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Before you Hire a Security Systems Provider – Think About This:

Finding the right security systems provider should give you peace of mind and make you feel as though you are receiving top service for your dollar. This sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the best security system provider falls inline with choosing a company that specifically specializes in professional security systems. This will enable you to receive expert services provided through certification in software, hardware, and design. The safest facilities are secured by security system providers that are skilled in integrating high-tech software and securing all types of commercial facilities while taking their time and planning for future risk vulnerabilities. The right provider should plan for things that large national integrators often fall short of.

Fire and Burglar Alarm Companies are not cut out for the Job

Though someone can be skilled or hold knowledge in a variety of trades, they are really only an expert in one. Considering logic, a person seeking out a product or service is going to want the best of the best. The best option will have experts that create or implement what the consumer is seeking out.

Consider this, you are seeking out a security systems provider but the company you use for your fire alarm system expresses that they can cover you in security systems integration as well. Your fire alarm systems provider’s core competence is just that, fire alarm systems (not professional security systems). The same goes for burglar alarm providers, contrary to what people think, burglar alarms and professional security systems are far from being the same.


The Difference…









Fire and burglar alarm technologies have not had any significant advancements or changes in the last several years. Both these technologies are composed of sensors. Fire alarms sense both heat and smoke and then send out a signal to inform people while simultaneously setting off audio and visual alarms. Burglar alarms, on the other hand, use magnetic sensors to detect unwarranted movements, followed by an alarm and signal to the alarm overseer. These technologies have been pretty standard for as long as these devices have existed, with advancements basically pertaining only to efficiency and speed.

Commercial security system providers have had extreme advancements in technologies over the last several years and these advancements are not slowing down anytime soon. The technology has changed so dramatically, that these new technologies require a skill set that falls in line with those educated in the field of IT. Fire and burglar alarm providers are oftentimes solely educated in alarming devices, whereas the new age of enterprise security systems requires extensive knowledge in IT to adequately handle the software.

sky camera min How To Choose The Best Security Systems Provider For Your Facility

Advancements Include…


  • Access Control System Integration
  • Facial Recognition Technology Inclusion
  • IoT Smart Sensor Implementation
  • Multi & Dual Sensor Cameras
  • Mass Emergency Notification Systems
  • Low-Light & Weather Proofing
  • Demographics & Mood Analysis
  • Heat Mapping

Though it may seem like getting your security solutions from your fire and burglar alarm provider is an easy two-for-one way of getting the job done, you are ultimately going to lose out on expert knowledge and integration. Taking the easy route is not substantial for securing your facility and that is why it is important to use a commercial security systems provider for your security needs.

Avoid Providers of Both Residential & Commercial Security

It is well known that companies who offer services for both residential and commercial security may lack expertise in at least one of these areas. If it were easy to specialize in both residential and commercial security at the same time, every professional security systems company would be doing it. Since both require different sets of knowledge and skills, it is often efficient if a company would focus on and master just one avenue.

This is the reason why most companies opt to specialize in just one area. Besides, why would you settle for split knowledge when you could be provided with singular expertise in what you need through the right commercial security systems provider?


Residential Security Systems Provider


Higher Volume Customer base

These providers could be spread thin and divided amongst clients; they will want to get projects done quickly and may miss out on important details while rushing through the typical process of residential projects.


Cable Installation

Residential installation is most commonly found to run wiring by laying on a ceiling or across ceiling tiles.


Easy Install & Lower Cost Solutions

Some lower-cost installations have been found to have used camera manufacturers now banned by the U.S. government.

Commercial Security Systems Provider


Lower Volume Customer base

Larger projects amongst fewer clients; commercial providers can focus time and energy on detailed plans and integration processes specific to a variety of different commercial facilities.


Cable Installation

Commercial installation follows BICSI Standards and is placed 3-5 feet suspended above the ceiling in j-hooks or o-rings to prevent fire hazards.


Comprehensive Install & Higher Cost Solutions

Commercial providers make use of solid, up-to-date, integrated technology that outweighs the cost and ultimately works exceptionally compared to other systems.

Avoiding Large National Security Systems Providers

The negatives are very apparent when considering the use of large national security systems providers. These companies are more expensive due to the persona they display in being a nationwide provider. The truth is, they have limited design and technology expertise and outsource the majority of (their customers’) designs to the manufacturers with whom they have purchasing agreements.  The agreement is simple. National System Integrator agrees to ‘specify’ the Manufacturer’s products into the accounts they serve and the Manufacturer gives them a steep discount on products (enhancing profit margins for the National System Integrator). Their goal is met through meeting a quota, whereas enterprise security system providers find achievement through providing the best-in-breed solution that fits the needs of their clients.

We’ve heard firsthand from end-users that it is not uncommon for these companies to take several days or even weeks to respond to service requests. Again, depending on what the specific service issue is, the National Systems Integrator may have a few ‘experts’ on the team, but those experts are often running in circles supporting the non-expert service technicians in the field. A variety of polls have found that they provide poor service and ultimately do not provide long-term value compared to less nationalized security systems providers.

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These are examples of companies that fit the Large National Security Provider profile whose customers have expressed their negative practices:

Convergent Technologies
Johnson Controls

Umbrella Security Systems is the best fit for mid-size to large security projects for video surveillance, access control, and a variety of other security tech installation and integration projects. Because of our training, skill set, areas of expertise, experience, and history within the field of commercial security, we not only believe but know we are the best choice for a commercial security systems provider. We know that Umbrella Security Systems can deliver the best customer experience and the highest-quality service in the industry.

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