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Door & Entrance Cameras for Businesses


Door Entry Cameras help monitor your facility 24/7 and secure business entrances from unauthorized access. Door Entry Cameras are a necessity to secure your business, property, and employees. Burglary and theft are always a looming threat. In fact, during the 2020 pandemic there has been an increase in burglaries of businesses according to the Wall Street Journal. New York City Sees More Burglaries of Businesses Under Coronavirus Situation.

how video surveillance works Door Entry Security Cameras for Businesses

Door & Entry Security Cameras

Selecting the best placement for security cameras in entryways is an important decision. 

Placement of Entryway Cameras

Cameras out of reach: The cameras should be positioned 9 feet from the ground. This places the camera out of reach from a person standing on the ground, but close enough to capture a clear image of the visible area. 

Picture Quality is a Priority: Door Entry Cameras should face people approaching the door, so that the camera can view them clearly when they are standing in front of the door. It is important to keep in mind that the positioning should be such that it captures the visitor face properly. The camera should provide a 1080 or HD video feed in order to have a clear enough picture to identify individuals.

Weatherproofing: Another major consideration is protecting the camera from adverse weather conditions. The best solution is to use a weatherproof outdoor security camera and to protect the lens from wear and tear of climatic conditions.

Secure all points of entry: It’s important to position security cameras that cover all entrances to the building, specifically doors and windows on the ground level.

Monitor the inside and outside: Outdoor business security cameras are essential in deterring criminals and preventing crime before it happens. The placement of the cameras should be visible to an intruder approaching the facility and from individuals inside the facility.

Get enough cameras: Everyone wants to save money, but cutting the number of cameras is not the way to reduce your security budget. If you go too thin with the number of cameras needed for covering your business entrance, you may be leaving blind spots and creating vulnerabilities for your business.

video surveillance system installation Door Entry Security Cameras for Businesses

Umbrella Security Systems has been installing security systems and security cameras for years, we’re experts at positioning security cameras to provide maximum coverage for your business. Contact us for a free consultation about where and how to install security cameras for your business entrance.

Top Commercial Security Camera Brands

When choosing the top commercial Door Entry Cameras, you should choose a camera brand and manufacturer that can be trusted. We have done an independent review of the most common brands in the surveillance market and came up with the top 3 Commercial Security Camera Brands.



Door Entry Cameras from Axis are a great way to secure your business from environmental changes as well as protect the facility against unauthorized persons. 

Here are some features of Axis Door Entry Cameras 

  • 360-degree protection: These cameras are capable of capturing the entire view.
  • 2-way communication: They provide 2-way communication, identification, and remote entry control. These cameras are robust with a high-performing intercom function that provides clear, no interruptions, transparent, and echo-free communication in the most demanding situations.
  • Excellent HDTV image quality: These cameras have excellent HDTV image quality. They also support HDTV 1080p with integrated 30x optical zoom for identification purposes.
  • Diverse product Range: Their huge product line covers all the features you need to secure your business. 

          Here are some of the cameras that they provide-

    1. Fixed box cameras
    2. Panoramic cameras
  • Explosion protected cameras: There are other products as well like Modular cameras, positioning cameras, specialty cameras, fixed bullet cameras, fixed dome cameras, onboard cameras, canon network cameras and more with innovative technology and advanced features.


Honeywell products offer a unique standard of quality and broad product line. They provide a wide range of IP Cameras that supports high resolution, advanced technologies, captures entire view and integration capabilities. Their outdoor rugged dome cameras are reliable, provide easy installation, support flexible integration, day and night color images, excellent low-light performance and more.



Hanwha door entry cameras offer a comprehensive list of security cameras that can be used to protect your business’s entrance. They are a well known brand and their products support a wide variety of features such as advanced video analytics, sound classification, advanced build-in cybersecurity capability, vandal proof, business analytics, fog detection, shock detection, and audio playback.

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Lower Quality Consumer & Residential Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are an integral part of your business security system. As a result, it is important to avoid lower quality consumer and residential cameras. Doorbell cameras and many products designed for houses will not meet the needs of your business. These cameras do not have the security measures, anti-tamper/vandalism features, integration capabilities, and HD video quality needed to properly secure your business. We recommend that you avoid any cameras listed below if you are using the camera for your business:

  • Lorex
  • Swann
  • Arlo
  • Hikvision
  • Nest
  • Night Owl
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Front Door Security Camera Integrations

Integrating your facility’s front door video feed with other systems provides an extra layer of security. Integration with other systems allows your business to manage security in a centralized platform.


Access Control Integrations

Door entry cameras record people entering and leaving the facility. So, it makes sense to integrate with an access control system that records the time of entry and control the person’s access to the facility.


Visitor Management System Integrations

Integrating with the Visitor management system captures the visitors entry and exit to the facility as well as controls their access.


Facial Recognition Integrations

Face Recognition is a smart technology that should be integrated to authenticate people by recognizing their face. It is a no doubt fast and easy process that keeps unauthorized people away and grants access to the right individual.


Alarm System Integrations

Integrating with sound-based alarms and emergency notification systems helps to alert business of intruders or simply when a door is open.

Professional Design & Camera Installation

Expert Installers like Umbrella Security Systems will manage the whole process of security camera selection through camera installation and staff training.

Umbrella Security Systems can provide the best solution to meet your business needs.

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