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A complete guide on Solar Powered Security Cameras



No network? No problem. Solar powered surveillance cameras are backed up by solar power to keep an eye on your facility

It is said that the first line of defense against crime and theft is the presence of some type of security system. With security services in your business, you are guaranteed immediate and lasting peace of mind. The physical and emotional assurance that you will feel when your business and assets are protected is second to none.

There are different security systems you can use in your business but video surveillance is a must if you want the overall security and safety of your business. Surveillance cameras are generally used to watch properties to detect and/or prevent intruders from entering any secured area. Solar surveillance cameras are mostly used in places that are difficult to carry the electricity supply. They are also used in remote spaces and areas that are difficult to access. Some solar-powered surveillance cameras even have a range of 20 miles in transmitting videos.

As the name suggests, solar surveillance cameras are surveillance cameras that are powered by the sun.

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Umbrella Security Systems can help you choose the best solar-powered surveillance cameras for your business that aligns with your company’s goals and needs.

Chapter 1:

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What are Solar surveillance cameras?


Solar-powered surveillance cameras have components that help gather light energy from the sun. 


Solar surveillance cameras are cameras that use solar panels for power supply and do not need electricity cables. You can use these cameras without any subscription charge or monthly fees as it utilizes natural resources. Most of them come with rechargeable batteries so they don’t have to be manually charged since they provide non-stop power.

FAQs on solar-powered surveillance cameras

Here are few frequently answered questions on solar-powered surveillance cameras.


How Do Solar Security Cameras Work?

Solar-powered Surveillance cameras convert sunlight into direct current by using solar panels to capture sun rays. An inverter then changes direct current to alternating current which can then be used to power surveillance cameras and batteries. Even if sunlight is not available, the cameras can still be powered by rechargeable batteries.

What to consider before purchasing a Solar powered surveillance camera?

Here are some key factors you should consider when buying a solar surveillance camera.

  1. What battery size to get. To avoid battery damage caused by overcharging, you should get a battery that is at least 10 times the capacity of the highest output of your solar panel.
  2. The amount of electricity the solar panel can produce.
  3. Video footage storage of the solar-powered surveillance camera. You can choose whether you want the video footage to be stored on an SD card or on the cloud.
  4. Whether you have WIFI in the place your surveillance camera is installed.
  5. The cost of the product. Most solar-powered surveillance camera tends to be a little expensive but the benefits are worth the money paid.
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How Much Electricity Can the Solar Panel for Security Cameras Produce?

Several factors determine the output of a solar panel such as capacity, location, size, and weather conditions.

On today’s market, residential solar panels have a capacity ranging from 250 to 400 watts each per hour. Domestic solar panels are rated to produce between 1kW and 4kW.


What Battery Size Do Solar Powered Security Cameras Need?

To calculate the best battery size for your solar-powered surveillance camera you need to divide the watt (hour required to run the whole day) with battery voltage to get the battery capacity then multiply the battery capacity by 2. The equation is simply Watts ÷ Volts = Battery Capacity (Amps). Amps × 2= Battery size needed.


Where will the Footage be Stored and Saved?

There are two main options for video footage storage and they are SD card and Cloud storage. You can choose either of those options.


Do the Solar Cameras Require Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is not needed for some solar-powered security cameras. Once the camera has an SD card it can still record any motion that is detected without the need for Wi-Fi or internet.


What is the total cost savings of Wi-Fi Solar Powered Security Cameras?

Wi-Fi solar powered security cameras are cost-effective and don’t add to your electricity bills since you don’t need electricity for it to work. They don’t also need expensive cables to run. They require minimal maintenance and are also self-sustainable so you don’t need to spend money on experts. You can install the security camera on your own without the need for cranes, trucks, and trenching.

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Umbrella Security Systems can help you to install the best solar-powered security cameras that would meet your business need within your budget. Request a free consultation or call us at 1-630-270-3313 for more information!

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras

These security cameras provide eco-friendly and electricity-free protection for businesses. The primary benefits of a solar power surveillance system include flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Below you’ll find a more detailed view of individual advantages.

