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High Definition Security Cameras

Poor quality security cameras

HD image quality is everywhere. It’s on our home televisions and it’s even in our pockets. Unfortunately we are still seeing security surveillance evidence, (or “CCTV” footage), everywhere that doesn’t rise to this level of quality. What good is a security camera if it can’t even capture someone’s face recognizably? Don’t settle for these poor types of “high-quality” or “high-definition” security cameras. It’s easy to throw some fancy words onto a product, but it’s difficult to actually impress and deliver high-end results. This is where we come into the picture.

Our high quality security cameras

We at Umbrella Security Systems believe that EVERYONE deserves HD or higher video surveillance evidence. As experts in forensic video surveillance applications, we can design a system that will scale as you grow. The best part is that we will do this within your budget, whatever that may be, so you get the best security cameras out there without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience today and receive a free consultation. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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