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Physical Access Control, Gates & Barriers


Physical Access Control Systems gates help to protect your facility from unauthorized access. Physical barriers and gates protect your property from external threats, including unauthorized vehicles and intruders.


What is Physical Access Control?

Physical Access Control is a security measure that keeps your facility safe by denying access to unauthorized people or visitors trying to enter your building.

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Elements of Physical Access Control Solutions

Here are the essential components of Physical Access Control Systems:

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Physical Barriers

Physical barriers or control access systems gates, such as turnstiles, fences, walls, and vehicle barriers, add an extra layer of security for your business. They keep your property safe by defining a boundary and making intrusion more challenging. Turnstiles require a credential to enter the property. Once the credential is validated and matches recorded user information in the database, access can then be granted. Tall fences, metal spikes, and razor wire are all signs of restricted access to the building and help protect against criminal activities. However, some facilities don’t allow fences or perimeter walls to maintain aesthetics or for different reasons. In those cases, turnstiles and other security perimeter physical barriers can be imposed to restrict access to the facility.


Electronic Wireless Locks

With the advancement of technology, traditional keys are often replaced with electronic or wireless locks. Conventional keys are unsafe for businesses and involve lots of complexities for maintaining the keys. They can be easily stolen or duplicated, making your property vulnerable to crime. Electronic locks are available in various forms in the market, such as keypads, card access, key fobs, electronic keyless deadbolt locks, and other integrated solutions to pair with an existing panic bar or storefront door lock. These locks can grant or revoke access and provide many facilities with user tracking, door monitoring, mobile-enabled options, and lockdown functions that can be imposed either campus-wide or to a single door.


Gates and Perimeter Controls

The perimeter of a commercial property can either be gated or fenced, per the company rules. Perimeter controls act as boundaries to prevent access to the building. A proper signboard or wall poster must be displayed outside the building to indicate a restricted area. If you want to surround the fence with trees and block the perimeter’s view, make sure to provide additional security outside the building. Fences and walls can delay intruders. Therefore, video surveillance cameras should be installed to monitor and record who is entering or leaving the facility. Security lighting is another effective way of deterrence. When lighting a facility’s grounds, widely distributed, low-intensity lighting is more effective than small patches of high-intensity lighting, as high-intensity lightning can create blind spots for security personnel and security cameras.

Alarm systems can be installed with physical barriers to alert security professionals when unauthorized access is attempted at your facility. If a security breach is detected using motion or perimeter sensors, the alarm system is triggered to notify uncertain incidents in your facility. These systems can be integrated with access control, video surveillance, and security cameras for enhanced security solutions.

Types of Physical Access Control Barriers

Here are the different types of Physical Access Control barriers for commercial use:

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Turnstiles are practical physical barriers used in several commercial buildings for authorized entry into the facility. It’s a mechanical gate that consists of revolving arms that are horizontally placed, fixed to a vertical post, and allows access to only one person at a time based on the authenticated credential scanned at the point of entry.

There are different types of turnstiles depending upon your business’s needs:

  • Full-height turnstiles – Full height turnstiles have a robust and tall design. They act as the first line of defense to fully protect the commercial building’s perimeter.  
  • Tripod turnstiles – Tripod turnstiles consist of three revolving arms that provide high access control solutions. They are often used for indoor or outdoor security applications and are a very efficient crowd control method. These turnstiles are especially effective in high traffic areas to ensure secure, authenticated access to the facility. There are a variety of designs available for single or multiple lanes.
  • Waist-height turnstiles – Waist height turnstiles are either made up of stainless steel or transparent glass and can be arranged in any configuration for safe entry into a commercial building.
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Security Revolving Doors

Security revolving doors are used in most places like schools, universities, and hospitals for valid entry and exit to the facility. They can detect tailgating and piggybacking to prevent fraudulent access attempts. It works with a sophisticated detection system that uses reliable sensors that can tell if more than one person has entered the same section of the security revolving door at the same time. These revolving doors can either be installed semi-externally or internally and are certified with relevant safety standards.


