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Electric strike door locks offer value, particularly in commercial settings like offices and schools. There is more than one reason we recommend them when the topic of secure doors for schools comes up.


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These electronic security devices control access by electronically managing the locking and unlocking of door latches. They offer keyless entry, remote control, and other security features commonly used in commercial and institutional settings.


Let’s explore the key benefits that make these locks a preferred choice for modern security needs.


Enhanced External Security

Electric strike door locks come in failsafe and fail-secure modes, hence their placement on doors leading outdoors.


They are effective in preventing unauthorized access during power outages and ensuring controlled exits in emergencies, making them ideal for various environments, including healthcare facilities and schools.


Remote System Management

An electric strike door lock system can be seamlessly integrated with a mobile-based access management platform. This integration allows for updates to be performed from any location globally.


In the event of new feature rollouts or security updates, these can be conveniently executed through a secure internet connection.


Keyless Convenience

Opting for a keypad system with electric strike door locks eliminates the reliance on traditional keys. This not only enhances convenience but also mitigates security concerns associated with lost or stolen keys, reducing lifetime security costs.


Visual Deterrent

Electric strike locks serve as visual deterrents, dissuading potential criminals. Their robust design adds an extra layer of difficulty for unauthorized access compared to mechanical locks.


Additionally, the electrical nature of these locks may suggest the presence of additional surveillance measures, acting as a deterrent against criminal activities.


Compliance with Codes

Electric latches and strike plates ensure compliance with local building and safety codes. For businesses safeguarding sensitive data, electromagnetic door lock systems provide an additional level of security for on-site servers and computers.


Optimal Applications for Electric Strikes

  • Access Control Integration: Electric strike door locks can be integrated into access control systems, offering flexibility in allowing or restricting access based on specific identity requirements, credentials, or schedules.
  • Security Gates Management:Particularly useful for securing initial entry points with security gates, these locks prevent unauthorized access effectively.
  • Automatic Doors Security:Automatic doors in offices and healthcare facilities benefit from electric locks, ensuring controlled access and enhanced security when not in use.
  • Securing Less Trafficked Areas: Electric strike door locksare well-suited for doors in less frequently monitored areas, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.


The Fail-secure Mechanism of Electric Strike Door Locks

Closeup of an Integrated Camera and Keypad Access Control System


Electric locks operate on failsafe and fail-secure mechanisms; they require power to unlock. This design, when integrated with access control systems like keypads and key fobs, ensures authorized access and tighter security.


While the installation may necessitate specialists, these locks are worth the added expense if you want your doors to remain locked during power outages until power is restored.


Ready to Strike? Recruit Our Access Control System Installers in Chicago

Electric strike door locks offer practical advantages for modern security requirements, combining convenience with added protection. Their fail-secure mode and compatibility with our access control systems make them a reliable choice for businesses seeking advanced security solutions.


All you need to do now is guarantee a job well done the first time around to ensure the strike mechanism stays functional for months and years to come—this is where our decade-long experience in the physical security industry comes in.


Reach out for an estimate on your upcoming installation today.




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