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Chicago businesses are vulnerable to many security threats in the winter that demand careful consideration and proactive measures. Outdoor security systems, if not robust enough to handle inclement weather, may malfunction, especially when you need them the most. Take, for example, when it’s the down season or you’ve escaped to a tropical destination to escape the cold weather.


You do not want your security surveillance system to fail you when you’re not there to fix it. Indeed, a business security system by Umbrella Security Systems is just what you need to weather this winter.


Below are some strategic merits of deploying these cameras this season.


Winterizing Your Business Establishment

Winter often brings increased challenges for commercial properties, from weather-related concerns to potential security threats.


A security surveillance system acts as a robust deterrent, discouraging unauthorized access and safeguarding your business establishment during the winter months. Visible cameras send a clear message that your property is under vigilant protection, dissuading potential intruders.


Monitoring Snow and Ice Impact

The winter climate can have adverse effects, leading to the accumulation of snow and ice around commercial properties. This can pose risks such as structural damage or impediments to pedestrian pathways.


A security surveillance system equipped with weather-resistant cameras lets you monitor these conditions remotely. Proactive monitoring allows for timely intervention, ensuring the safety of your establishment and those who interact with it.


Remote Video Surveillance for Business Travelers

A Woman Watches Security Camera Footage on Her Laptop as She Makes a Call


For business owners or managers traveling during the winter season, a video surveillance system with remote access can be an invaluable security asset.


Cutting-edge security systems such as ours offer real-time monitoring through mobile applications or online platforms, allowing you to keep tabs on your business premises from anywhere in the world.


Stay connected and maintain oversight, even when business obligations take you away during the winter months.


Securing Holiday Deliveries and Inventory

The holiday season often witnesses an upsurge in commercial activities, with increased deliveries and inventory shipments. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when the risk of theft or pilferage rises.


A security surveillance system acts as a robust deterrent to potential thieves and provides documented evidence in the event of an incident. Protect your holiday inventory and shipments with the proactive security measures provided by a vigilant security camera system.


Proactive Maintenance of Business Facilities

Winter doesn’t just bring about a slew of security threats; it can also contribute to operational challenges, including frozen pipes, heating system malfunctions, or power outages.


Strategically positioned security cameras enable businesses to detect these issues early on. By monitoring critical areas, you can promptly address potential problems, preventing disruptions to your operations and maintaining a warm and secure indoors for your employees and/or customers.


So, fortify your business against potential risks and ensure a resilient, fully operational, and stress-free winter. Let the watchful eyes of your Umbrella Security Systems security system safeguard your business even in the harshest weather conditions. Add tools, such as commercial key fob door entry and active shooter door locking devices, to add an extra layer of security to your location.


Get in touch to talk it over with our security experts.



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