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Facial Recognition allows for a variety of Commercial Applications

It is essential to keep your commercial facility highly protected by investing in the right security technology. One of the most promising advances in commercial security technology is facial recognition, integrated with the existing security tech that allows for saving on costs while also strengthening the level of security. Facial recognition can make use of biometric technology that analyzes the characteristics of a person’s face with images recorded from a surveillance video camera. This component of security provides instant alerts and feedback and leaves the subjects entirely unaware of the process. Any commercial facility looking for a great way to enhance security can find the right solution through integrating facial recognition, great for office buildings, hospitals, dispensaries, and so much more.

security camera2 min Facial Recognition can secure Commercial Facilities in 5 Great Ways

1. Integration with existing Video Surveillance Systems

Facial recognition tools are able to integrate flawlessly with existing security software, as well as being easy to program for interaction with a company’s computer system. You won’t need to spend additional money and time on redeveloping your own software because facial recognition integration is already adaptable.

Used in key areas like entrances or check-in lobbies facial recognition can be a great asset when integrated into your existing video surveillance system, it is great for environments with large crowds in constant movement. This solution will capture a culprit’s identity with ease and is essential to any high traffic facility like schools, airports, shopping centers, and stadiums. The software used matches faces taken from real-time video. Through a database of previously stored images of faces, you can categorize the faces in the database based on your identification needs.

2. Facial Recognition Incorporated with Access Control

Today’s facial identification technology can be used as a full entry system and just by using your face, you can be granted entry in lieu of a key fob or a card with your credentials.  Imagine the future of never having to hold a key, access card, and being able to start your car or unlock your business door by simply displaying your face.

Office data is confidential for employees and clients alike. Properly equipped cameras with facial recognition capabilities are a must to safeguard this sensitive data. With the ability to recognize, identify, and verify the people coming into a facility. This innovative technology allows for the ability to differentiate between employees and possible perpetrators. Through the use of a database with previously stored images, real-time facial recognition software is able to grant or deny access to private areas and also detect unauthorized individuals. Facial recognition also integrates well with automatic opening of turnstiles another great security measure that does not require manual recognition. Fast and accurate identification validation has been made possible through facial recognition and has ultimately improved the security and check-in efficiency of many commercial facilities.

3. Method of Customer Service

The use of facial recognition software allows the algorithm within your security system to send out an alert when it identifies particular individuals from a predetermined list. These selected individuals allow for being signaled by the presence of shoplifters or potential terrorists, as well as recognizing VIP customers who you may want to receive special notice for. Individuals can be enrolled in the system by inputting a photograph and also through using real-time or recorded video. Along with that this technology can ultimately condense transaction time and lead way to omitting credit card swipes and begin the use of face-based payments.



Ordering kiosks can recognize registered individuals and pull about their loyalty accounts as well as past purchases


Retail Stores

Acquiring demographics through tracking store- traffic patterns and sending store associates shopper’s names and past purchases 


Online Shopping

Software used with facial recognition can be used to link online and in-store shopping habits to provide the best recommendations for future purchases

4. Employee Accountability  

A significant benefit that facial recognition technology provides is time attendance tracking. This prevents time fraud among employees, which means coworkers cannot clock each other in and out since everyone would have to pass a face-scanning device to clock-in and out for work. This is a quick process due to the fact that employees won’t have to prove their identities at a check-in desk or clock in with dysfunctional plastic cards. The process by which facial recognition recognizes individuals will prevent any sly employees from trying to trick the scanner through the way that the scanners measure various distinguishable facial features by facial recognition tech through creating a faceprint that then translates into a numerical code. The data collected by the system is then put in a database and compared to other detected faces when a certain person stands in front of the camera. Some of the features the software scans include the length of the jawline, the distance between and depth of the eye sockets, and the nose width.

Though it is important for facility leaders to trust their employees, they should still be wary of any possible poor employee morals. Time fraud is one of the most common violations of work ethics, fortunately, facial identification can completely prevent that.

analogue classic clock face 280264 min Facial Recognition can secure Commercial Facilities in 5 Great Ways

5. Visitor Management through Facial Recognition

Making use of a facial recognition biometric system critically improves your security measures. A facility’s premises will have increased protection through being able to track both the employees and any visitors that enter the area. Any person without access or permission to enter the facility will be captured by the recognition system and an alert will be sent that a trespasser has been detected. Facial recognition is a great way of enhancing your commercial facilities modern security technology, creating a great first impression to your guests. The visitor check-in process has been made quick and simple avoiding all types of backups and inconveniences.

The accuracy of facial recognition software ensures that there will not be any mismatched or false identification issues. The right person will be recognized at the right time with facial recognition integrated into your security camera systems. Even with partial occlusions of the face from glasses, scarfs, hats, shadows, or poor lighting conditions facial recognition biometrics adapts to identify the person. It works while people are on the move and at a distance. This function is totally autonomous and optimizes company costs and processes.

The future is in facial recognition, for the first time in history a school district in the United States is using facial recognition for monitoring restricted individuals as well as identifying visible firearms. The applications are endless with this great innovative technology.  To put this technology to the best practical use for your business feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Umbrella Security Systems will help you integrate facial recognition into your security systems.

school min Facial Recognition can secure Commercial Facilities in 5 Great Ways
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