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A complete guide on Sustainable Security Solutions



In a small attempt to make this world a better place, here’s an in-depth guide for everything you need to know to revolutionize renewable infrastructure security solutions.

Clean Energy Infrastructure security vulnerabilities do not disappear overnight and building a sustainable business at a large scale requires importing technologies or securing significant quantities of raw materials to create them. Critical materials like rare earth and precious metals play essential roles in building a clean energy capacity. Apart from physical assets, securing information stored in intellectual properties is crucial.

Therefore, clean energy businesses need to combat these security threats using sustainable security solutions. Some remote or rural areas where these businesses are situated may lack adequate electricity. So, in situations like these, the guaranteed way to improve security is to research, design, and implement clean energy infrastructure security solutions that will keep things sustainable and yield better protection than the traditional security methods out there.

Keep your business safe from unwanted incidents. In this complete guide, we have covered all the information for your clean energy infrastructure facilities to conserve energy, implement eco-friendly products and cut costs.

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Umbrella Security Systems can help you choose the best sustainable security solutions that meet your business need.

Chapter 1:

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Security to transform the renewable energy industry

There are advancements in technology and consumer preferences, and there is also an elevated risk of evolving threat landscapes and other offenders that are just getting better every day.

There was once a time where a few security surveillance cameras and burglar alarms were enough to keep away intruders. Nowadays, this is far from even agitating the offenders.

Therefore, to keep up with the ever-evolving industry, you also need to amp up your security game by strategizing the critical infrastructure security and creating modern regulatory changes while keeping the environment safe and efficient.

With the demand and opportunities in the renewable energy sources, many big power plants are switching to clean energy including New York City’s biggest power plant, Ravenswood power plant. This transition will help to provide a healthier environment in the neighborhood and reduce carbon emissions as well as air pollution. 

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Chapter 2:

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Security Challenges in the Clean Energy and Utility Industry

While we are making plans to target each industry and create specific plans to merge and adapt to changes that will yield unprecedented results in the industry’s security, there are a few faults that remain hidden in this conflict.

Here are some of the security challenges we need to overcome before we counter actual security problems.

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Standardize your operation

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It is believed that industry-specific security solutions are likely to be efficient than those that cover generic security problems. If that’s the case, how would you protect an increasing merger and acquisitions between renewable energy organizations and oil, gas, and power utilities? As they converge, you can expect the security solutions to combine as well.

Therefore, crafting solutions that allow you to manage all the security operations in one place can hugely impact such organizations positively.

Ensure compliance

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Imagine you have a unique security system and a team that has the power to combat any threat that your organization may face. But think about: how long would it work considering the undying advancements in industry operations and, thus, the new legislation that is created to keep our infrastructure secure?

Therefore, it is necessary to constantly develop, modernize, and rationalize sustainable security systems to meet the legislation and operations as they evolve.

Evolving threats

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It is relatively easy to protect your sensitive information from potential threats and implementing physical barriers. What lays underneath this is, however, more concerning. Many advanced hacker groups are much more sophisticated now than ever before. Whether it is unintentional or intentional, it’s not surprising that these offenders use your trusted employees to gather your confidential data.

You need to stay alert and develop security systems that converge with internal security threats and external ones. This can be done by limiting the amount of confidential information you share in the first place.

Manufacturing Compliance, Monitoring, and Security

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Nowadays, the information stored in intellectual properties is likely to be higher at risk than physical assets. This is because data stored in devices is likely to consist of confidential designs, prototypes, customer data, new launch information, and trade secrets that can ruin any business if it manages to leak. Therefore, the manufacturing industry needs to develop smart security solutions to protect their intellectual data against theft while staying sustainable in their endeavors.

Umbrella Security Systems can help you to install the best clean energy security solutions that meet your business need within your budget. Request a free consultation or call us at 1-630-270-3313 for more information!

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Chapter 3:

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Complete Security Systems for Clean Energy and Utility Industry

A complete security system that is built with an amalgam of advanced technology with intelligent electronic devices and power systems to not only create state-of-art infrastructure security solutions but also enhance the energy efficiency but penetrating deep down the distribution process and protecting each platform that involves any confidential data.

