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Outdoor Security Cameras for Businesses


Protecting your business from the outside is equally important as the inside. Outdoor security cameras help protect your property not only from extreme environmental conditions but also from crime. These security camera systems keep track of movement, individuals, weather changes such as wind, snow, heatwaves, and more. They prevent crime with advanced technologies such as motion-sensors, motion-activated floodlights, spotlight and sirens, scaring potential trespassers away, and protecting your facility. Apart from these, night vision, color vision and waterproof capabilities make outdoor security cameras uniquely valuable to businesses. Outdoor security cameras can range anywhere from $50 to $400 with an average of $150 to $250.

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What Is the Best Security Camera for Outside?

When choosing the best outdoor security cameras there are a lot of variations among products. Despite all the variations, we have done an independent analysis on each major brand in the market and selected the best commercial outdoor security cameras for your business.



Outdoor security cameras from Axis are a great way to protect your property from uncertain weather changes or crime. Below are the features of Axis outdoor security cameras:

360-degree protection

Capable of capturing entire view

These cameras are capable of capturing the whole view regardless of the size of monitored areas.

Excellent HDTV image quality

Each of the cameras have excellent HDTV image quality.

The AXIS Q8742-LE Bispectral PTZ Network Camera is an excellent light-sensitive visual camera with Wide Dynamic Range Forensic Capture for more clarity and a clearer view in both dark and light areas and HDTV 1080p with integrated 30x optical zoom for identification purposes.

Integration capabilities

Capable of integration with other systems

Fixed dome cameras like AXIS M3037-PVE have IP phone system integration capabilities and fixed box cameras like AXIS M10 have alarm integration capabilities.

Diverse product Range

Axis has huge product line

Their product lines cover all the features you need to safeguard your business. Here are some of the cameras they provide:


Fixed box cameras

These cameras are fixed at an angle, provide a clear view and help to protect against potential offenders as well as environmental changes. Their features vary across smart robust designs capable of withstanding adverse climatic changes, light sensitivity, alarm integration capabilities, easy installation, and more.


Panoramic cameras

These cameras provide complete awareness with a 360-degree view. This coverage helps businesses to monitor activities and detect incidents in a larger view. These cameras are worth the money because with just one camera you can get the work of many. These products are single-sensor cameras, multi-sensor cameras, or 360-degree cameras with 2*2 MP dual sensor camera and supports real time monitoring capabilities.


Explosion protected cameras

These  commercial outdoor security cameras bring 30+ years of Axis network-video experience. They have the capability to protect your facility operations and employees against explosion from intrusion. These cameras provide safety information using their sensor systems like temperature signals, thermal alarms, man-down alarms, hardhat detection and more.

There are other products like Modular cameras, positioning cameras, specialty cameras, fixed bullet cameras, fixed dome cameras, onboard cameras and canon network cameras. The lists will continue to grow with time as Axis provides unique security cameras with innovative technology and advanced features.



Honeywell products stand out in the market due to their quality and broad product line. Honeywell outdoor security cameras are a complete solution for your business security. 

Their Outdoor rugged dome cameras are highly reliable, easy to install, support flexible integration, feature day and night color images, have excellent low-light performance and more.

Their IPCAM-WOC1 HD Wi-Fi® Outdoor Video Camera captures a clear video with 1080p at 30 frames per second and hosted in the cloud. This camera is not only stylish, but also weather resistant with night vision capabilities.



Hanwha outdoor security cameras are well known in the security industry. 

Their products support a wide variety of features. These include advanced video analytics, sound classification, advanced cybersecurity capability, vandalism proof, business analytics, fog detection, shock detection, audio playback and cutting-edge technologies such as WiseStream II, reducing bandwidth and fulfilling storage requirements.

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Outdoor Security Camera Features 


Weatherproof Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are resistant to dust and liquids. These cameras can operate in temperatures as high as 140°F / 60°C and as low as -22°F / -30°C. They cover a range of international standards for enclosured outdoor electrical equipment. Some of these IP ratings are – solid objects over 2″ / 50mm (e.g. hand), dust – limited ingress (no harmful deposits, vertically – dripping water, sprays of water when tilted up to 60° vertically, low pressure jets of water from all directions – limited ingress, temporary immersion between 6″ and 40″ / 15cm and 1m and more.



Most of the cameras support 1080p video resolution, which is capable for clearer video footage.


Motion Detection

Outdoor security cameras are capable of motion sensitivity. The job is to pick the right cameras as some of the cameras provide excellent motion detection yet are inexpensive. This feature keeps your property safe from intruders.


Night Vision & Lighting

Images at night are extremely crisp. Outdoor security cameras help to overcome this issue with infrared light to illuminate dark images at night and provide a clear image.


License Plate Recognition

Outdoor security cameras capture the license plate clearly not only in a dark environment with the help of infrared technology but also during rainy days with the help of waterproof design.



These cameras are capable of integration with emergency notification systems < link>, access control systems, and more.

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Business Vs. Home Outdoor Cameras

Protecting your business and your residential property is equally important. 

Securing your business with outdoor cameras is critical to keep your employees safe from intruders and adverse climate changes. Home security with outdoor cameras protects your home from thieves, broken glass due to crime, adverse weather conditions and more. But because of the differences in professional and personal goals, the level of camera quality is higher for commercial needs. Businesses should use only cameras which are designed for professional environments, that means avoiding many of the home camera brands. These home camera brands often do not have the same security standards, integration capabilities, or the protection that your business requires.

Professional Design & Camera Installation

Professional Installers like Umbrella Security Systems own the whole process of camera selection through installation. Umbrella Security Systems provides the best solutions to meet your business requirements.

There are few considerations you need to take into account during the installation process:


Perimeter & Parking Lot Monitoring

Outdoor security cameras should be mounted at an angle that covers a clear view of the parking lot with wide range coverage.


Preventing Blind Spots

Outdoor security cameras should be positioned to eliminate blind spots automatically and provide a clear view of the entire exterior of your business.


Number of Cameras

Installation of the correct number of cameras and putting them in the right place is important to capture different angles. Choosing the right outdoor security camera can eliminate this issue without overloading your property or budget with too many cameras.

Umbrella Security Systems has the right experience and knowledge to guide you throughout the process of installation and help you to install the best outdoor security system suitable for your business. 

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