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The Best Video Doorbells for Businesses


Many residential property owners have already employed video doorbells for their home entrances. These devices can offer instant and obvious benefits to the security of your residence. It’s also clear that businesses could also benefit from this essential element of a quality security system. 

Having a functioning doorbell is important, but having one with a live video recording feature makes a huge difference in keeping a facility safe and secure. Video doorbells are mainly used by business owners and professionals such as therapists, doctors, and many others. They can monitor anyone standing in front of the door, which allows you to decide whether or not to allow them inside your facilities. This also can keep the door locked if the visitor is unauthorized or unwanted. This helps to maintain a safe and healthy business environment.

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Video doorbells for businesses can alert you to the presence of a person approaching your facility’s door. The functionality is quite similar to the ones used for homes but the business versions possess far better features and capabilities. With the evolution of technology, video doorbells now can have wired or wireless variants. In this article, you will learn about what to consider when adding a video doorbell to your facility, as well as its features, benefits, and much more. Choosing the right video doorbell for your business is a crucial decision, as it is an integral part of keeping your facilities safe and secure.

Umbrella Security Systems is a security industry expert and can guide you to choose the best video doorbell for your business.

What is a video doorbell?

Video doorbell systems help to monitor the presence of a person in front of a given door. The built-in camera and intercom system support the audio and video capabilities. Motion detection technology enhances security by identifying the person’s movement near the door.

Video doorbell features

Here are the best video doorbell features that might help you meet your business’ security requirements:

  • Motion Detection: It is one of the most important features of video doorbells. This is used to detect movements that enable the camera to automatically start recording the activity. It also provides alerts anytime it is triggered and allows you to view the recording live from anywhere. 
  • Night Vision: Most criminal activities take place at night. Video doorbells with infrared night vision capabilities can protect your property, even in dark conditions, as they can capture clear views with low-lighting. 
  • Two-way audio and remote viewing: Video doorbells with intercoms not only provide video viewing of a person’s presence in front of the door but also allows you to communicate with that person via two-way audio speakers. Remote viewing is possible with the help of an Internet connection, so you can watch remotely what is happening in front of the door.
  • HD Video Recording: These days, most video doorbells record in 1080p high definition resolution. Some doorbells even have up to 1440p capabilities. For evidence against criminal activity, a clear image is always beneficial.
  • Weather Rating and Resistance: Video doorbells have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating that says how well they can handle certain weather conditions. The IP Rating tells whether a device is adequately sealed for protection against dust and water. Common IP ratings are IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66, and IP67. The higher the rating, the better it will be able to resist water and dust.


Benefits of video doorbells

There are many advantages to video doorbells. Some of them are listed below:

  • Extremely convenient
  • Added security apart from the video surveillance system
  • Remote monitoring or live video feed to track visitors and communicate remotely
  • Evidence of proof during a crime or unwanted incidents
  • Child monitoring
  • Live view of the front door to check delivery arrivals
  • Added screening of visitors


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Video Doorbell Considerations

There are various options we need to consider before choosing the right video doorbell for your facility. Below are some of the key factors that a business should consider:

What video quality do you need?

Video quality matters when it comes to smart doorbells, because if the quality is poor, it does not serve the purpose of identifying the person standing near or approaching the door. It is recommended to look for a better quality video doorbell that supports at least full high definition (HD) video. Night modes, such as infrared functionality, can help capture video after sunset and protect your facility during the night. Capturing a good quality video as evidence is important to identify any crimes or incidents.


Wired or Wireless?

When deciding whether to choose a wired vs. a wireless video doorbell, you need to think about your business’s needs and requirements. Will your business benefit from a battery-powered doorbell? Or would you need one that gets its power from low voltage doorbell wiring?

Wireless video doorbells are easy to install, as it is powered by a battery. You will not experience any hassle with wiring like you would on a wired video doorbell. While that might sound convenient, there are still other aspects to be considered. For instance, wireless video doorbells run on batteries that deplete over time and need to be changed after two to six months, depending on their usage. In cold places, batteries are required to be replaced every month, and there is a huge risk of shutdown at any time.

On the other hand, while wired video doorbells have more complex installations, there is no worry about losing power, especially when needed most. Unless the whole office loses its power supply, this type of camera will continue monitoring and recording. Because of existing doorbell wiring, replacing a video doorbell is not hard. The best practice for this replacement is to first disconnect the new wires, then connect your new video doorbell to the wires before attaching it to the outside of the business property. An important step is to look back at the existing setup and verify if the old doorbell chime transformer is 16V or less. This will make it possible for your replacement to work with the new smart doorbell. In most cases, the existing voltage is not compatible with the new replacement, so make sure to check before you connect a video doorbell to an existing chime box.

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Video doorbell vs. security cameras

There are many significant differences that exist between video doorbells and security cameras. Video Doorbell cameras are not as flexible as security cameras. In fact, while both are integral parts of a security system, they can serve a very different purpose. Security cameras can monitor the outside premises and interior of a facility. They are mounted at the right angle to capture the right view. Unlike security cameras, video doorbells cannot be used in locations like parking lots or office workstations; they need to be installed in front of the entrance. A video doorbell’s purpose is to provide alerts to a person’s presence. Video quality for both devices cannot be compromised because providing great clarity is the key to detection.

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The best commercial video doorbell brands

Here is a list of the best commercial video doorbell brands:

1. Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

The Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Video Doorbell provides an easy to use interface regardless of whether you are using the app or the web portal. After installing the system, there is no need for reconfiguration. It is also useful for providing remote alarms to any facility. However, there are some major drawbacks to this system; these include poor video performance, unstable remote commands, a confusing enrollment process, and low camera quality.


2. SkyBell HD

SkyBell has a good reputation in the video doorbell industry. It is an audio-video intercom system that allows one to view and speak to the person standing in front of the door. It has a motion detection setting that captures the presence of a person near the entrance, which can be an essential feature for capturing evidence during criminal activities. It provides a high-definition, low light setting that emits its white light into the scene. A useful ‘On-Demand Camera’ feature supports live video feed of the area outside the door with a 130-degree view and night vision capabilities.


3. DMP Video Doorbell

DMP Video Doorbell has a 1080p day-or-night camera with 180-degree rotational lens capabilities. The lens can also support low light performance if needed. It also includes a contactless reader that integrates with intrusion detection and access control systems. The DMP Video Doorbell is cost-effective and easily available.

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Avoid Residential and home doorbells

Choosing a commercial video doorbell over a residential one reduces risks and provides added advantages of 24/7 security, using infrared night vision camera technology. They have more clarity in the video quality and enable a two-way remote intercom system for your facilities.


Apartment building and multi-unit video doorbells

Video doorbell systems for multi-unit apartments can be scalable across those many units. BellGuard Multi-Unit Video Doorbell is quite known in the market, is cost-effective, and can support up to 16 units. It has an elegant control panel with individual buttons for chiming into 16 different apartment units and is fully equipped with a customizable name directory. This unit is waterproof and weather resistant. It has a built-in IP/Wi-Fi camera with low light performance, infrared night vision capabilities, and available wired and wireless versions.

Umbrella Security Systems can provide you expert advice and guide you to choose the best video doorbell that meets your business’s needs and budget. Contact us today!

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