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While It May Seem Like a No-Brainer…

You might be surprised by just how many people overlook the importance of a Stadium Security System while attending a sporting event, concert, or other large event held at a stadium.

A Stadium Security System is absolutely essential for a stadium or large gathering space of any kind. It is the stadium owner and his or her team’s responsibility to reassure that the patrons, employees, performers, athletes, and anyone  within the facility are kept safe. 

Security should always be at the top of your list as a business owner.  It’s imperative that you do all that you can to ensure the safety of those who enter your business. This could mean ten people or ten thousand people, regardless, it is incredibly important! Stadium Security Systems are especially important due to the volume of people within the space.

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 Keeping an Eye on the Crowd 

Advancements in video surveillance have reached far past the ability to catch high-def videos and images to store them. What does this mean for Stadium Security Systems?

These advancements are able to be integrated into safety and security solutions which give access to life-saving technology such as connection to fire alarms, for real time security monitoring.

“…Teams and venues recognize the need to keep fans safe…technology plays an increasingly important role in keeping venues safe…these solutions include camera systems and data analytics for monitoring venues”

Highly sophisticated analytical tools allow venues to monitor activity without assigning an employee to do the work of monitoring. Automated alerts can alert workers of out-of-place objects, suspicious people or actions, and unauthorized access all in real time. This allows staff to respond more quickly and tackle threats before they become problems.

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Facial Recognition Plays a Huge Part in Stadium Security Systems

All around the world, stadiums are beginning to use facial recognition software for several reasons: ranging from making areas more secure to beefing up Stadium Security Systems and making events more enjoyable for patrons.  You’ve most likely been to a sporting event, professional or not, tand you’ve probably seen some level of banter or violence here or there between fans.  So, where does facial recognition come into play here? 

Stadiums all across the world are using facial recognition to keep a record of fans who have been ejected, arrested, and banned. Facial recognition led to more than 40 arrests at last year’s World Cup, for example.  Not only does facial recognition dramatically assist in Stadium Security to let staff know shouldn’t be attending events, it also helps to be sure that those who are authorized to attend events are able to quickly and easily. There was an announcement that the 2020 Olympics in Japan will be using facial recognition software to speed up the process of admittance for over 300,000 staff, athletes, etc. to gain access. 



unnamed Stadium Security Systems: Safety During Large Events

A security system for a large gathering facility like a stadium is absolutely essential. It is the stadium owner and his or her team’s responsibility to reassure that the patrons, employees, performers, athletes, and anyone who enters the facility are kept safe from the time anyone enters the facility to the time everyone exits.

Access Control in Stadium Security Systems

It’s no secret that sports, concerts, and large events are known to bring in thousands-even hundreds of thousands of people that are looking for a fun, carefree, and unique experience. An event could potentially be a disaster without a Stadium Security System.  

“Access control plays a vital role in ensuring satisfaction among visitors, all of whom are hoping for a unique experience. However it must contend with the challenges of running the venue, keeping people safe and protecting property. The solution must also be able to deal with the new types of threat encountered in crowded areas.” 

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What Umbrella Security Systems Can Do for You

Umbrella Security Systems offers protection on every level. This means complete surveillance systems such as Stadium Security Systems. We provide you with constant monitoring which can drastically reduce criminal incidents and inappropriate crowd outbursts which gives staff, athletes, performers, media professionals and everyone within the stadium peace of mind. We are dedicated to strengthening the safety of these events with Stadium Security Systems. 

However, it doesn’t stop there!

Our state-of-the-art security cameras capture: 

Parking Lots

Stadium Seating

Ticket Booths

Concession Stands

Shipping Gates

Receiving Gates

Areas Without Ambient Light

Commercial Security Systems & System Integration Services

Umbrella Security Systems is a leading expert in Commercial Security Systems Consulting & System Integration. Focusing on Professional Video Surveillance, Access Control Systems and Emergency Mass Notification Solutions for Business and Government clients.

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