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Thousands of students roam specific areas every day when classes are in session, trying to get to and from classes, dorms, clubs, etc. It’s incredibly important to secure these areas to keep students as safe as possible. This guide will assist in creating fundamental college campus security. 

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Be Sure Lights Are All In Good Working Condition 

Even the smallest of things such as a light that is out can make the biggest impact. When students are walking around campus at night, nothing is more terrifying than an unexpectedly dark area that is needed to be walked through. 

The best thing to do in this case is to regularly check out the campus and check that all lights are working and none are dysfunctional. It’s the very least that can be done since students already have so much on their mind. 

Non-functioning lights and improper security doesn’t just put students at risk, it can also damage the school’s reputation. Calculate the cost of lighting against revenue lost from school dropouts that don’t feel safe on campus vs. the cost of lighting. Risking a damaged reputation can be avoided with proper lighting and security. 

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Access Control Should Be Utilized To Enter Any and All Different Facilities

So many different people take up the campus on a day to day basis, from students to staff and everyone in between: everyone deserves to be protected equally. With access control, only those who are authorized can access certain areas of different facilities on campus.  

The system works when an authorized card is used within a few inches of the reader (or in the general area, depending on what kind of access control system is implemented). 

The ID info is then sent upstream to the controller for processing. Once the information is processed, the system will either grant or deny access depending on credentials. 

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Update All Security Cameras on Premise 

If, God forbid, something were to happen, it’s extremely important to know exactly what happened to target the threat and move toward taking preventative measures to be sure nothing happens again. 

In terms of security cameras, people tend to think of security cameras as a means for staff to monitor students, staff, visitors, etc as it proves as a helpful tool for improving proper human prevention efforts by campus employees. 

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