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As a business owner, you always want to be prepared when it comes to keeping everything you have worked so hard for out of harm’s way. Umbrella Security Systems strives to provide the most sophisticated commercial security systems to businesses big and small. These 5 tips should provide you with some key information when it comes to avoiding burglaries at your business.

 Security steps we will be reviewing in regards to preventing business burglaries: 


  • Installing an access control system 
  • Talking to a specialty security system company (such as Umbrella Security Systems) to provide you with a complete commercial security system
  • Adopting a form of glass, whether it is security glass, bullet proof glass, or an alternative to security glass
  • Being very obvious to outsiders/potential criminals that your business is very well protected by a no-B.S. company
  • Taking inventory of the lighting at your business and checking on visibility 
Mobile Credential Access Control 2 Commercial Security Systems: 5 Steps to Prevent Burglaries

1. Put Access Control at the Forefront

It is absolutely essential to install an access control system to your commercial security system. Criminals are flat out looking for an easy opportunity to get away with anything they possibly can in the most simple manner. Employee theft costs American businesses nearly $50 billion every year including theft of property and data as well as fraud. 

Access Control, what’s that?

Access control is a security technique that regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is a fundamental concept in a commercial security system that minimizes risk to the business or organization.”

With Access Control, businesses can:

  • Record when an employee enters and leaves the building or specific area of the business 
  • Hold their employees accountable for actions within the building

Utilizing Access Control protects more than just theft by employees. It restricts access to the building itself. Doing so makes it tough for those without credentials to harm employees or property. 

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2. Talk to a Specialty Security System Company 

Consulting with a professional company on installing a commercial security system can be a big eye-opener for most businesses.

A security tech can catch hundreds of flaws in a commercial property’s defense. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Broken alarm sensors 
  • Fire alarm problems 
  • Unprotected access points
  • Less than acceptable camera placement & quality
  • Camera blind spots
  • And several others…
window 3065345 960 720 1 Commercial Security Systems: 5 Steps to Prevent Burglaries

3. Include Glass Installation in Your Commercial Security System

Security glass’ purpose for business is obvious: it adds to the time that it would take for a burglar to access the business. A dedicated burglar will only do so much to get through security glass when there are alarms going off. 

Often, businesses simply assume that they cannot afford bulletproof or security glass. However, if brand new bulletproof windows are not an option for your business, a type of security film exists.

This film is made from an adhesive polyester is able to be applied to your current windows and doors for a quick and easy security solution which acts in preventing burglaries. 

15120 architecture blue building 269077 Commercial Security Systems: 5 Steps to Prevent Burglaries

4. Make Smart Property Management Choices 

Good lighting, a regularly cleaned up yard and well maintained property overall will eliminate many of the hiding places & opportunities for a burglar to strike. 

What exactly does “smart” property management mean? 

  • Maintaining your property by keeping the outside clean and tidy to limit hiding spots for burglars 
  • Keep trees and hedging to a minimum around the building, especially near the doors and windows 

Simply maintaining a well-lit property is a commonsense property management decision. On the other hand, a motion-activated light would scare away most criminals before they even set foot near your business; to prevent burglaries before they even begin.


Untitled design Commercial Security Systems: 5 Steps to Prevent Burglaries

5. Be Sure That Your Commercial Security System is Made Blatantly Obvious

Criminals are, essentially, looking for a simple opportunity: easy in, easy out. So, the best tactic would seem to be acting totally obvious about your security system. The more obvious you can be about your commercial security system, the more a thief is going to question committing the burglary.

How can you make your commercial security system obvious while working on preventing burglaries?

  • Good ol’ security lawn signs and stickers : Now, yes, this may seem ridiculous, but it is surprisingly effective. The average break-in time is only 90 seconds to 12 minutes. So, oddly enough, a sign in the lawn or sticker in the window does make your business less of a target.  
  • Include very visible video surveillance monitors (Only share what you want the public to see). Be sure to use the right video management software in your commercial security system. Be sure to position them at the main entrance and specifically sensitive areas that are more highly susceptible to being compromised by intruders.

Umbrella Security Systems has installed so many commercial security systems in properties all over the United States. We cover all of your business’ needs from access control to video surveillance and more!


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