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Access Control Systems

The (Utility) utilizes the Access Control System functions that require the trusted employees of a company to carry a card or wear a badge, which will then be scanned before entering access gates and barrier arms of a building. Through these systems, you can have full control over the access and effectively track each individual entering and exiting a specific area.

Touchless Access Systems

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Although touchless access control systems have been around the security sector for years, thanks to the COVID pandemic, their importance has gained significant value. This is because touchless access systems are known to be one of the best ways to keep your assets secure without compromising health through the contagious viruses of your employees.

Touchless access systems are being installed at sites like airports, banks, and other highly sensitive areas. Not only they are contactless and hygienic but also quite efficient. There are individual products in this category, such as touchless biometric systems and kits that include standalone and networked systems for security.

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Video Surveillance & Security Camera Systems

Sophisticated video surveillance and security camera systems that can be used in utility control centers are increasing in demand due to their exceptional ability to let you access and monitor the remote areas from across LAN/WAN to the wireless connection. This, as a result, makes it easier and safer to enhance the security of a particular area.

Some people confuse video surveillance cameras with normal CCTV cameras. However, there is a marked difference between the two systems. Surveillance cameras operate on IP networks that allow a connection of the camera from a remote location to the assigned security area. These types of cameras are available for both residential and commercial applications.

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Intruder detection systems

You must opt for intruder detection systems that provide 24-hour monitoring in a place where it is difficult to have actual staff present or in all CIP-designed spaces. The best way to utilize the intruder detection system is to install a combination of radar and laser detection technology that would help detect and eliminate potential intruders and drones.

Intruder detection systems have become very common nowadays for physically installed security systems. Like a software monitoring system, the physical system detects unwanted or unauthorized entry into a restricted area. This is a very useful system in the context of clean energy infrastructure security solutions.

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Mass Emergency Notification Systems

In case of an emergency, having a mass emergency notification system can protect countless lives and even has the chance to prevent the mishap in the first place. An emergency notification system can be implemented using communication technology like landlines, PCs, voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP), and radios to alert the entire organization before you know it.

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Integrated Security Solution

An integrated security solution helps to enhance the overall security of your business. Access Control Systems integration with video surveillance systems, mass emergency notification systems, security cameras provides unified security solutions and increases the safety of your facility.

Chapter 4:

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Energy-efficient Security Solutions

Integrating energy-efficient security solutions can protect in ways that were never possible a few years from now.

Nowadays, these innovative solutions can impose zero negative impacts on the environment while surveilling rural areas where you can find no internet or Wi-Fi whatsoever.

Here are some of the energy-efficient security solutions that can be implemented to make the world a better place.

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Solar-powered Surveillance cameras

Cellular solar-powered security cameras are likely to work better than the traditional cameras that require a full-fledged network to operate and monitor. Solar-powered Surveillance cameras also don’t require a power source to function, giving them an upper hand saving energy. This is possible because solar-powered surveillance cameras use a mobile network that uses 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G mobile security cameras to transfer real-time video feeds to your mobile without using the internet.

Since remote and rural areas lack adequate electrical infrastructure, these cameras can also aid convenience and flexibility to allow you to provide high-quality wireless surveillance without using bulky and inefficient equipment that only makes matters worse in the long run.

It’s recommended to go for wire-free security systems to preserve energy and switch to more energy-efficient solutions. The solar panel is located at the camera equipment itself, and therefore it has to be installed outdoors. Some surveillance cameras also get connected to separate solar panels. Normal cameras can also be used in connection with solar panels to make them work.


Powerless physical security and barriers

Physical security solely aims to enhance the protection against technological errors caused by humans, natural disasters, terrorism, and deliberate or non-deliberate attacks. Without a doubt, these threats run the risk of sabotaging your important data, components, equipment, assets, and subsystems that are always vulnerable to criminal activities like theft, vandalism.

To implement powerless physical security and barriers, there are network-centric solutions that can elevate physical security through:

  • IP cameras
  • Incident management system across multiple media,
  • Electronic access control systems that use voice and biometrics to protect physical intrusion
  • Develop advanced architecture with a strong layout and barriers
  • Create real-time strategies using managed services to combat threats that are under your control, i.e. ways of protecting the information to disclose in the first place.


Power line communication is a type of transmission system that allows users to send and receive data over power cables. By using this medium, one can ensure the preservation of energy for security purposes.

