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Budgeting is everything!

It is never too early to start thinking about what your security budget is going to look like for the following year. While it might feel like we just entered the year 2020, 2021 is right around the corner. You want to do everything possible to lock down your 2021 security budget. When you sit down to put together this budget, there are a few things to consider…

1. What does your business currently possess in terms of access control?

For many businesses, there are certain areas that only some staff members are allowed to have access to. It’s really important for each door to be analyzed and for specific people to be assigned access to each. Not to mention, it’s not only about which doors people have access to, but when. These are factors to consider in terms of access control in your business and when putting together your 2021 security budget. 

2. What is the monetary value of the items in your business? 

In order to secure what you have, you have to know what you have and how much it’s worth. This is, of course, different for each different business. Some businesses have hundreds of people coming in and out daily while others have just a handful. You have to consider where the value lies in your business. Again, this will vary from business to business. It could be anything from cash in drawers to computers and expensive technology that has been accumulated for the business. For others such as retailers, it could be merchandise which also really adds up.

Consider the immediate losses you would be facing. What would the cost be to replace everything that was stolen and how much time would be wasted while it’s being replaced? If it were to happen again what would your losses look like? Adding to your 2021 security budget could protect you for many years in the future. 

3. What kind of traffic does your business get?

Something very important to consider when creating your 2021 security budget is considering how many people are coming in and out of your business daily. Some have very few employees while others have very many. On top of that, a lot of businesses have to factor in customers coming in and out of their business. Lock and door hardware is rated for usage, so heavier use doors need a higher quality of hardware or risk replacing the hardware more frequently. Also affected are the keys. They tend to be worn down with use. With a badge reader or a keypad lock, the need to continuously replace keys or repair cylinders is eliminated. 

Considering what type of access control you’d like to go with in setting up your 2021 security budget is completely up to you as a business owner. There are several options. A key system can be useful, however, keys can easily be lost or stolen.

Once you’ve made these decisions, reach out to Umbrella Security Systems for quotes. We will assist you to find what best fits your needs for security in 2021! 


“Umbrella turned my ‘Frankenstein’ system into a functional pat of our business and continues to service all our security initiatives with speed and quality.”

David Burrus

Security Manager, NFL

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