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Indoor Security Cameras for Businesses

Businesses must have indoor security cameras to keep their assets safe and protected against dishonest employees, staff, and visitors.

What Is the Best Indoor Security Camera?

There are a variety of indoor camera types, models, and manufacturers. As security consultation experts, we have put together a list of manufacturers and camera models to consider for your indoor security system. If you want a personalized recommendation, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide you a free consultation!

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Axis logo e1608312182637 Indoor Security CamerasAxis Communications

Axis Communication can provide a wide range of indoor security cameras with many advanced features. The Axis M5014 is a budget-friendly camera that offers a 720p resolution, PoE technology, a built-in microphone for audio detection, an H264 video compression system, and an IP51-rating lens protecting from dust and dripping water. Another popular camera from their line-up is the Axis P3346. This is a camera that is ideal for an indoor environment. The Axis P3346 offers 1080p HD resolution, a P-Iris for optimal image controls, remote focus, and installation ease.


 Hanwha Indoor Security Cameras LogoHanwha Security

Hanwha Security has an extensive product line of indoor dome cameras with an excellent security industry reputation. Hanwha offers different versions of vandal-resistant security cameras, including the XND-9082 RV, XND-L6080V, and XND-8082RV. They also provide a selection of network dome cameras such as XND-8080RV, XNP-6010, and more.


FLIR Security LogoFlir

Flir is well known for its thermal security cameras. The FLIR T840 is designed to help electric utility workers, thermography workers, or any profession that needs to utilize survey equipment for indoor and outdoor settings. It supports a bright, 4-inch color LCD screen and a 180° rotating lens platform. The Quasar Hemispheric Mini-Dome provides a 360° view, real-time monitoring, and a forensic experience using the FLIR United VMS Control Center. It also has indoor and outdoor vandal-resistance, two-way audio, IR-illumination, and an I/O interface. This creates full comprehensive coverage and panoramic video surveillance.


Indoor Security Camera Features & Considerations

When choosing the best indoor security cameras, you need to look at the included features and identify if the features meet your business’s requirements.

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Video Quality

One of the essential features of indoor security cameras is video quality. In earlier days, security cameras lagged when it came to recording resolutions. Primary video cameras back then produced poor quality videos that sometimes could be unrecognizable and unhelpful during investigations.

Modern security cameras produce high-definition resolutions, ranging from 720p to 1080p for recording and streaming. Some of the more advanced security cameras have 2K or 4K resolutions, twice the number of pixels as 1080p HD.

The clearer the video quality, the more bandwidth it will consume, and the more likely it is to experience lag times with footage. You need to consider that if you choose an HD camera, you must have a fast internet connection, or you may face bandwidth issues and run into lag times. Some cameras have a video quality auto-adjust feature that takes into account the reliability of your internet connection. Most cameras have the option to be adjusted to a lower resolution to improve the lag times.

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Two-Way Audio

Speakers on indoor security cameras have a two-way telecom feature that supports communication from both ends – the side where the camera is installed and the side that is monitoring.

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Night Vision & Lighting

Night vision cameras with LED sensors help to see the facility at night. On the other hand, other security cameras only support a spotlight view. This feature works when a built-in sensor detects light volume and triggers the camera’s transition into night mode.

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Wide-Angle Lens

Some indoor security cameras support wide-angle lens coverage. As the name suggests, these cameras provide a larger view of your facility. This is perfect for lobbies, parking lots, conference rooms, warehouses, and other locations where there are vast areas to cover.

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Video Storage

There are two basic types of video storage available for indoor security cameras. The one that you will end up needing will largely depend on your type of business. The two basic types are on-premise storage and cloud-based storage. For cloud-based storage, your recorded video footage is sent to a remote server, where it can be retrieved at any time. For on-premise or local storage types, your video footage will be stored in memory cards, such as a MicroSD. Some cameras, like the Flir FX, provide both cloud and on-premises storage options.

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Video Analytics

With the advancement of deep learning and machine learning, video analytics capabilities help businesses make intelligent decisions on their products and services. IP video streams can be transformed into business intelligence. Video analytics can automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in the videos. Then, this system can analyze historical data to mine insights based on the object’s attributes, movement patterns, or behavior related to the monitored environment.

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Live Monitoring & Surveillance

Live video monitoring and surveillance can help to keep track of incidents at your facility in real-time. This helps prevent crime faster by streamlining communication alerts and reaching out to the specific area of activity in less time. This feature helps to protect your employees, staff, and assets in the facility in real-time.

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Motion Sensing

Businesses shouldn’t neglect the importance of motion detection for security camera systems. If you want your facility to be safe, motion-sensing techniques are the most critical requirement you should consider when buying the best indoor security cameras. When something moves in the frame, the motion detector records the video and alerts the specific system or controller about the incident. This helps to monitor activities remotely and secure the facility.

