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Security cameras have grown as essential indoors as they have on every nook and cranny of public roads. Having eyes on the access points in your establishment is as important as having eyes on the access points leading to it.

The choice between outdoor and indoor cameras demands careful consideration. Click here to learn more about the different types of security cameras. Let’s see how indoor and outdoor security cameras are different and why it may not always be a good idea to get the same kind across the board.


Weather Resistance


Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are made with resilience in mind. They are equipped to face unpredictable, not to mention harsh elements, such as rain, snow, or scorching heat, ensuring continuous operation despite adverse weather conditions.

Indoor Cameras


Tailored for the controlled environment within your premises, indoor cameras may lack the robust weatherproofing necessary for exposure to the great outdoors. Their durability is optimized for the sheltered spaces they inhabit.


Night Vision Capabilities


Outdoor Cameras

By embracing advanced infrared technology, outdoor security cameras transcend the limitations of darkness. Your outdoors could be pitch black or dimly lit, and the infrared LED in these security cameras will ensure crystal-clear visibility, extending the vigilance of your surveillance when it’s dark outside.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras without infrared LEDs may find themselves challenged in low-light conditions because they primarily rely on the illumination in a space. While suitable for well-lit indoor spaces, their effectiveness during nighttime surveillance may be compromised.


A Security Camera Installed in Dimly-Lit Indoors

Field of View and Focus


Outdoor Cameras

These security cameras are made to cover as much area as possible. They often boast a wider field of view, but the same can’t always be said for the depth of their views. With a panoramic perspective, they sweep across larger outdoor areas, providing comprehensive monitoring ideal for expansive properties or outdoor spaces.


Indoor Cameras

Focused on capturing specific zones with precision, indoor cameras prioritize depth over breadth. They are tailored for enclosed spaces and excel at monitoring rooms, entrances, and other confined areas. They retain their image and video quality even upon zooming in on a particular footage or still.


Discreet Design


Outdoor Cameras

Striking a balance between visibility and subtlety, modern outdoor camera designs cater to diverse security preferences. While some opt for the deterrent effect of visible cameras, others prefer more discreet options that maintain a low profile.


Their diversity is part of the reason that most businesses have these security cameras installed throughout their premises rather than restricting them to the outdoors.


Indoor Cameras

These security cameras prioritize subtlety so they can seamlessly integrate with indoor décor. Their discreet design allows for covert surveillance without drawing attention, blending effortlessly into the surrounding aesthetics.


Add Cutting-Edge Security Cameras to Your Business Security System in Chicago


Understanding these differences empowers you to make informed choices, ensuring that your security setup aligns seamlessly with your protection priorities.


Fulfill these priorities today with Umbrella Security Systems, whose ten-year-long experience in security camera installation and engineering is just what you need to cap the gaps in your security system and make it safer in your presence and absence, be it light or dark outside.


Reach out to go over your video surveillance needs with our team.

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