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A business owner’s primary concern should be theft prevention.  According to a report by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, products worth more than $35 million are stolen from retail stores every day. This staggering fact should be more than enough reason to show that retail security systems are essential to business owners. It is a business owner’s responsibility to take measures that improve the security of business.

camera security ceiling surveillance privacy dome Retail Security Systems and Customer Loyalty

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance systems are the most commonly used types of security in retail stores. Most stores install camera systems to give them real-time images of what’s going on. Sometimes such security systems will not have audio features, but even so, they help tremendously in capturing a perpetrator.

Typically, most people are intimidated by such systems and, as a result, will shy away from stealing or committing any other crimes when they spot one. For those bold enough to commit a crime, video surveillance in retail security systems assists business owners and authorities in capturing the perpetrator. This type of security alone shouldn’t stop you from investing in others, however. Other forms of security can be integrated into sophisticated retail security systems to give business owners peace of mind.


Mobile Credential Access Control 1 Retail Security Systems and Customer Loyalty

Access Control Systems  

As suggested by the name, access control systems assist in controlling who gets in and out of a business owners’s retail space. Card readers, metal detectors, electronic card readers and even systems controlled by an application can all be installed as integral parts of retail security systems.

As a retailer, using magnetic locks and card readers also helps to prevent people from walking out with stolen goods, especially if they are integrated into the bar code element of retail security systems. Utilizing the correct type of access control system should be simple, especially when partnering with a sophisticated and reputable company like Umbrella Security Systems.

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Cyber Security Integration 

Protecting information is just as important as protecting physical merchandise in retail business. Chances are, marketing strategies or advertising techniques are stored in a business owner’s computer or network systems. However, that is only scratching the surface.

As a retail business owner, it’s likely that extremely sensitive data such as bank information, passwords, customer information, etc. is stored digitally. Protecting this information is beyond essential. Measures can be taken such as encrypting files and making redundant copies of important data as extra precautionary steps.

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How Retail Security Systems = Customer Loyalty 

As a business owner, the main focus is on customer satisfaction and loyalty. If a customer is negatively impacted by an experience that took place in a retailer’s facility, it could truly be the beginning of the end. Not only do retail security systems protect business and merchandise, they protect the most important asset: customers. 

Understanding what the elements of a retail security system mentioned above can do for businesses should allow assist in making the right decisions when installing.

Let’s get into a few more reasons why retail security systems are an absolute necessity to business owners…


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 Retail Security Systems…

1. Offer Peace of Mind to More Than Just the Business Owner

If a business is running without a security system, it is essentially asking to be robbed. Not to mention that a business owner in that scenario would most likely be living in a constant state of fear. A retail security system is an absolute necessity for business owners.

2. Provide Customers and Employees With a Sense of Protection

When customers are entering a well secured business, it often leads to trust and repetitive visits, hence, loyalty. Assuring customers their safety is a business owner’s obligation. Once  customer loyalty is earned, it’s more likely that customers will recommend the business to their friends and family, this equates to even more loyalty.

3. Point Blank: Retail Security Systems Decrease or Have the Potential to Nearly Eliminate Crime 

When a business is protected and security is emphasized, it sends a message to anyone who may be bold enough to try to commit theft or worse. Facing such intense security sends a message to those people that if they mess with the business, they’re going to be facing dire consequences. Potential thieves will be fearful of breaking in. Even if a single incident occurs, that will cause others to fear repeating the same because it will become apparent how easy it is to be caught by the business’ sophisticated retail security system.

4. Enhance the Safety of Financial Information 

Customers need to be made aware that their personal, financial information is protected. This is incredibly important, especially when customers use credit cards or other forms of electronic forms of payment

5. If an Incident Were to Occur, the Legal Process Would Be Sped Up Tremendously 

Legal processes can be costly, long, and tedious, especially with a lack of evidence. However, with retail security systems, all of the evidence is right at the business owner’s fingertips. Not only will the culprit be caught as soon as possible, but the court processes will be speedy.

6. Employees Will Exhibit Better Performance

Retail Security Systems do not only give employees a greater sense of safety; they give them more motivation to work harder and handle their responsibilities. For example, if electronic card readers are implemented, they will show more incentive to be on time and not leave early. The peace of mind in knowing they are protected and in a safe work environment will also allow them to focus on their jobs.

7. Lower Insurance Premiums

Though businesses pay insurance premiums for financial protection, insurance companies also want to be protected. This is why they will ask business owners to pay more premiums if they feel that the business is at a higher risk of crime. Installing retail security systems lowers the risk and as a result, lowers premiums paid on business owner’s policies.

8. Builds a Good Reputation in a Competitive Market 

The retail industry is extremely competitive and business owners should do whatever they (morally) can to stay on top. Improving security displays to the competition the professionalism and responsibility of the business. These are important qualities for a business to posses in order to be taken seriously in the market. Not only will a business earn the loyalty of customers, but also the respect and loyalty of investors and other businesses. A business will end up building a solid reputation in the community as well as the industry, which is absolutely invaluable.

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Why Choose Umbrella Security Systems for Retail Security Systems?

At Umbrella Security Systems, we are redefining security for the modern facility- delivering the rare combination of sophisticated security solutions with true business intelligence enabling growth and superior protection of your people, places and data.

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