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Openpath Openpath Access Control System Manufacturer Reviews

Openpath Access Control System Manufacturer Reviews

Openpath, a next-gen access control technology provider, offers a mobile and cloud-based access control system for small and enterprise businesses. The company is well-known for creating smart entries and keyless convenience with hands-free access methods via touchless wave-to-unlock capabilities. 

With enterprise-level access control features and a range of safety and wellness solutions, Openpath allows businesses to streamline operations, enforce social distancing, and create healthier spaces with detailed insights and system automations. The office access control provider has a 94% mobile adoption rate, and is currently deployed in commercial real estate properties, educational institutions, houses of worship, gym facilities, and multi-family residential communities.

Openpath Access Control Products

Possibly the best touchless mobile credential access control system on the market.

Openpath makes sleek, elegant hardware and powerful cloud-based software products for any size business. The solution can be installed as a complete system on its own, and is also backwards compatible with legacy systems if needed. Openpath’s hardware is designed to easily scale up or back, with a full range of products that use standard wiring for fast, effortless installation. Openpath prioritizes security with all communication encrypted end-to-end, built-in fail safes to withstand power outages, and alerts against tampering.

Openpath hardware products include: 

  • Door readers: Standard Smart Readers and Mullion Smart Readers
  • Smart Hub Controllers: 4-Door Smart Hub, 8-Door Smart Hub, Elevator Smart Hub
  • Single Door Controller
  • Access Core Boards and Expansion Boards 
  • 16 I/O Elevator Control Board

The fully remote management platform is flexible enough to accommodate granular and site-specific user permissions, Entry Schedules for each individual door, and role-based Zone Sharing. Admins have access to real-time reporting, detailed data analytics tools, and remote features to create a custom, streamlined building security system. The user-friendly mobile access methods allow people to unlock the door completely hands-free with touchless wave-to-unlock capabilities—you don’t even need to take the phone out or open the app. The system also supports unlock via any smartphone, tablet, and Apple Watch, and can also be used alongside encrypted RFID key cards, badges, and fobs. Built on an open platform, Openpath seamlessly integrates with other systems, including video surveillance, tenant platforms, visitor management, and user directory tools.

Openpath cloud-based software includes features such as:

  • Fully remote management access
  • Flexible lockdown capabilities
  • Real-time reporting
  • Digital guest pass
  • Open API architecture

Suggestions on what end-users can do as an alternative

Use existing Wiegand-based proximity card readers and replace the door controllers with a cloud-hosted modern access control.

Want to have the full picture on Openpath Access Control System Cost-Per-Door?


Touchless access control mobile credentials

The majority of new installations want mobile credentials for Access Control—that means opening the door with your smartphone instead of a RFID card or key fob.


Openpath takes it a step further with contactless access: leave the phone in your pocket, just wave your hand in front of the proximity reader and like magic the door opens. Openpath provides the modern workplace with smart access options that are hands-free, with support for mobile, Apple watch, Cloud Key, fobs and key cards. The cloud-based platform makes installation and management  easy, and it integrates with most user management platforms. It is also possible to upgrade your existing system with Openpath smart access options using Openpath’s hybrid model.

Built-in occupancy tracking

Openpath provides valuable insights into space utilization and access data.


Openpath’s readers use Bluetooth beacons and access requests to detect how many people are in a given zone, which can automate and enforce social distancing measures, and help property owners make more informed decisions about their space.

Secure credentials

Mobile credentials are secure and are more convenient for entry compared to traditional methods like key cards and fobs.


With Openpath, you can activate two-factor authentication using the biometrics (FaceID, passcode, fingerprint scan) built-into smartphones for added security.

Automatic unlocks

Proximity Auto Open functionality automatically unlocks doors.


Administrators can also trigger a remote unlock via the Openpath app without having to be on-site.

Cloud-based access control method

Cloud technologies that helps to access accounts from anywhere and at anytime.


Openpath uses cloud technology for access control systems that helps users to manage their accounts from anywhere and anytime. Unlock doors, change entry schedules, adjust user permissions, and manage every facet of your system, remotely and from a single interface.

Integration capabilities

Video integration with Milestone Xprotect, Camio, and Cisco Meraki, along with several more coming in 2020.


Having the ability to identify with video surveillance the individual who presents that credential with the door is key for security system integration in the modern era. Openpath also offers integrations with popular platforms including G Suite, Okta, Active Directory, Envoy, Zendesk, Slack, ABC Fitness, and more. Openpath’s open architecture makes it easy to integrate with virtually any system, app, or platform via API or mobile SDK.



Cloud subscriptions

Hardly a 'con' but worth noting that Openpath is a cloud-only subscription solution.


In today’s world, the cost of maintaining a server and having enterprise software is well above what you would pay for a platform like Openpath that delivers 256-bit encryption for managing physical security. However, some companies may prefer the legacy on-premise solutions.

Wired readers

The readers and controllers use a wired connection.


Especially for smaller deployments with only one or two doors, a wireless connection may be preferred. Because the readers use wired connections, Openpath doesn’t store any data at the reader level, and only unlocks based on information from the securely installed ACU. However, Openpath does integrate with 3rd party wireless proximity readers that are battery operated. We just love their readers so much we wish they’d make their own—call us selfish.

Do you Need Expert Advice?

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