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Hidden Security Cameras for Businesses


Security cameras are some of the most critical elements of security systems for businesses. There are many different varieties of security cameras in the market today. Some companies want to be more discreet about their security systems. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional security consultant to guide you and choose the best security cameras that meet your business’s needs and requirements.

Hidden Security Cameras are one popular variant of security cameras. These cameras are reliable and perfect for keeping an eye on customers, employees, and visitor activities in the facility. They capture high-definition videos using a wide-angle lens, placed at an angle without notice from people, and provide remote viewing capability when away from the facility. They are generally installed in highly secured areas, such as stock rooms and cash registers, to catch theft or shrinkage cases.


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The Best Hidden Security Camera for Office and Business?

Many factors need to be considered before choosing the best-hidden security cameras for your business. Wireless cameras provide many benefits, such as the ability to remotely monitor and view the live video feed from anywhere and anytime. Another important aspect is a high-quality video with sufficient storage capabilities and a camera that supports night vision techniques to capture nighttime activities. Below are two of the best picks for your business:


The AXIS P8514 Network Camera is a discreet indoor video surveillance camera mounted at eye-level used for identification. It has pinholes for identifying individuals, HDTV 720p footage for excellent image quality, and PoE technology support. Overall installation is also quick and convenient.



The Hikvision DS-2CD6425G0-C1 2MP Indoor Covert Pinhole Camera has a 120dB wide dynamic range with a 2m cable, 3DDNR, and a 3.7mm lens. It is a covert camera with four optional sensor shapes – cylindrical, block-shaped, fixed focal, and ball-shaped. The sensor and the covert camera’s body are separate from each other, making them easy to conceal. The cable that runs between the sensor and body is now available in two-meter and three-meter lengths and can generate a full HD 1080p resolution image quality in real-time.

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Should security cameras be hidden or visible?

This can be a matter of debate. Both hidden and visible surveillance cameras have their pros and cons. Hidden security cameras are beneficial to gather a lot of information and details about the crime. Inside a workplace, it can help to identify employee theft. Visible security cameras are beneficial and act as a deterrence against crime from break-in attempts, vandalism, property damage, etc. Installing hidden security cameras involves various legal implications of recording employees’ and staff’s activities, but installing visible security cameras makes the process more transparent. It depends on each situation and business to install a hidden security camera or a visible security camera.


Benefits of Hidden security cameras

There are several benefits of hidden security cameras. Some of them are:

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Deter External and Internal Theft

Hidden security cameras help protect your facility from thieves. Businesses suffer from both employee and customer-related theft. Any form of stealing is harmful to the business, especially when such thefts occur over a long time. This often leads to heavy financial damage. Internal theft alone costs businesses upwards of $50 billion in damage each year. Images captured with hidden security cameras can act as proof of evidence to identify criminals and charge penalties during such incidents.


Enhance Customer Service

Hidden security cameras capture customer and client interactions and can help your business to improve customer workflows and resolve issues in a more efficient way. Lacking areas claimed by customers can be identified using video footage.


Improve Worker Productivity

Employees who are aware of their activities under surveillance tend to be more productive at work. This helps managers focus on other tasks instead of continuously monitoring their employees for increased workplace productivity.


Protect Your Business

Any person in a business, whether it be an employee, manager, or owner, can be a target for false claims and accusations. Video footage is a key resource in such situations as it can provide solid evidence to discard such claims.


Reduce Business Insurance

Most insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that use surveillance cameras in their facilities. This helps to recouple potential losses in the event of theft, vandalism, etc. It also decreases the costs your insurance company may incur, which makes you less of a liability to them.

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Hidden Security Cameras Are Critical for Business

Hidden security cameras can be critical for your business. They help protect both your assets and your employees. These cameras are also used to survey employees and staff in the facility, so it’s important to account for employee privacy rights when deciding on the surveillance cameras’ use and positioning. Businesses need surveillance to help them to identify employees who are stealing office equipment, information, etc., as well as to monitor employee productivity.


Employee Privacy Rights and Law Regarding Video Recordings

Employers must communicate with the employees regarding the surveillance areas in the facility. Employers must have a clear, legitimate, and solid business purpose to install security cameras. There are legal restrictions when it comes to recording private areas such as bathrooms and lounges. Before installing surveillance cameras for your business, familiarize yourself with the different federal and state laws. State laws vary for each state. It is always recommended to hire a professional security consultant who can guide you throughout the planning process and installation of the security cameras in your facility.


Professional Layout Design & Camera placement

It’s important to hire a professional security consultant to provide you expert advice and choose your facility’s best security solution. They can make the process easier for you by providing end-to-end service that meets the business goals and ensures client satisfaction.


Hidden vs. Visible Security Cameras

Hidden security cameras provide solid evidence in situations like workplace violence, sexual harassment, and employee theft without the individuals’ notice of surveillance coverage. On the other hand, visible security cameras act as a deterrence against criminal activities taking place in your facility. Both options have their own advantages, and every business should choose the one that is central to their business goals.

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Wired vs Wireless Cameras

Wireless security cameras use a Wi-Fi connection, whereas wired security cameras use connected wires to transmit their video footage. The wireless variants can be powered by AC power or batteries. Various pros and cons surround both of the options:

Wireless Security Cameras


  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports advanced features like machine learning
  • It uses cloud storage, which allows you to view your footage from anywhere and at any time


  • Includes a monthly fee for cloud storage
  • Could have spotty video quality due to reliance on Wi-Fi
  • Batteries must be changed frequently
  • Susceptible to hacking


Wired Security Cameras


  • More reliable and secured
  • Have consistent video quality
  • Does not come with a monthly cloud storage fee


  • Mobile apps and software applications are often not as advanced or user-friendly
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Indoor vs. Outdoor Security Cameras

Indoor and outdoor surveillance is equally crucial for any business. Indoor security cameras can help protect your facility from internal crime or violence, whereas outdoor security cameras can safeguard your business from external threats. If you are concerned about trespassings, burglaries, or are looking for a way to check if packages are being delivered properly, you must install outdoor security cameras for your property. They are durable in design and can withstand adverse climate conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, and harsh winds. Indoor security cameras are more focused on what’s going on inside of the facility and around secured areas indoors. Live monitoring is useful in case of violence or other workplace safety emergencies. When selecting both of these variations, you need to consider opting for certain features such as motion detection, live video streaming, and high-quality image production.


Business vs. Home Cameras

Business cameras cover the robust appliances that are needed to support your business. However, some businesses would still consider using home cameras due to their much lower price. Before you consider buying cheaper residential cameras, keep in mind that these cameras are only specific to residential properties, and they are not as durable or reliable as business cameras. It is highly recommended to choose business cameras for your commercial property, as they offer more advanced security features and solutions.


Hire a professional security consultant who can help you in the process and get you covered within your budget.

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