Some benefits of this security camera are:

  1. The scalability. Thanks to 4G cellular technology solar powered security cameras have impressive scalability options.
  2. They don’t come with wires. This is particularly advantageous since most burglars just need a pair of wire cutters to break into any establishment.
  3. Due to their lack of wires, these cameras are flexible and make it easy for you to place them at any desired location.
  4. It provides secured footage. You can save data to cloud storage or an SD card.
  5. Affordable: Prices for most security cameras have dropped which makes them affordable.
  6. The cameras are easily accessible and can be placed anywhere no matter how remote the area is.

Government Incentives If You Buy Solar Security Cameras

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Most governments create incentive programs for homes and businesses to encourage the adoption of solar power technology and to meet all kinds of energy requirements. Countries such as the US, Canada, UK, etc. offer incentives like rebates, tax credits, FIT programs, etc. for installed solar cameras. Statistics show that due to these solar incentives, prices for solar have decreased and the number of installed solar has increased greatly. Recent news in Forbes says: In 2020, Renewable Energy Beat Fossil Fuels Across Europe. Renewable source of energy like solar energy is in demand and a truly renewable energy source.

Solar Cameras Allow for Flexible Locations

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Since solar-powered surveillance cameras don’t require a power grid or cables to work it can be used in different surveillance applications. It can be used in geographically challenging environments and remote sites. This makes it flexible.

Easy to Install & Move

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The lack of cables and drills makes solar powered surveillance cameras easy to install. You can also easily move them to different locations.


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We should all think about the future of our planet and how best to reduce our carbon footprint. These cameras are powered by sun rays and so won’t destroy the environment as wire surveillance cameras do.

Solar Cameras Provide Day & Night Monitoring

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Solar-powered wireless surveillance IP cameras can be powered by rechargeable batteries at night when sunlight is not available. The WiFi solar security cameras of reputed brands are packed with starlight sensors that can provide brilliant color night vision. These wireless surveillance cameras with night vision also support motion detection.


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The 4G cellular technology used in solar-powered security cameras gives them an impressive scalability option. With this technology, you can easily view your property anytime through any connected network.

Solar Powered Security Cameras Feature Long Lifespan/Minimal maintenance

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Solar-powered Surveillance cameras stand out due to their longer lifespan. Most of them use LED technology and special plastic that makes it easy for them to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, or vibration, without any malfunction.

Live view

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Most solar-powered security cameras use technology that connects the cameras to different differences. You can easily view your property through these connected devices.

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Chapter 3:

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Common applications for Solar Powered surveillance cameras

Solar-powered surveillance cameras use a solar panel to get power and require no electricity or cabling. They are placed outside to monitor the off-grid places or remote areas where running cables or wiring is nearly impossible or highly expensive.


Outdoor security systems are an increasingly significant part of doing business and keeping your facility safe. Wireless outdoor security cameras give companies, the ability to see what is going on outside the property.
These setups allow for a security system that gives a 360-degree view of the building’s exterior. With the capability to monitor views of streets and patrol secured areas, outdoor security systems can allow for an unmatched security level. They also act as a deterrent against criminal activities like robberies, vandalism, etc.

Everything has a pro and cons, so does the outdoor security cameras. They are totally dependent on the grid. If the power goes out or the backup battery runs out, the security cameras can go dark. An innovative solution to this situation is to choose a solar-powered security camera. A solar wireless security camera won’t depend on the grid. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to see what’s going on outside at all times. A wireless solar surveillance camera system opens up new innovative options and angles that you may not have seen with a traditional video surveillance system.

Here are a few applications of solar-powered surveillance cameras:


Property perimeter security cameras

Solar-powered surveillance systems are used to monitor the building’s perimeter to avoid intrusion or external crimes around the property. This system offers various customized solutions such as fence surveillance, CCTV, wireless platforms.

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Parking lots and private drives

Solar security cameras are used to protect parking lots to secure office employees with safe parking facilities. There are different criminal activities in and around the parking lots that need to be addressed. Solar-powered Surveillance cameras help to deter the crimes or record video of the incident. Due to a renewable energy source and eco-friendly solution, solar-powered surveillance cameras don’t fail to capture the videos, unlike other cameras that depend on either network or electricity.


