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When it comes to sensors, they are heroes that don’t wear capes. They don’t make a sound or do anything that might make their presence obvious, but they are the most important part of a business security system. Tap here for more information about our security sensors.


Each sensor is uniquely capable of achieving a purpose or multiple purposes. The only thing common about them is their role in redefining the commercial security paradigm.


Here are four distinct sensors that represent today’s security technology.


1. Infrared Sensors: Masters of Subtle Heat Detection

Infrared sensors are technological marvels that operate on the principle of detecting variations in heat signatures. They are extremely good at identifying human presence.


Infrared security sensors thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments as motion detectors and perimeter security. Their reliability, sensitivity, and capacity to operate in varying conditions make them an indispensable asset for your business security system.


2. Photoelectric Sensors: Optical Precision for Comprehensive Protection

Photoelectric sensors rely on beams of light to detect a change in their environment. These sensors form an essential component in perimeter protection and alarm systems, utilizing light to identify disruptions and bring them to your security team.


Their versatility shines through in their ability to cover expansive spaces. From detecting intrusions to providing real-time alerts, photoelectric sensors offer a robust and adaptable solution for safeguarding diverse environments.


3. Microwave Sensors: Overcoming Literal Obstacles

No obstacle is too big for microwave sensors. They emit microwave pulses and detect alterations caused by moving objects, exhibiting an unparalleled ability to traverse various materials, including walls.


Commonly deployed in outdoor environments, microwave sensors excel in long-range detection, offering end-to-end coverage and resistance to environmental factors. Their capacity to operate in challenging conditions positions them as a stalwart defense against potential threats.


4. Acoustic Sensors: Decoding the Language of Sound for Enhanced Vigilance

Acoustic sensors, with their reliance on sound waves, bring an auditory dimension to your surveillance system. These sensors are designed to decipher unique sound patterns, enabling them to identify specific events, such as glass breaking or unusual noises. Widely utilized in intrusion detection systems, acoustic sensors provide real-time auditory insights to your security team.


By recognizing subtle disturbances and discerning distinct sound signatures, these security sensors contribute to a comprehensive security plan that goes beyond traditional visual detection.


Get the Next Best Thing to Monitored Video Surveillance

A Side-by-Side View of Real-time Video Surveillance Footage and a Smart Sensor Alert


Umbrella Security Systems is home to most, if not all, of the above security sensors. Deck your commercial establishment in Chicago with these devices to add another layer to your business security system. You can also add access control systems to the mix to further strengthen your system against security threats.


Contact us to explore these sensors with our experts.

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