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Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence demonstrated by machines can distinguish between humans, pets, or objects. This can help capture the details of suspicious activities, with the machine deciding when and what to record. With the latest technologies like facial recognition and motion detection, security cameras can identify human characteristics and behaviors and provide facial identification techniques to know if unusual incidents occur.

Facial Recognition – Most security cameras can send notifications when they identify any activity. Security cameras can also come with zoom-in features that can capture and scan a person’s face to quickly run it through a database to determine if they are wanted in the facility or not. It sends a notification when a particular face is recognized and an alert warning when the face has no record in the database. This technology helps to eliminate unwanted intrusions.

Business Vs. Home Security Cameras

There are many differences between business and home security cameras regarding quality, frame rate, video analytics, and more. Businesses are recommended to choose security cameras designed for commercial, industrial, or business use. They provide better high-definition video recording, commercial-grade NVR or DVR, superior video analytic capabilities, and many other advantages that home security cameras lack. This is why it is highly recommended to go for business security cameras rather than residential cameras when it comes to commercial use.

Contact us today to get expert advice on choosing the right indoor security camera to fit your expectations and budget.

Do Businesses Only Need Security Cameras Inside?

Crime can occur and start outside of your facility. Therefore, businesses need to install outdoor security cameras in addition to indoor ones. Outdoor security cameras can notify the company of an incident outside its doors and help the business take precautions.

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Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras help protect the business, from the outside, by sending alerts during extreme weather conditions and criminal activities. These cameras are weatherproof and robust, with an extra shield to safeguard the device and provide clear video quality, even during adverse weather conditions. They also support cutting-edge technologies such as motion sensors, night vision capabilities, motion-activated floodlights, spotlights, and sirens that scare trespassers away and protect your facility.


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Professional Security Design & Camera Installation

Professional installers like Umbrella Security Systems can take care of the whole camera installation process and provide the best solution that meets your business’s requirements and budget. Below are a few considerations for the indoor security camera installation process:

  • Door & Entry Monitoring

The system should have cameras positioned at an angle that provides a clear and unobstructed view of the entrance doors.

  • Preventing Blind Spots

Indoor security cameras should be capable of eliminating blind spots and provide a high-quality image or video.

  • Number of Cameras

Installing the correct number of cameras in the right place is crucial to capture different angles more effectively.


Design, Planning & Installation Process


Power Sources

Power sources play an essential role in the installation process to feed the system’s proper amount of power to its various components. Depending upon the different indoor security camera types, the power requirement varies. We want to make sure that whether you choose wired or wireless cameras, the power supply, and battery life are plentiful. This means that the cameras will be in service for a long time, and you can avoid power/battery replacement in short intervals.


Visibility & Appearance

Camera aesthetics can be important for a business. Most businesses do not want their cameras to look bulky or unattractive. Similarly, camera cords should not look unattractive, especially in a corporate setting.

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Different Indoor Camera Types

There are different camera types in the market. Some of them are:

Varifocal cameras

Varifocal lenses allow users to change the sufficient focal length (EFL) and the horizontal angle of view. This kind of flexibility permits camera installations in different places that require lenses of different focal lengths.

360-Degree Cameras (Fisheye & Multi-Sensor)

Fisheye cameras have extraordinary lenses with short focal lengths that allow 360° coverage. This feature will enable them to place the indoor security camera in the center of a room on the ceiling or up high on a wall to maximize a particular space coverage. A single fisheye security camera can cover up to 4,000 square feet in most business applications and replace multiple standard cameras without any loss in coverage. Fisheye IP cameras have indoor and outdoor-rated camera models with high-definition video quality. They can also support advanced monitoring features like electronic pan, tilt, zooming, object tracking, and much more. Fisheye cameras are beneficial in large commercial office spaces, gas stations, grocery stores, and warehouses.

Lower total system cost – Generally, Fisheye IP cameras can be expensive. However, it can also still be cheaper to install fisheye cameras in many cases. This is because a single fisheye security camera can replace multiple regular cameras with its advanced features and capabilities. Apart from all of these benefits, you will have to run one cable to the fisheye camera compared to multiple cable runs for regular cameras.

Advanced Monitoring Features – All fisheye systems are IP cameras, equipped with specialized Video Management Solutions software to enable monitoring features on your DVR. These features can include object tracking, motion detection, privacy masking, alerts, and 180° – 360° warping so that the fisheye video can be viewed in smaller segments.

Umbrella Security Systems has the right expertise and knowledge to guide you throughout the installation process and help you install the best indoor security system suitable for your business. 

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