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Workplace Security Cameras for Businesses


Workplace security is essential to maintaining a safe and secure working environment. Although there may be various legal regulations when it comes to installing surveillance cameras in the workplace, following them correctly helps to create trust among employees while deterring criminal activities. Companies use surveillance cameras to deter and monitor unwanted and illegal activities such as workplace violence, identity theft, and property theft. It can also monitor staff productivity and incidents such as job accidents and injuries. Security risks can be minimized by implementing proper security measures such as installing security cameras in the facility for live video surveillance and remote monitoring. Live monitoring can ensure the safety of employees and deter any misconduct, giving any business owner peace of mind.

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Benefits of workplace security cameras

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Overall Sense of Security

Video surveillance systems in a workplace can help prevent crime and unwanted incidents. They can monitor activities, record videos as proof of evidence, and then store them properly. These systems can also have motion-sensing technology that can generate alerts during suspicious incidents. Placing the system at proper locations on the premises, while positioned at the right angles, is critical for the surveillance to be efficient. Installing video surveillance systems at facility entrances is also a great way to increase security. They can capture the faces of each person entering the property and can identify unauthorized individuals. People who intend to commit crimes are often discouraged when they see surveillance cameras installed in a facility.


Prevent Workplace Theft

Workplace theft is a major issue nowadays. This kind of theft can either be internal or external. Internal workplace theft is when the theft is committed by employees or staff working for the company. These acts are very harmful to the organization, not only financially but also to the other employees at work. Internal theft is rising, comprising 15% of all workplace theft. 

Aside from internal theft, external theft has also increased over the years. Places like shopping malls and retail stores often fall victim to external theft, which affects these businesses in the long run. Surveillance cameras are vital in such areas to deter, monitor, or record instances of theft or any crime.


Reduce Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment can be reduced to a great extent by installing security cameras in the facility. If people with wrong intentions are aware of the CCTV coverage in the facility, they might think twice about their actions due to the risk of being recorded. Installing the right video surveillance system that captures HD quality footage is essential for evidence and employee protection. Cases such as sexual assault and harassment can be prevented in this way.


Reduce Violent Attacks

Workplace violence is becoming more prevalent each year. An article showed US healthcare workers face a rise in workplace violence. Even places like schools and the transport industry are significant victims of workplace violence. Violence in the workplace can be of different forms – it can be disputes between workers and customers or among the staff, which could result in harsh debates and violence. CCTV coverage in the facility may discourage these activities, as well as help to resolve these issues before they escalate into worst situations. The Insurance Journal says workplace fatalities increased by 25% in Texas in 2019. Live monitoring and surveillance can deter violent behaviors and the recorded evidence can be used to prosecute the culprits.


Create a More Productive Workplace

Installing security cameras in the workplace can also improve employee productivity. It helps to identify individuals genuinely dedicated to their work and encourages them by providing timely recognition.

Workplace Video Surveillance Policy and management

Before a company plans to install video surveillance systems in the workplace, they must follow a set of surveillance coverage rules on their property. One such rule is that the company must have a proper and legitimate business reason to install surveillance in their workplace. Different state privacy laws may determine the extent of video surveillance monitoring and can determine if certain conditions are fair and lawful. When you plan to install a video surveillance system in your facility, study the rules and regulations you need to follow. These regulations can vary depending on the state you are in. Most of these states have laws that limit video security camera use in private areas such as restrooms, break rooms, and other locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. On the other hand, places such as retail stores, banks, jewelry stores, restaurants, and other establishments that interact with the public daily, must use video surveillance systems in their premises at all times to increase security and prevent crimes such as theft and robbery.

Human Resource’s Role

Human Resource professionals manage workplace privacy by facilitating the adoption of best practices to protect employees and minimize property risk. They coordinate with legal staff, security professionals, and risk management teams to develop and implement effective monitoring systems to prevent everyday crimes like theft, employee misconduct, and other workplace violence. The HR team is also responsible for providing proper business justification, such as employer-provided equipment and systems, computer networks, telephones, and pagers. These kinds of items need to be secured in the workplace.

The HR team is also prime in communicating the employer’s policies and procedures for workplace video monitoring and protecting employee privacy. This includes the need to implement video surveillance and monitoring systems. HR’s role is critical in the whole process to ensure the trust, transparency, and cooperation of employees.

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Legal Restrictions on Workplace Monitoring

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only. Information on this website may not constitute the most up-to-date legal or other information. Readers of this website should contact their attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter.

Is it Legal to Install Surveillance Cameras in the workplace?

There are different state laws regarding surveillance camera installation in the workplace. It’s legal in most states, with some restrictions that need to be followed. In case there is no law in place (in your state) that allows or prohibits video surveillance, the courts can determine whether an employee’s privacy and rights have been violated in the surveillance process. 

In these cases, the courts consider the following points: 

  1. The company needs to conduct surveillance.
  2. The company’s reasonable expectation of privacy. 

To prevent such a case from opening, a business must always follow the rules and state regulations. Companies must ensure the below three guidelines:

  1. Companies have legitimate reasons to install the cameras.
  2. Employees are aware of the cameras.
  3. The cameras are set in common/public areas.


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Where to put security cameras in an office

The placement of security cameras in the office or workplace is crucial.  A business may monitor different workplace locations with surveillance cameras, such as:

  • Entrances to office buildings or plants
  • Parking lots and parking garages
  • Areas surrounding cash registers
  • Computer rooms
  • Shop floors
  • Offices
  • Storage rooms

In consumer-facing businesses, security cameras are also usually installed to monitor the general public, such as at shops, sports stadiums, and outdoor areas. Video surveillance systems are not used in private areas, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, or employees’ homes.

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Monitoring Computer, Email, and Text Communications

The advantage of using electronic communication in the workplace is an obvious premise. These are effective means of communication among employees and stakeholders. Maintaining an electronic information network allows businesses to monitor employee work productivity, quality, and efficiency. However, employee use of email communication, voice mail, and the internet have brought a multitude of workplace problems. For example, employees’ personal email use can affect employee productivity. Misuse of electronic communication can place your business at risk.

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Video Monitoring/Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the standard methods to ensure workplace safety. Video monitoring helps to monitor employee activities and minimize employee misconduct within a facility. Businesses, again, must consider the state laws and regulations with proper justification to adopt surveillance systems in the property. Remote monitoring video surveillance is another added advantage that helps in monitoring the property from anywhere and at any time.

What to Know Before You Choose an Office Surveillance System

Before you choose to install an office surveillance system in your facility, it’s essential to consider some of the following criteria as you review your needs:

  • The number of cameras
  • Indoor vs. outdoor cameras
  • Video quality
  • Storage
  • Camera design features
  • Compatibility
  • Monitoring
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Professional Design & Camera Installation

It’s important to hire a professional security consultant to provide you expert advice and choose your facility’s best security solution. They can make the process easy for you by providing end-to-end service that meets the business objectives to ensure client satisfaction.


Workplace Security design and Installation Process

Umbrella Security Systems’ process is transparent and straightforward without taking much of your time. We start with your current security expectations so that we can provide you with the best possible security solution for your workplace. After looking at the current situation and existing system, we conduct an onsite security assessment, including asking your team to provide additional input. We properly plan, design, start the installation and deliver daily (or bi-weekly) written progress reports throughout the installation process. We consider all avenues to provide you with the best solution that meets your needs. Our end-to-end process is unique from most of the professional security services available in the market.


Umbrella Security Systems is an independent security consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the security industry. Contact us today!

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