Chapter 5:

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Utility & Power Grid Security Solutions

The utility and power grid security solutions rely on constantly evolving solutions with new techniques to efficiently improve the reliability, economics, and safety of electrical power grid management.

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Securing the Grid

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Developing a set of grid security solutions that offers a communication platform for not only security control operations but businesses as well to generate reliable networks. These include creating solutions for bulk generation plants, neighborhood area networks, renewable plant networks along with transmission and distribution networks to aid extra control over the security of their assets.

Identity Management

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An organization with sophisticated identity management reduces the tedious task of manually inspecting each guest user and carries authentication schemes for wireless users. This authentication makes it easier to carry out grid operations by making sure you have access to control each user, group, and service being transmitted and distributed throughout your company.

Security Camera Monitoring

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To prevent mishaps, it’s essential to stay vigilant with early detection schemes that prevent potential attacks from happening in the future. By doing this, you can protect your valuable assets against harmful theft, accidents, and vandalism that could certainly disrupt your operations in the power grid.

That said, security camera monitoring is a well-known security solution that allows detecting early attacks to a great extent. Other than that, thermal cameras provide a fast deployment surveillance solution cost-effectively to yield unprecedented protection by tracking real-time threats all-around your property.

Access Control

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Access control, specifically in utility and power grid security solutions, means restricting unauthorized users and guests from entering into the data center, substation networks, and diverse control centers. This application can then be used to authenticate everyone involved in the power grid.

Chapter 6:

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Security Services for Clean Energy & Advanced Technology Manufacturing businesses

Now, the technology security solutions involved in power grid and utility are comparatively different than the solutions needed to be implemented in the manufacturing industry.

System Design and Engineering Support

To make an informed decision about purchases, customers nowadays have taken a keen interest in tracking maintenance, security, and real-time energy use of a specific company to check for any competitive advantage your business has against the rest. By using a system design that is particularly engineered to aid security and energy-efficiency, you’re most like to:

  • Enhances the production performance of your products
  • Prevent fines and other constraints during the manufacturing process
  • Increases social awareness and will set a benchmark on what is acceptable in a sustainable production process.
  • Improves brand image
  • Creates an efficient workflow with automation and renewable energy
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Installation and Project Management

Lastly, project management for a security installation entails careful planning and coming up with a customized solution that meets your specific security problems while considering the budget. You can do this by carrying out a meeting with the people involved to talk about the a) exact security problems that need to be tackled b) which one of the many security approaches are you going for c) how does it want the security system to be installed and managed.

Once you have the answers to the above questions, you’re all set for the hunt to come up with clean energy infrastructure security solutions that will work efficiently in preventing unanticipated threats and providing you with a fool-proof plan to combat any security issue that you currently have. The ultimate goal is to reduce electrical consumption that security systems take up to save and preserve energy for other essential tasks. From making your business secure to installing energy-efficient systems, many aspects need to be taken into account.



Green security has the following objectives;

  • To evaluate or assess the existing security systems to analyze their current energy consumption
  • Design new systems based on green solutions to ensure minimal energy consumption
  • Constructing security solutions by taking into account energy costs right from the beginning
  • Considering the most optimal solutions that consume less energy and are more cost-effective to set up
  • Spending more money on making buildings energy-efficient

People go for intrusion detection systems and sensors, CCTV monitoring, and automated swing gates to ensure a complete security infrastructure. An IP surveillance system is more efficient than an analog one. Moreover, you can use techniques like video analytics and smart events to make sure you don’t need extra storage devices to store unwanted videos. Some devices offer smart features for security systems, such as line crossing, object removal, and standalone recorder.

Another way to ensure that you are using energy-efficient systems is to reduce the number of false alarms in intrusion detection systems. There are green certifications that you can analyze to make sure you are utilizing the maximum benefits of an energy-efficient solution.

At Umbrella Security Systems, we believe unique projects deserve custom solutions. Our approach is simple and backed by more than 20 years of targeted experience in the security industry.

More than that, we are dedicated to working with you in solving your most complex problems from design to installation. 

From budgeting and coordination to delivery and install we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of your entire project to ensure your expectations and needs aren’t just met, they’re exceeded.

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