premises.

Today’s night vision cameras are highly functional and provide cost-effective security solutions for your business. Installing the best night vision surveillance cameras can help protect your property at nighttime and provide peace of mind without having to worry about low-quality, unclear images.

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How to record video surveillance at night

Night vision surveillance cameras with infrared (IR) illuminators help monitor and track clearly what is going on outside your property. After sunset, night vision surveillance cameras record the night scenes in black and white to improve the image quality and reduce noise. Once the IR cut filter is removed from the security camera, it allows the image sensor to pick up near-IR wavelengths, making it possible for the camera’s light sensitivity to reach down to extremely low light levels or complete darkness.

These night vision surveillance cameras can work great during the daytime as well. As the daylight diminishes, it relies on nearby IR light to switch on night mode to capture high-quality images in low light or darkness. Even with poor lighting conditions, night vision surveillance cameras can produce high-definition pictures with the help of technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range and IR illuminators.

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The Best Night Vision Security Cameras For Businesses

There are multiple models of night vision surveillance cameras available in the market to suit your business’s needs and requirements. Here are some of the best recommended night vision cameras based on features and value.

AXIS Communications

Q1765-LE Day/Night Outdoor HD Network Bullet Camera

This camera from Axis Communications can be used by itself or as part of a networked security surveillance system connected to a NAS with surveillance software. It can transmit videos up to a 1920×1080 resolution, with an H.264 compressor for full High-Definition video, making it ideal for use with a license plate or facial recognition technology system. It is equipped with 18x optical zoom, as well as 12x digital zoom. Utilizing the digital PTZ feature can be coded to zoom in on specific areas at regular intervals providing increased security to sensitive areas. There can be multiple zones coded, and each stream can be transmitted and viewed simultaneously.

Axis Communications M20 Series M2026-LE Mk II 4MP Outdoor Network Bullet Camera with Night Vision

This camera has a 1/3″ progressive scan RGB/CMOS sensor to record video at a resolution of up to 2688×1520 at 30 fps. The 2.4mm fixed lens features built-in IR LEDs that produce up to 50′ of night vision and a wide 130° horizontal field of view. Integrated PoE technology simplifies the connectivity process by enabling the transfer of power and data using one cable. A microSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot is available for edge storage and can also be purchased separately.



Flir is well known in the market for thermal cameras. M232 Thermal Night Vision Camera one of FLIR’s smallest and most affordable marine thermal cameras. You can combine the M232 with a Raymarine Axiom MFD and take advantage of FLIR ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics. ClearCruise™ provides audio and visual alerts when “non-water” objects, such as boats, obstacles, or navigation markers, appear in the scene enhancing boaters’ overall situational awareness, both for day and night time setting.

FLIR MD-324 Static Thermal Night Vision Camera is an affordable, fixed-mount thermal night vision system that helps with steering around objects and obstacles, collision avoidance, and finding people in the water at night. Esat to mount and integrate into your existing electronics, MD-Series’ display can be mounted separately on your dashboard, or the feed can be integrated into an existing display to save space.

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Creating a Day & Night Video Surveillance System

Installing day and night surveillance systems can be extremely important for your business. These systems help secure your facility at all times without any worries and provide an extremely high-quality image in any daytime, or nighttime setting with removable IR cut automatic filter adjustment based on the daylight.


Consider Your Security Needs

Night vision surveillance cameras cover your business security needs with a wide range of models. They protect against crimes like theft, burglaries, vandalism, break-ins, and much more. Night vision security cameras use innovative technologies to track, monitor, and record your surroundings. It will also enable real-time or live video surveillance monitoring and allow for viewing the recorded information. For external security systems, you may consider hidden cameras with good night vision capabilities that are difficult to spot. Depending upon your business’s needs and existing security model, you may consider an entire night vision surveillance system on its own or adding a camera with recording capabilities at night integrated with the existing security systems.

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Understanding Video Surveillance & Security Camera Capabilities

Several advanced technologies enable night vision security cameras to capture high-quality images, even in low light or extreme dark conditions.


Infrared Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision Technology is the most common technology in security imaging and is well known in the market for producing the clearest images in low-light. In this setup, small LED bulbs are integrated with the camera, and they will turn on when the light level diminishes to a certain level. Some of the infrared night vision cameras support motion detection technology and activate the infrared lights when a movement is detected. Infrared cameras do not rely on ambient light and produce a black and white image with excellent quality, even in extremely dark conditions.


Low-light Imaging

Lighting is a significant consideration when selecting a security camera. Low light imaging uses the natural outside light (or existing ambient light) and intensifies it to produce an amplified image. After infrared technology, low light imaging is known for producing high-quality images affordably. They may not be 100% perfect in quality, like infrared, in very dark conditions and indoor settings. Low-light imaging is ideal for dawn and dusk times and can be adjusted during dark conditions to obtain improved quality.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a very effective advanced technology solution that uses infrared energy generated from heat. It requires extremely low light to obtain an image correctly and can work over a long distance. This technology works exceptionally well for long-distance imaging, making it perfect for surveying the perimeter of your property.

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Planning Night Security Camera Placement

Night vision surveillance systems are placed in sensitive areas at high risk of criminal activities like outdoor security areas, storage areas, etc. Below is a list of the most popular locations:

  1. Facility entrances, parking areas, and perimeters, including fences and gates
  2. Locations where supervision is required but security personnel may not be available. An example would be an area with door access restrictions
  3. Business assets, equipment, and product storage areas

Placing the camera at an angle that would cover most of the view while avoiding blind spots is critical. Professional security installers can help you with the process without much hassle and smoothly execute the security operations with much more efficiency and productivity.

Weatherproof Cameras

The placement of outdoor night vision cameras requires proper protection from the elements, temperatures, moisture, dust, debris, and other extreme weather conditions. The typical operating temperature of a weatherproof camera is 0 – 120 degrees. For extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions, additional enclosures or cameras designed to operate in extreme temperatures should be considered.

Vandal Resistant Cameras

Cameras should be placed out of reach to minimize potential damage from vandals. Tamper-resistant intelligence that can notify you when tampering occurs and a proper mounting bracket to safeguard the cabling are helpful elements for vandal resistance.


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The Importance of Business Video Surveillance During the Day & at Night

Here are the key benefits of business video surveillance during the day, as well as at night:


More Eyes on Your Site

Construction sites, warehouses, storage facilities, and utility infrastructure should be installing night vision surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the property. Using remote live monitoring capabilities, these cameras help to prevent theft, vandalism, and other crimes.


View Your Property from Your Phone with Your Security Camera

Real-time monitoring of the facility is essential. You can view live surveillance from a mobile device to take action immediately.


View Your Property from Your Phone with Your Security Camera

Real-time monitoring of the facility is essential. You can view live surveillance from a mobile device to take action immediately.


Recorded Video Evidence

Recorded video can be evidence in criminal investigations, employee or worker compensation claims for insurance, and quality control issues, such as safety checks.

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