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Live Video Surveillance & Monitoring


Video Surveillance Systems have come a long way. When it comes to providing safety and security, nothing can compare to a state-of-the-art live video surveillance system. In this day and age, live video surveillance systems can effectively protect your business in real-time from criminal activities such as theft, intrusion, and vandalism. These systems allow you to act immediately when an unwanted incident takes place. Immediate action is important for handling any criminal activities that may take place on your business property.

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A live video monitoring service company can take full charge of securing your facility with live video surveillance from installation to its implementation. The company not only guides you throughout the process but also gives you the best advice so you can choose the best live video surveillance system to meet your organization’s needs and budget. Once they get to know the needs and requirements of your business, they will start documenting as well as conduct an on-site security assessment. After the assessment, they will create customized engineering drawings and provide demonstrations of the effectiveness of your chosen products before effectively installing them. They will then implement the new monitoring system in your existing security systems and train your staff regarding its applications.

Umbrella Security Systems work in a similar process of guiding you and providing the best live video surveillance and monitoring system that meets your requirements and budget.

What is Live Video Surveillance?

A live video surveillance system captures video in or around the facility in real-time. These systems help to detect any unusual incident or behavior immediately. Instant action can be taken against the crime or unwanted incident. Time is key after such incidents take place. Live video surveillance systems reduce the time and risk to secure your facility. These systems are ideal for high traffic areas and open projects without fencing such as:

  • Shopping Malls
  • ​​​​​​​Apartments
  • ​​​​​​​Car Dealerships
Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Video Surveillance and Access Control Live Video Surveillance

Live video feeds

Live video feeds are live-streaming media that can simultaneously record videos and broadcast them in real-time. These are extremely helpful because they can playback a video without requiring a complete downloaded file. They can send intruder alerts to the right security personnel so the appropriate action can be taken. User interactions such as chats are important components of live video streaming. Chat features enable the ability to talk to a broadcaster and anyone that is involved in the communication through chatting. Communication is key for situations when immediate action is necessary to prevent unauthorized and criminal activities in your facility.


Remote video monitoring

Live video surveillance systems have the capability of remote video monitoring that can help to keep an eye on the facility from anywhere and at any time. Live cideo surveillance systems with remote monitoring help investors, project managers, and safety professionals to keep an eye on the facility and work 24/7 remotely. In such a highly regulated industry, maintaining security compliance is important. Managers and higher-level executives can improve security compliance and efficiency with remote monitoring. Even with remote real-time monitoring, immediate actions can be taken from anywhere, thus promoting a safer workplace, and reducing risk within the facility.

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Event-based surveillance

Live video surveillance works best with event-based surveillance where the purpose is to report any occurrence that may be a serious risk for human life and public health. This type of surveillance system is mostly used in healthcare facilities for effective early warning of outbreaks and immediate response.

Benefits of real-time video surveillance

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Loss & Theft prevention

Live video surveillance systems on-site help in real time monitoring of events and reduces risks against unwanted events such as theft and vandalism. These systems are not only effective for employee compliance monitoring but also acts as a management tool for archiving work-site progress and activities. Remote monitoring helps to keep an eye on the facility using recorded live video that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Managers and executives can feel confident and peaceful knowing that their facility is safe against crime and they have constant eyes on the projects when traveling off-site.

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Vandalism Deterrence

Live video surveillance cameras often act as a deterrent to vandals. It can also serve as proof against the vandalism offenders because they can be easily recognized on the recorded live video.
High-quality and high-definition live video cameras use advanced technologies such as facial recognition and biometrics to better monitor your facility and protect against vandalism and damage.

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Safety Monitoring

Live video surveillance cameras with remote video monitoring capabilities enable safety professionals to monitor conditions on worksites from anywhere they may be. This reduces the need to travel which can save time and provide faster resolutions to any safety concern. Employees can be trained to use the best safety practices, safety standards, and the proper handling of safety equipment.

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Asset Protection

Live video surveillance systems can keep track of the asset movements remotely using real-time footage. This helps the project manager and executive in charge to better control the situation and traffic going in and out of the work site. Installing cameras on a worksite is a deterrent to criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, and other destructive situations.

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Traffic Monitoring

Live video surveillance systems in the outdoor setting can help to track traffic flow in and out of the facility to control the traffic and keep an eye on intruders outside. Outdoor security cameras are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, and High definition video surveillance cameras can record videos with clarity. License plates can also be recognized with such cameras even with fast-moving cars in challenging light.

How Live Video Monitoring & Surveillance Works

Live video monitoring and surveillance systems work when a team of trained security professionals monitors multiple video cameras simultaneously. Real-time monitoring with video analytics software, located in the camera, can be installed in the required area of the facility at the right angle to capture the actions of target people and vehicles in that given area. These systems are designed in a way such that it not only helps to keep an eye on unwanted incidents of theft, vandalism but also automatically alert an operator who can take appropriate action and report such incidents immediately for corrective measures.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance services protect various industries from retail to education. Below is the list of industries where live video surveillance can be helpful.


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Live video surveillance is effective in the retail industry where shoplifters’ threats and dishonest employee activities can be captured and monitored in real-time. Even retail practices can be improved using a live video. There is an endless advantage that allows you to take faster actions in no time.

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The manufacturing industry also needs security not only to prevent criminal activities but also to monitor the products and processes as well. Live video surveillance and monitoring systems can help deter theft and can identify thieves immediately. This results in faster action and reporting to local police. For instance, when a glass break-in occurs in a manufacturing facility, the installed live video surveillance system will immediately record the incident and will trigger an alarm that will not only bring attention to the crime but also alert local authorities.

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Logistics & Transportation

Live video surveillance systems keep track of logistics flowing in and out of the facility. Transport systems traffic flows can be improved and taken care of in real-time. Uncertain activities can be stopped, and immediate action can be taken against the crime.

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The cannabis industry also faces many security threats especially in dispensary shops and cultivation facilities. A live video surveillance system can keep track of any illegal activities as well as dishonest staff and customers.

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Securing your healthcare facility with a live video surveillance system will not only help you to track the facility areas in real-time but also protect the patients, staff, and visitors from crimes and threats in the hospitals. Live videos help to handle the situation immediately using real-time monitoring. Remote capabilities enable the security professional or right personnel to take corrective measures immediately.

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Live video surveillance systems in K-12 schools help with real-time monitoring and can alert against vandalism and active threats using remote monitoring capabilities. School security systems allow security personnel to intervene faster and protect students and teachers.

Umbrella Security Systems have the expertise and knowledge to guide you on the right track and provide the best live video surveillance system for your facility. If you are planning to install a live video surveillance system, request a free consultation with us immediately.

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