Personal Interlocks

Personal Interlocks come in many different shapes and styles. Some of them are round, cylindrical, or rectangular. They are electronically monitored and provide optimal protection for sensitive areas in the facility. They are used for single passages or can be integrated with a set of doors arranged in a single row that allows entry or exit in one direction. Sensors or other checkpoints can be installed for identification in the middle of the interlock.


Half-Height sensor Barriers and Gates

These are sensor-controlled passage units with automatic door elements that feature modular combinations for personal security and high throughput. Half-height sensor barriers and gates consist of stainless-steel housing or transparent sidewalls that control entry or exit points.

Industry-Specific Physical Access Control Solutions



School safety is critical to protect children and staff against intruders. Additionally, it’s essential to secure valuable assets like electronic goods, computers, and sensitive information on the property. The best security solution is using physical access control solutions. Physical barriers and gates are an excellent way to restrict access to the school property. Implementing various access control tactics can help to keep a safe and secure environment within the facility.

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Physical Security Gates for Access Control & Safety at Schools

Schools involve various activities like extracurricular activities, parent-teacher meetings, and other events. Installing security gates in school hallways, doorways, and restricted areas can prevent unwanted traffic and access to authorized people. Classroom physical barricade devices are tough to break through and aid in stopping crime. Traditional keys can be easily stolen or duplicated; therefore, school access control systems must be installed to restrict access to unauthorized people trying to enter the building. Access control systems can be integrated with emergency mass notification systems and video surveillance systems for increased security. Alert systems can notify you when a crime is in progress, and video surveillance systems enable you to monitor videos when such incidents occur in school. These systems are essential for gathering evidence against the crime and immediately taking corrective measures when unwanted events occur.

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Healthcare facilities can be secured internally and externally with physical access control solutions. Turnstiles and gates can prevent external unauthorized traffic in the facility. Outdoor security cameras must be in place to monitor the parking areas and capture the facility’s view outside, protecting against criminal breakthroughs or unwanted behaviors. Mass emergency notification systems with advanced sensors like motion detection, glass break, and light sensors provide excellent overall protection. In compliance with healthcare regulation standards such as HIPAA, access control systems can be installed at the entry points to grant access only to authenticated people. Touchless access control is a significant need for healthcare facilities, especially during a pandemic. This technology provides hands-free access by just waving hands or by mobile device unlocking features. These systems can be integrated with live video surveillance systems to capture video of people accessing the building and can be monitored remotely. Indoor security cameras can be installed to protect the building and capture the view of unwanted events such as vandalism or crime that might take place in a healthcare facility.

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The manufacturing industry supports many employees working in different shifts, all around the clock. To avoid accidents and manage risks in the workplace is vital for everyone in the facility. Turnstile gates can be installed to safeguard against crime or uncertain events. Additionally, installing Access Control systems can restrict access only to the employees of the property. They can be integrated with video surveillance systems to prevent crime and track daily business operations, such as monitoring line staff’s efficiency. Integration with mass emergency notification systems can alert employees of evacuation or uncertain conditions.

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Professional Security Services 

Expert Consultation

Professional experts like Umbrella Security Systems can provide top-tier advice and support at every stage of the process, from design to installation, and choose the best physical access control solution suitable for your business. 

Installation and Project Management

Our process is transparent; after evaluation, proper planning, and design, we start the installation, and we deliver written progress reports throughout the installation process. We consider all the activities in the appropriate order and provide the best solution that meets your needs. Our end-to-end process is unique from most of the professional security services available in the market.

Physical Security Layout Design

The physical security design layout requires a methodological approach. After conducting a thorough onsite analysis of existing security systems and considering security assessments, we identify new security camera locations, doors/entrances that need to be secured, and potential network infrastructure threats or concerns. Also, we analyze current burglar and fire alarm systems, document and design each floor plan and itemize each product, software license, or service to be performed. Then, we send a review to our clients and only proceed after their total satisfaction and approval with the project.

As an independent security consultant, Umbrella Security Systems have always delivered the best solutions to businesses. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation with us!

As an independent security consultant, Umbrella Security Systems have always delivered the best solutions to businesses. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation with us!

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