Construction sites

Construction sites need to be monitored remotely to keep track of the work as well as maintain safety. Job-site security cameras are necessary for security because construction sites attract thieves and other intruders for several reasons. The abundance of valuable equipment or materials in the facility is often left in plain sight without many of the security features found in finished properties. It provides thieves with ample opportunity to walk away with building materials and creates costly delays. Because construction sites are often left unsupervised overnight, they can also become prime targets for vandals who can cause extensive damage can set a project far behind schedule. However, construction site camera monitoring can be challenging, as these construction sites often lack the necessary infrastructure for these security systems or other measures. With the absence of power and data connections, traditional security cameras are virtually impossible to use on construction sites. Solar-powered surveillance cameras can be installed virtually anywhere. With just six hours of direct sunlight exposure, solar-powered cameras can operate continuously for seven days and nights. The solar panels can be set up as far away from the security cameras as 100 feet, giving construction companies maximum flexibility for setup and installation.

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Cell towers

Protecting Cell Towers are extremely important. Cell Towers are often susceptible to theft, trespassing, vandalism. Therefore, installing an effective video surveillance system is critical. Security is a concern because more than 224 million people rely on smartphones connecting to cell towers in the US. Around 350k cell towers across the US are targets for thieves and vandals. They target cell tower backup batteries and other valuable components, including aluminum and copper.

Vital facilities can be actively monitored via solar power, so no electricity or Wi-Fi is needed. Therefore, even the far corners of cell tower properties can be surveyed from unwanted attacks or criminal activities.

With the help of solar-powered surveillance cameras, you can keep an eye on the property using remote video monitoring of single or multiple cell tower locations from a smartphone or monitor.  Around 97% of the time, remote video surveillance and monitoring help deter malicious, curious intruders and criminal behavior ranging from stealing copper to tampering with cables. Thereby saving you money and keeps your cell tower property secured. Using advanced technologies, you can personally check the cell tower security cameras’ health before it’s too late and avoid missing the record of unwanted threats due to security camera issues. Video analytics can help you to tracks the events that occur on the property. Solar security cameras are incredibly scalable as they can upload all the footages in the cloud to be viewed from anywhere and at any time remotely. There are also 4G solar camera and a cellular tower near those cameras, which can be extremely critical to upload the video recordings faster using 4G Connectivity.


Base Stations

Base Stations serves as a central hub for different wireless devices and allows connection to the network. Like Cell towers, Base Stations can also be vulnerable to thefts and criminal attacks that can affect the services of all the connected devices. Solar-powered surveillance cameras can be installed to monitor the base stations remotely and capture unwanted crime scenes. These cameras are durable, weather-resistant, and include nonstop power charging solar panel and a rechargeable battery, thereby providing nonstop protection in any weather. They cover every corner of the base station property and act as a deterrent against crimes.



Protecting the integrity of the nation’s food supply is the most critical responsibility of farmers and, in general, all of us. Keeping an eye on the fields is crucial to avoid theft of equipment or livestock. The main challenge is the lack of electricity in rural areas. Therefore, installing solar-powered surveillance cameras can be extremely helpful because they do not require electricity and can be charged with just a few hours of direct sunlight exposure. Additionally, they have a rechargeable battery backup power supply. Solar-powered surveillance cameras can be installed anywhere regardless of how far they are from the power grid. In case of natural disasters like floods or drought, the conditions of the field can be monitored remotely. Apart from that, you can also monitor irrigation and water flow, livestock, crops, fieldwork, deliveries, and weather remotely. You can review footage to identify, prevent & manage situations in a better way. Overall, solar security cameras improve quality and ensure farm security.

Chapter 4:

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Security Camera Applications and recommended features


Knowing what to look for when you want to buy a security camera is a bit tricky.

Different brands have a lot of different features and options that may confuse you in your search for the perfect security camera. The most important applications and features you should look for in your security camera are monitoring and control, communications, motion detection, surveillance, night vision, and alert notifications.


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Surveillance is the primary function of surveillance cameras. When you want to buy a surveillance camera make sure that it has a high-definition and wide-angle video feature. This will make surveillance easy and will allow you and any law enforcement official to detect even the smallest detail.

