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A layered approach to mass notification systems involves the integration of multiple communication channels and tools to create a responsive safety net that stretches far enough for all tiers of your organization.


This method acknowledges that emergencies can manifest in various forms, and thus, they require various responses for effective and timely action. Click here to discover all possible responses to emergencies.


Here are the key layers and scenarios that showcase the significance of this approach in schools, colleges, and other academic institutions.


Instant Alerts through Mobile Apps

In the event of a crisis, time is of the essence. A layered approach begins with instant alerts delivered directly to your mobile devices through dedicated apps. These alerts, although more common in government institutions, can also be applied in public and private schools.


The immediacy of mobile alerts ensures that vital information reaches the entire academic community promptly. With this security system, you can tackle a physical breach, a natural disaster, or a medical emergency and evade a potential catastrophe.


Public Address (PA) System for Wide Campus Coverage

The second layer involves utilizing the PA system strategically placed throughout the campus. While these systems are common in schools, they are rarely network-based; that needs to change today.


This layer is instrumental for broadcasting urgent announcements, providing real-time instructions, and guiding individuals to safety during large-scale emergencies. The modern PA system complements mobile alerts, offering a wider reach to ensure that everyone is well-informed.


Digital Signage for Visual Communication

Visual communication is an essential feature of the emergency response, and it may or may not be in your existing mass notification system.


Digital signage serves as the third layer, displaying critical information in key locations across the campus. Install it to inform everyone on campus about evacuation routes, safety protocols, or real-time updates.


Safeguarding Academic Environments: Scenarios of the Layered Mass Notification Systems

For a better understanding of the real-world impact of a layered approach, let’s consider specific scenarios within an academic setting.


· Active Threat Response

In the unfortunate event of a threat on campus, such as an active shooter situation, the layered approach ensures that students, teachers, and administration staff receive instant alerts on their mobile devices.

A Phone Display Featuring an Emergency Alert About a Terrorist Incident from a Mass Notification System


The alerts guide them on the appropriate actions to take, such as using active shooter door-locking devices and other classroom door barricade devices.


Simultaneously, the PA system broadcasts announcements, and digital signage displays critical information, providing a multi-faceted response that maximizes awareness and safety.


· Natural Disasters and Evacuations

During a natural disaster, there’s a need for a campus-wide evacuation. In such events, mobile alerts, PA system announcements, and digital signage work cohesively.


Mobile alerts reach individuals wherever they are, the PA system guides them audibly, and digital signage displays visual cues, creating a security system that ensures a swift and organized evacuation.


· Medical Emergencies

In cases of medical emergencies like cardiac incidents or accidents, the layered approach facilitates quick responses.


A panic button on mobile apps allows immediate notification, the PA system can alert nearby responders, and digital signage can guide others to clear the area, ensuring a coordinated, not to mention life-saving, medical response.


Install a Mass Notification System in Chicago with Umbrella Security Systems

Recruit us for a robust school security system for your building. While we are known for commercial camera installation, our services also include mass emergency notification systems that can be used to disperse information about everything from IT outages to suspicious person alerts to immediate threats on campus.


Reach out for a quote and support for your very known on-campus notification system.

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