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There are hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every year. Cyber attacks are incredibly expensive and pose a threat to businesses, consumers, and employees. On average, a cyber data breach can cost around 4 million dollars. So, what actions should be taken? Lets get into it. 

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1. Identifying When to Revitalize Your Cyber Security Plan


Over the years, hackers have become more and more intelligent and sophisticated. Large businesses have had cyber attacks exposing data from millions of customers just in the last few years. Despite whatever cyber security plan you already have, it’s important to not become too comfortable.

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Take time to really consider the following questions while deciding when to revitalize cybersecurity for your business:  

-How has your business grown since the last time you reviewed your cyber security plan?

-Have you opened a new location or building that has internet access?

-Has any new equipment, (computers, technology, etc.), been purchased since your cyber security plan has been reviewed?

-How long has it been since you checked on your network security strongholds?

-Has your business had any cyber security issues in the past year like a computer virus or data breach?

-How long has it been since you have updated your business’s technology? Has it been months since your equipment has undergone routine maintenance?

If the answer was “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s definitely time to revitalize cyber security for your business.

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2. How to Revitalize Your Business’s Cyber Security Plan

The world of technology is ever-changing. This means cyber criminals are looking for new and tricky ways to steal sensitive information by hacking. It is possible that by giving your cyber security plan an upgrade, you could be protected from online threats.

The following points show you how to revitalize cyber security for your business: 

Conduct a cyber threat assessment. Do a thorough review of your network performance metrics, malware monitoring, etc. to determine weaknesses

-Change/update all software and passwords. It’s much easier for cyber criminals to identify points of access and hack into your business when your passwords and software are out of date

Encrypt every network. Encrypting your business’s sensitive information allows you to encode the data to make it unreadable to any outside party. This makes it tough for unauthorized individuals to access information exchanged through your network.

-Put policies in place and hold everyone accountable. Develop cyber security policies for your business and employees. Include instructions and guidelines on password strength, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), and remote work options. 

-Collaborate and encourage collaboration between your IT department and security vendor to be sure that your software, programs and business devices are properly set up. 

-Connect with an experienced security vendor that understands the needs of your business. In order to continuously revitalize cyber security for your business, work with them closely to update your cyber security plan. 


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