Monitoring and Control

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Make sure you get a camera that can transmit footage straight to connected devices. This will make it easier for you to monitor your properties. Good security cameras should come with some form of a control system.


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Choose cameras that have two-way audio. These cameras come with speakers and microphones that you can use to communicate with your visitors or anybody on the other end. You can even address delivery drivers or check in on your children and pets with this feature.


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Make sure you get cameras that can easily be integrated with your other smart devices. This will allow you to control your light switch or any other device from the same application.

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Access control

Integration with access control systems helps to control access to your facility and keeps your business safe. Besides access control integration, there is other systems integration that provides much more flexibility with a unified security solution. These days most security systems come with applications that give you different degrees of control. You can see live footage of your property through your connected device even when you travel. You can also control where and how you can access your security camera and can easily activate and deactivate your camera remotely. 


Alarms and sensors

Buy security cameras that have sensors and alarm systems. Cameras that have sensors save storage space by cutting down the amount of footage that is being recorded. You can also use these sensors to trigger alarms that will alert you to any intruder.

Motion detection

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This feature is very important. Make sure you buy a camera that can easily detect motions. Most security cameras use motion detection feature to follow the action in any property automatically.

Night vision

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Cameras with night vision are necessary for businesses. You should invest in a camera that has a sufficient night vision range.

Alert notifications

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Get a security camera that has a motion alert feature. This will help prevent burglary and package theft. Once your camera detects movement you will receive alert notifications in your phone and will then act accordingly.

Chapter 5:

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Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor surveillance cameras act as a serious deterrent to criminals and people that carry out illegal activities.

People usually equate cameras to the presence of the law and this deters anyone that planned to commit a crime from doing so. Footage from these cameras can also help in settling any dispute. You can collect evidence if your property is unfortunately broken into. You can also keep records of everything happening around and on your property. If you have employees, then you can easily monitor their activities. Since they have rechargeable batteries and motion sensors they can work in remote areas, driveways, backyards, and even places that don’t have Wi-Fi.


Alternatives to Solar-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Most people that want a solar-powered security camera don’t want to through the Haskell of carrying cables around. Alternatives to solar-powered wireless security cameras are mains-powered, cellular network cameras, and battery-powered wireless security cameras. Mains-powered security cameras transmit wirelessly. Battery-powered wireless security cameras work with either rechargeable lithium-ion or standard alkaline batteries. You need to change the batteries frequently to keep the camera working. Cellular security cameras transmit videos over a mobile network and this makes them perfect for places that don’t have any power source or internet.

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Solar-powered security cameras vs cellular network cameras

Here are the similarities and differences between these two types of cameras:

  1. They are both easy to use and install. You can install both of these cameras by yourself.
  2. They are both flexible. They are both powered by batteries and don’t need any electrical outlet.
  3. Cellular network security cameras are relatively pricier than solar-powered security cameras due to advanced technology. They also need data plans to operate and since live streaming and recording increases data consumption, you need to pay more money to use this camera.
  4. Sometimes it is hard to tell the quality of cellular network security cameras since you’ll have little or no reference from reviews. There are however many reviews on solar-powered security cameras since most of them come from known brands.
  5. As opposed to solar-powered security cameras, the battery life of cellular network cameras is a problem. Most of them don’t come with rechargeable batteries and they could die out on you anytime.

Chapter 6:

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What factors to consider for Solar-Powered Outdoor Security Cameras


Here are a few considerations you need to take before installing solar-powered outdoor security cameras for your business.


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Some solar security cameras are not cheap. Buy cameras that are worth the price.

Battery Backup

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Purchase cameras with batteries that have a long lifespan. Solar security cameras depend on rechargeable batteries so purchasing a camera with batteries that don’t last long is a bad idea.


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Get solar security cameras that you can easily install without needing professional help.

Impacts from elements

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Look for weatherproof cameras that can withstand all weather conditions. Make sure they are waterproof and have protection against moisture and dust.

Power Supply Voltage

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The power supply voltage of your battery should always match that of your wireless surveillance camera to avoid the battery being fried or burnt.

We at Umbrella Security Systems are committed to helping you do what’s best for your business, and we offer a wide range of technology to do just that. If you are interested in our solar-powered surveillance solutions, just give us a call.

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