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Remote Video surveillance

Remote video surveillance is an essential component of almost every industry. Whether you are using it to improve your workflow or protect your construction site from theft and vandalism, having the right video technology is essential.

Video surveillance is a great way to prevent crime, reduce losses, and protect your property. These systems are an excellent tool for gathering evidence of an event that can help you determine how the incident happened.

What is Remote Video Surveillance?

Remote video surveillance is a new form of video surveillance that is successfully entering the security market. This service was introduced because video streaming over the internet is becoming more popular and less expensive. Almost anyone can buy a mini IP camera and connect it to the internet without any special technical knowledge. You can connect to this camera online and view the image from anywhere and at any time.

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How Does Video Surveillance Work?

Regardless of the type of capture device you use, the camera will use an internet connection to send the video securely and allows the user to view live footage from any location.


Is Remote Surveillance & Mobile Video Surveillance The Same?

The short answer: no. With remote video surveillance, users can view live video on a PC or laptop from almost anywhere in the world with internet access. To facilitate remote viewing, simply enter the network security camera’s IP address into your internet browser as you would on a website. Remote surveillance cameras are usually compatible with a variety of web browsers.

Remote Management Features To Look For In Video Surveillance Systems

There are many factors to consider before deciding on a video surveillance system for your business. These include:

1. Installation

If your business doesn’t have extensive facilities and doesn’t have to monitor many areas or set up several different cameras, you can install most systems yourself. However, installation for large businesses with multiple locations and complex environments should be done by a professional.

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2. Camera Type

Since this will determine the type of cameras you will receive, you must know precisely where you’d like to place your monitor. For example, if you need to monitor your tailgate, you probably need a weatherproof outdoor camera with PTZ function and motion alarms.

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3. Live Video Surveillance

Once an on-site surveillance camera detects suspicious or unauthorized activity, professional security personnel can remotely access the feed within seconds. The feed will show you the affected area(s), and personnel can use their experience and training to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

Typically, the most common procedure is to speak verbal commands through two-way speakers. In this way, guards can immediately attract an intruder’s attention and contact local agents to improve emergency response times.

What makes live video surveillance more beneficial than private security services is comprehensive 24-hour protection, all with lesser costs. A digital security guard is always on watch and ready to act when prompted.

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4. Web-Based Software Platform

Web-based applications are a specific type of program that allows users to interact with a remote server through a web browser interface.

Web-based applications offer several advantages over traditional desktop applications, especially their portability. With web-based applications, users do not have to install additional software, nor do developers have to write multiple versions of the same application for different operating systems. Web applications work on any device that can run a supported browser and has an active internet connection.

What Can A Web-Based Application Do?

Web-based applications can be a valuable tool for companies, as they help managers to:

  • Track individual employee performance records
  • Management of passengers or cargo transportation
  • Control of financial operations
  • Work with payroll
  • Control the workflow of individuals and groups on specific projects

These tasks can be accomplished by writing a single web-based application that runs through the server. The application can be written in different programming languages, using multiple technologies and frameworks. The web-based application works in the browser of the client computer, regardless of the installed operating system. This makes web-based applications one of the most comprehensive platform solutions available today.

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5. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is straightforward, and companies are more focused than ever on creating a perfect user experience. Most people already use it in some form. For example, MFA is used when:

  • Swiping your bank card at the ATM, then entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Entering a website that sent a digital code to your phone, you then entered this code to access your account.

In most cases, MFA techniques remember the device you are using for authentication. So if you return with the same phone or computer, the location will recognize your device as a second factor.

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6. Secure Cloud Storage

Syncing and sharing services can play a role in secure cloud storage. Computer systems have moved continuously away from local storage to remote server-based storage, also known as “the cloud.” Consumers are also a part of this; we live stream videos and music from servers instead of playing them from discs. These services provide seamless access to all your important data: Word documents, PDF, spreadsheets, photos, and other processes.

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Remote Management Video Surveillance Integrations That Enhance Business Security

Remote video surveillance systems can be integrated with other systems, like intrusion detection and access control, for increased security.

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Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Intrusion detection is a software application that scans a network or system for malicious activity or policy violations. Typically, a breach is reported to the administrator or centrally logged using the Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM). The SIEM system integrates results from multiple sources and uses alert filtering techniques to distinguish between harmful activity and false positives.

Intrusion detection systems monitor networks for possible malicious activity, but they are also exposed to false positives. This means that intrusion detection systems are correctly configured to understand how regular network traffic compares to malicious activity. Intrusion prevention systems also monitor network packets entering the system to review related malicious activity and send alerts on the spot.

CCTV To Support Remote Workstation Management 

By performing medical activities traditionally performed almost in person, remote monitoring technologies have played an essential role in caring for medical patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Providence Saint Joseph Health in Renton, Washington, has launched programs to monitor vital signs and symptom data and assess coronavirus patients’ condition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other hospitals are establishing remote monitoring programs for patients not infected with COVID.  The pandemic has created an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of remote patient monitoring as our healthcare system struggles to serve patients outside the physical walls of a clinic or hospital.

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Access Control Systems

An access control system allows access only to an authorized person trying to enter the facility. Remote video surveillance can be integrated with an access control system to keep the facility safe.

Remote Video Surveillance For Multi-Site Enterprises

Below are industries with multi-site enterprises that can benefit from remote video surveillance:

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools to close across the country and around the world. In many areas, face-to-face classes have resumed for the remainder of the school year.  School administrators are considering whether operations can return to normal in the fall, and the best way to implement safety and security measures to keep their students safe. Schools face several challenges related to video surveillance and maintaining their sites’ visibility. Schools can use remote monitoring technology and other modern security camera features to overcome their security challenges.

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With remote surveillance camera systems for retailers, store owners and managers can view video feeds from anywhere. This is key to preventing shoplifting and thefts that could occur if damage prevention officials do not investigate. External monitoring from a computer or mobile device is the main feature of most video management software.

Aside from retail theft prevention issues, retail security systems improve how store managers handle inventory control. For example, remote monitoring provides business managers with the tools to track retail movement and activity with unmatched privacy and reliability. In addition to easily tracking retail movement, store managers can review inventory or sales transfers retroactively and across multiple locations.

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Umbrella Security Systems has substantial experience in providing high-performance security camera systems and recording solutions for healthcare customers. This includes clinics, hospitals, private clinics, and pharmacies. As well-established security integrators, we are aware of common security threats in the industry and create systems to protect against theft, fraudulent employees, civil liability, and vandalism lawsuits.

Some of the advantages of video surveillance are:

  •  Maintains patient records and identities
  •  Ensures that employees meet health and safety standards
  •  Allows remote monitoring from a smartphone or tablet
  •  Prevent hackers from accessing restricted areas
  •  Avoid sabotage and other criminal activities
  •  Increase patient and employee safety
Are you ready to install a remote video surveillance system for your business? Contact us today! We have more than 15 years of experience in the security industry and will provide you with the best solution that meets your satisfaction and budget.
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